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Fiat India - Sales (2012) discussion

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Dear Amit negative feedback by Mod on a public forum like this would definitely create an adverse impact on visiting users . I do agree that this is an open forum & all has the right to express their views.But being a user I personally don't feel it as a healthy discussion & the response by some user can hurt your feeling. Now we have around 7000 members in our forum & if you take an opinion poll on how many had these issues you can very well know the result. As we are discussing these issues (even small niggles) openly here & as most of the FIAT owners are aware of their car's mechanicals each & everything is getting reported here. Any company on launching a new product in a new market (read INdia) will certainly have some issues & that is addressed as a recall / upgrade or maybe in another year's model. But my question is why only FIAT is having such a huge fan base in India ? No one can force me or anyone else to become a fan. No one can be an enthusiast on a crap product. Quality issues has arisen from the parts being outsourced. The engine / engine parts are made by FIAT. Do you see anything wrong with them ? Yes there is an issue with their QC department & hence they are not able to identify properly the poor quality outsourced parts. But FIAT is not sitting idle like many other manufacturers. They are pro -actively changing parts which has issue . Amith Bhai I really understand your frustration & the situation you are going through & I respect your feeling. I hope you will start liking FIAT again once the new FIAT service centres start working in full fledge. No offense meant ::T
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  2. sungoa2010


    I will quote one sentence from our member Sathya sc posted in his ownership thread as a reply to a query that why there was no update for a long time. His reply was that the car is doing the duty the way it suppose to do without any trouble. I didn't have anything further to illustrate of my view than this quote on the reliability issue of Fiat cars:D
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  3. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Cinju and everyone else on this forum, my posts on this forum are out of love for Fiat and their car's. If we are going to adopt an Ostritch like attitude then it's not going to help Fiat. Once again, this forum was not made as a shrine to Fiat but as a forum where Fiat will be bashed for their mistakes and praised for their achievement's. Only if you take criticisms positively will you manage to deliver positive results. All I have seen here is justification's for their mistakes & sarcasm toward's facts & figures. Being a mod I will call bash Fiat if I believe they are going wrong. I want to buy another Fiat. Unlike most of the member's here who have bought their first Fiat, I have put my money where my mouth is. I have been with Fiat for over 8 year's and bought car's worth over Rs. 11 lakhs from them.

    Why do you think Fiat is not responsible for poor quality of outsourced parts? We are all behaving like the Congress party. Fiat is Sonia Gandhi and we are the chamcha's. If something good happens we hail Fiat. If something bad happens, we immediately jump to Fiat's defence putting the blame on Tata, Vendor's & suppliers, dealers and even on customer's themselves!

    Like most of the newbie Fiat owner's here keep repeating, Fiat is a 100+ year old company. Fiat has standard's & drawings for each part that goes into their car's. I know because I have seen them. If Fiat is accepting part's that are beyond tolerances mentioned in the drawing's then it is their fault. It's not enough that Fiat is pro-actively changing part's. 4 years after the launch of their car's they should have niggle free products leaving their factory. The problem is that a 100+ year old company is letting faulty part's into their car's. Years after they have been launched.

    Sarcasm is going to get you nowhere. All your posts on this thread are full of sarcasm. This time I am requesting you to correct it. Besides, your posts are adding no value to the forum.

    Ravi, why did Fiat or Mr.Rajeev Kapoor feel the need to have an open communication tool with customers? Why doesn't the CEO of Toyota or Ford or Hyundai or even Maruti have his email publicised on the websites? Clearly, there was a problem and Fiat knew it, that is why the CEO had to get involved. Do you know which other company's CEO has this system? Skoda. What's common between Fiat & Skoda?

    In other company's too, senior's are reachable. Like I said, with Maruti, I approached the regional office. I didn't need to go to the CEO directly!

    Why should the CEO reply to him? The dealer bashed up the car not the company. It was a case of accident due to negligence of the dealer. Even the Fiat CEO would not get involved if something like this happened with Fiat. Besides, that same customer got a brand new Jetta. Why don't you point out that fact? Why be selective? If the dealer bashing up the car was the ugly face of VW then the customer getting a new car should be the angel face of VW, shouldn't it?

    For every customer that has received a reply from the CEO, there are countless that haven't. Why don't you people talk about that?
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  4. sandipan_r15

    sandipan_r15 Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Same story on my part too.Done my 2nd service on 29/09/2012 & completed 15000km on that day itself.

    How many times should I repeat about it's superb handling,dynamics--------?The car is doing it's duty reliably and that's why it was purchsed for(keeping aside the fun factors).
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  5. Dear Amit,
    Thanks for opening your thought behind those barbs, but in the same line I have never seen you talking anything about other cars,from most of your emails Honda seems to be your favorite,but it is not niggle free car either.Please check the below ownership thread.there are many who may not take time to report like this for every one thread like this there may several issues not getting reported.
    My Silver Pegasus - 2012 Honda City - 3rd Free Service Report! - Page 10 - Team-BHP

    Honda bottom scraping issues!!

    More than anything else compare the price difference between a Honda and similar class FIAT variant.
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  6. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    The thread is clearly titled Fiat Sales Discussion. I believe a mod should be the first to remove any useless discussions from a thread than adding baseless arguments and suggest to close down a company oops , a 113 yr old company, in the name of constructive criticism (that too since 2010). So, advice all to stick to just discuss Sales figures on this thread and not to reply to opinions or ownership grumblings. That can be done on ownership threads.

    Coming to sarcasm.. FIAT makes unreliable car but Fun to Drive and Sets your pulse racing everytime you are behind the wheels ...i seriously agree to this fact .
    Honda Makes Reliable Cars but quite boring to drive and nothing for the enthusiast ....i agree with that too.

    To give an anology , FIAT is like Steve Irwin (the croc hunter) who lived an uncertain (read unreliable) life cos of taking risks everyday and living on the edge but he LIVED it . Honda is a regular Joe who does a 9-5 Job and does all that he is required to do (Read Reliable) in a monotonous , boring way.

    What would you choose ???? is the Question !! Which Life do you choose. Its Upto you . I would still prefer to have fun and enjoy with those "unreliability" concerns than live that boring life , maybe the reason that i have clocked 70000kms on a FIAT Linea Petrol in 3 years (i do have a small regret there for buying a FIAT :() and would like people with a Honda (anybody here) to quote how much their reliable cars made them do in the same period ?

    (Disclaimer - Tried to curb any sarcasm here . Any sarcasm is purely coincidental)

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  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    For whoever reported problems with regard to CSC and brake pads, be informed that there were no CSC issue post June'2010 cars. The brake pads in Linea and Punto have less life with the advantage of excellent braking. This is known but not a defect. My Linea which has completed 31,000 kms is now due for the first brake pad replacement. Lot of factors depends on the life of brake pads including the driving style. This cannot be termed as an issue. I know people who have driven with the stock brake pads for almost 38,000 kms as well.

    Regarding the Fiat A.S.S, I do agree that there is scope for more improvement. But, definitely not bad at all and for me it is even better than the Hyundai service in my experience. Let us take a poll from a popular forum (outside TFI) on the Fiat service experience. Over 66% of the respondents are happy with the service. If some of the comments by the members in this thread is to be believed, only 10% should be happy with the service.
    Poll Link - FIAT's A.S.S, let the real owners speak. - Team-BHP

    This is very much true. At least, TASS guys work as per our instruction. At Hyundai, you don't have any say. They are completely autocratic. Every SA work like a Robot. For the 20,000 kms service for my Getz, they did lot of things like Engine de-carbonization, some kind of tuning, etc. I did not have any knowledge at that time and I have to go by their words. For a Petrol car, for the 20k service, I paid Rs. 11,000+ in 2008.

    Fiat has earned lots of lovers unlike other brands. Also, it has got different platforms to talk about. Unfortunately, it also get bashed by its own lovers sometime. This is what is happening now.

    If we start to hate somebody, we will find wrong in whatever they do. While I accept that Fiat should have proper Customer service process in place, what is wrong in getting a direct reply from a CEO? Doesn't this show that it is a company where any problem is taken seriously? Do note that many of our members including me had a great experience with the Fiat RSA.

    Maruti/Hyundai customer service is no heaven as claimed by some. I personally had very bad experience with the Hyundai in my 4 years of ownership with Getz. Hyundai is here to loot the consumers. My friend too had bitter experience with Maruti. His Dezire after a major accident remained at the Maruti service center in Puducherry for almost 4 months waiting for the parts from Maruti. After hell lot of escalations, threatens to sue, he finally got his car back. But, how many of these incidents come to light?

    Yes. Many including me know that you are making comment out of love for Fiat. But, why do you want to help Fiat? You only wished that Fiat close its shop in India. I also favor constructive Criticisms. But, whatever comments you have made is not going to help in any way as your only wish now is that Fiat shut down its operations in India.
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  8. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    audi has sold 1011 units and fiat 600 units in the month of sep 2012...
    Be proud to drive something more unique and even more exotic !!! :) :)
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  9. Leaving the sales discussion apart, everything else is being discussed. I strongly feel fiat should come out with something similiar to the chevrolet promise program to gain peoples confidence back..Tata dealers have caused much harm with their sub par A S S. They dont have any inclination towards a fiat product.Times are changing, independent dealerships are coming up, our dear company WILL have to change to survive..else another same ol fiat story..
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  10. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Guys, take a chill pill. FIAT is more concerned on getting the 80 odd dealerships ready along with the service centers. The number wont improve much till then.

    PS: FIAT may not be shipping the cars to all the existing dealers, it might sound stupid, but definitely possible. Bangalore itself is doing a good factory offtake of around 120-150 units.

    I would be happy to get support from FIAT even if they are selling 1 car per month.
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