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Fiat India - Sales (2012) discussion

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. sharma_sanjeevin

    sharma_sanjeevin Regolare


    Find my responses inline with your comments:
    How can two cars have the exact same problems? It's a copy-paste of the problems !!
    Sanjeev>> No Bro, its not a Copy Paste of problems. These i have seen from my experience with the 2 Cars, as both the cars are in my office only.

    I have a suspicion that your colleagues have been taken for a ride by the service center. If they did not show the letter was the problem escalated to Fiat?
    Sanjeev >> Quite Possible that the service center is taking them for a ride, That would have been the case if i had not seen the Discs through my eyes, i went to the service center with them saw the pads and discs from my eyes, and it appeared that the discs were worn out.
    Yes, the issue has been escalated to FIAT by my colleague Amit Shah, still no response from them. I will send you the mail separately which he sent to FIAT Management.

    What was the diagnosis of the disc failure? Do you have pictures?
    Sanjeev>> We asked for the diagnosis, SA Makrand from Chandivali quoted "Sir Brake discs ki life itni hi hoti hai & FIAT ne notice bheja hai 10000 KMS tak hi covered hai discs warranty mein". I have quoted his exact words here, which i exchanged with him.
    Will post the pictures tomorrow.

    Why were the front brake pads replaced? Were they worn out? Do you have pictures?
    Sanjeev>> Yes, they were worn out, i can post the pictures of the discs and pads by tomorrow.

    What was the cause of the noise from steering?
    Sanjeev>> Elastic Pads were worn out. The noise came when turning the steering when car is stationary. Solution, Elastic pad needs to be replaced.

    Front Right Suspension - Why was it replaced?
    Sanjeev>> Makrand told, the Shock absorber was weak, so they replaced under warranty.

    Rear Suspension Scissor - Why was it replaced?
    Sanjeev>> Notice from FIAT, some specific cars manufactured between December-2010 & February-2012 needed this replacement. Reason, weak welding joint somewhere in the part.

    Did you post your colleague's problems to this forum when the problems occurred? In fact I am surprised you haven't invited them to join the forum yet!
    Sanjeev>> One of them is already a part of our forum Id: "Rahat". Though, he is not an enthusiast and dosent visit the forum often.
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  2. When evr my friend drives my car we feel the the jerk when brake is applied even I used to be in the same boat, now I can stop the car with out any one feeling the breaking effect at all, that explains 25K used still going storng brake pads.
    FYI, I even brought Magneti Merelli pads for Rs 2300 to replace it at the end of 30K kms but pads haven't given me a chance to part with them yet.

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    Answer is yes,when you get emails from CEO about issues and all the problems gets rectified although it took some time.I haven't not been able to go beyond the dealer and few engineers for my Maruti.
    Please check out my ownership thread "why I brought grande Punto and why AM happy"

    From: KAPOOR Rajeev (FGA) [mailto:rajeev.kapoor@fiat.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2010 3:56 PM
    To: L, Raghunath
    Cc: KUMAR Anand (Fiat India Automobiles Ltd.)

    Dear Mr Raghunath

    I am really concerned about the issues highlited in your mail. I would be deputing my team to check your car and address the issues to your satisfaction.

    Rajeev Kapoor
    President and CEO
    Fiat India Automobile Ltd.
    Sent on Blackberry
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  3. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India

    I knew it was coming :p Dude, I cant talk about your city, but in Kolkata, we did have lot of problem for the past experience. Only when I got some good feedback about FIAT being trying to improve from HYD owners where I am staying now, I am going for it.
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  4. sharma_sanjeevin

    sharma_sanjeevin Regolare


    This habit may be limited to you buddy, that dosent apply to all.
    That is what i quoted in my earlier post as well.

    I am happy that you are going strong with Magnetti Marelli pads.
  5. Kindly take a look at the pictures of the strut and elastic pads of my car , it doesn't need replacement for steering noise in most of the cases.

    It is just a case of over filling the grease which caused the issue.Tass will replace the pads but still fill too much of grease in the new pads!!

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    Dear Sir,
    You did not seem to have read my post , I said when my friend drives the car how we feel the breaking effect!! what other people in my car feel when i drive.
    My car is still with OEM Galfar pad not fitted with Magneti Merelli,later one is still resting in the self.I am not making these comments based on some body saying or writing.

    ---------- Post added at 02:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:56 PM ----------

    I have answered your question in one above post with proof.
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  6. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    The CEO is not supposed to get involved in small issues of service and spare parts. If he is getting involved then it means the processes in the company are not working smoothly. You should be VERY worried when you have to approach the CEO to get routine issues resolved. As for Maruti, because their processes are so well designed and function well, owner's don't need to approach the higher up's in the company. But, even if have to, the response is fast.

    I emailed the regional Maruti office for the EPS issue in my SX4 and an engineer came down at my convenience at the dealership of my choice to check out the car.
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  7. sharma_sanjeevin

    sharma_sanjeevin Regolare

    Dear Amogh & Amit,

    Just forwarded the mail from my colleague regarding the issues he has encountered with the car. And he is following it up with FIAT.

    Please Check your mail (Google).
  8. At the end, I would like to claim" FIAT is crappy brand,Punto is not worth touch with even left hand" just because FIAT tries to reach out to customers be either VP or CEO!!
    It is junk brand/car just because , there is no issue that can't be resolved still might need a ASS visit. but has no steering rattle that can't be fixed or have not breaking performance concern that is still not solved.

    It is pointless to buy one,because even after three years of car ownership , I haven't sold the car yet because used car dealers may not value it
    All my earlier cars were great hence I sold them off so that next owner of the car can enjoy it and bless me.

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    I only gave my feedback to FIAT service feedback call and next day I see email from CEO !! does it make bad or good?
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  9. sungoa2010


    You have almost pin pointed the problem. That is the reason for almost all issues. TATA take FIAT as an extra revenue generator. If you go to Fiat with a brake problem first thing they will do is to change the pads/disc. Similar things happens in almost all components. They lack the troubleshooting skills. The poor customer will feel that fiat parts will not last long.

    Most of the time we judge my seeing the owner not by seeing the vehicle. I bet in my office if I take any car I can find an issue in that car. They are not any 0.0000xyz %. Cars do have problems. It is not my alto. I know lot of vehicles, in which I had a ride and some of them I have driven, facing lot of problems. In one case brakes are horrible.
    In one case abnormal sound comes when hitting a hump. We are seeing only the owners who pretends to be happy most of the time by negligence or ignorance. How many of us have really did a thorough check of our neighbor's or relative's vehicle. We don't have any statics. One of my friends which I helped him to purchase having pulling problem. Not yet rectified by maruti. Another my colleagues alto's wiper liver got broken when he pulled it()I posted it in humour thread). What else I need to make a statistics.
    If Maruti's doesn't give any trouble then the authorized service stations will shut their shops.

    Petrol leak had happened two times in our getz. Central locking problem 2 times. Dash is a disaster because in rainy season it is sticky and make our cloths dirty. My FIL had replaced it and repaired it. We never knew this issues since he didn't told about it. So as far as I don't know about these issues for me Getz is a trouble free car.
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  10. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India

    If the CEO has to get involved in this customer related issues personally then the company has issues with customer care. The approach should not be top down. On a day to basis, a service or a sales guy that we interact to for our problems, not to a CEO. Because, 1st of all it takes time to solve the problem as you also mentioned and 2ndly, its on luck too.

    Lets not compare with so and so brands. All I am saying that FIAT needs to value the customer more and ASS should be the main focus and I dont think anyone should disagree with it.

    Let me share a recent exp, I am looking for car and for Punto, Tejaswi motors approached me. They told me on last Saturday that they are coming with it. They did not came, not even informed me. Where as I asked for Skoda Fabia too from a dealer (Mahavir)and even instead of myself delaying the TD, the sales lady called me every week asking for time.

    Now tell, where do you feel that you're important to the company? Or I have to write an email to CEO to report this issue with dealer?
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