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Fiat India - Sales (2012) discussion

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Dismal sales performance again.
    Everyone likes a FIAT but very few turn up as customers.
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  2. I am at a loss of words, only 59 lineas, thats a shame.IMHO fiat has overpriced both the products by some rs.50,000/-.they have to cut down on their pricing on the linea and come down to manza levels to survive.else a wonderful car will go down the palio lane.
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  3. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Price at the Manza level? Are you joking? They can instead stop the manufacturing of Linea. Do not compare Linea with Manza/Dezire/Etios and so on. IMO, Linea is the best VFM product one can get currently.
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  4. i am a linea lover.. but i beg to differ on this one. linea at the current price is not VFM..they can earn a little less profit rather than not earn anything by stopping the production, don't you think so??
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  5. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    The built quality that Linea offers is already a segment above where it is placed. Cannot just compare with Manza/Dezire craps. The VFM can only be understood when someone values The Safety/Handling/Comfort parameters. If one doesn't care about those parameters the meaning of VFM is different for him. For me The Linea still a VFM car.
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  6. sungoa2010


    Fiat is not overpriced. Their cars are under priced.
    May be they have to sell it at lower price to increase the sales. That is a different issue.
  7. dhans4all

    dhans4all Amatore

    how authenticate is the sales numbers????
    I have heard that each dealer in chennai is selling about 30-40 fiat cars, in this case numbers should be more.

    I am sure they are working on something and they will not bother about the sales numbers till march 2013. No manufacturer will just simple shut their shop after spening too much money on the new plant and products ( this is my feel ) and Fiat will try one more time seriously.
  8. Amit,
    MJD is one of the advanced Diesel engines selling India if not the most advanced,most of the other engines have three injections per cycle MJD has 5 injections per cycle,so 5 must be outdated?

    Most of the claims you have made are baseless,sorry to say this.
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  9. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    There is a saying, only a person that has experienced true failure can succeed. Fiat has experienced failure twice and refused to learn from them.

    Let me tell why Fiat's story has repeated ever since they came into India.

    - When they launched the Uno they received more bookings then Hyundai & Daewoo even though the Uno had a carb engine in comparison to the MPFI Matiz & Santro. - They failed to capitalise on the trust Indian car buyer's put in them. Even today there are people who haven't received their Uno booking amount.
    - The ones that did get the car ended up spending most of their time in service center's because the carb had a dead zone where the car felt like it had lost all power.
    - Dealers had no idea how to fix it.
    - There were no spares available.
    - Fiat moved slowly to fix the issues. A new carb Uno was launched BUT by then the Uno was already known as a unreliable car with pathetic service support and nil spares availability.

    Reasons to buy the Uno: Solid build quality, fantastic ride quality, brilliant 1.7L diesel engine which came after the Uno had failed.

    Reasons for the Uno failure: aged interiors, Unreliable cars, poor service back up, unresponsive company that took ages to fix issues.

    Few year's later, Fiat started their second innings and launched the Palio. Indians welcomed the car with open arms, Fiat was selling almost 3500 units every month and for the first time the mighty Hyundai was having sleepless nights. What went wrong?

    - The 1.2 had poor mileage. This 100+ year old company, which many member's here keep emphasising failed to reccaliberate the speedo from the Brazil spec ones as tyre sizes had changed for the Indian Palio.
    - Customer's didn't know that. Neither did the dealer's.
    - As usual, there was a stony silence from Fiat.
    - Sales started crashing. Dealer's were turning dis satisfied with the company. Service standards fell. With falling sales came lack of spares.
    - Fiat corrected it's mistakes and quietly launched the Palio NV. They took ages to do that and when they did it, they failed to make a noise over the improved Palio.
    - While reliablity of the cars was better then Uno, it was still iffy.

    Reasons to buy the Palio: Great looks, Fantastic ride quality, solid build, fantastic diesel engine and a class defining 1.6 petrol.
    Reasons for the Palio failure: Iffy reliablity, aged interiors, poor service back up, lack of spares avaliablity, unresponsive company took ages to respond to issues.

    Fiat then tied up with Tata and started yet another innings in India. Again, promises were made that this time things will be different. What went wrong?

    - Linea and Punto are launched. People cautiously accept these car's but Fiat gets a solid base. All they have to do is build on the cautious trust by keeping cusotmer's happy with car's that are reliable and service back up that is decent. Why they failed?

    - Total confusion prevails from middle management to the security guy at the dealership about the exact terms of the Tata-Fiat JV. The company failed to communicate it's business strategy to it's own associates!
    - Fiat is happy getting a corner in Tata dealerships to showcase their products.
    - Car's turn out to be unreliable again. CSC issues, AC problems in petrol Linea's & Punto's, poor fit and finish of the interiors, rubber beadings that fall off, rusting issues, elastic pads, link rods, suspension problems. Take a look at the technical section of this very forum. Seems like the Uno days are back.
    - Company tries to respond more pro-actively but spares problems continue.
    - Customers complain of poor response from engines, find them underpowered. Fiat takes a year to give the T-Jet motor to Linea when it should have been launched from day one! Competition catches up and overtakes the Linea, with better 1.6L diesel engines. Fiat stubbornly refuses to upgrade their flagship sedan to match competition. Remember, there is no replacement for displacement. The competition engines are more powerful and mileage as good as Linea's.
    - Fiat, again takes, whole of 2009, 2010 & 2011 to solve most issues. Verdict is still not out on how much improvements have been made in the 2012 variants.

    Reasons to buy the Linea & Punto: Great looks, solid build, fantastic ride quality & handling, great steering, fantastic T-Jet petrol motor and MJD diesel engines.
    Reasons for the Linea & Punto failure: Poor interiors, reliability , poor service back up , lack of spares, unresponsive company that took year's to sort out issues.

    Take a look at the reasons for Fiat's failure in India over the years. The same mistakes, repeated again & again & again.

    Also, take a look at the pro's of Fiat's products launched in India. Every product was liked and initially bought with a lot of enthusiasm by the uneducated Indian car buyer.

    Of what use is solid build if parts wear of fast? Of what use is superlative ride quality if the owner cannot enjoy it because the car is with the ASC for want of spares? Of what use is 15,000kms / 1 year service interval if the owner has to take the car every month / alternate month for solving niggling problems & issues?

    An average car buyer’s only requriement’s are that the car should be reliable, should not make the owner spend too much time in sorting out issues and should last well for about 4-5 year’s.

    It is the same illiterate Indian car buyer that you people talk about with so much of disdain that saw the Uno’s forte in 1995 and bought it, it is the same uneducated Indian car buyer that understood the Palio’s forte and bought it in 2003 and it is the same illiterate & uneducated Indian car buyer that recognized the Linea & Punto’s USP in 2009 and bought it with a lot of trust.

    The same uneducated car buyer is found in Fiat’s own home country, the same illiterate car buyer is found in Germany & North America and the same uneducated car buyer is found in showrooms selling Merc’s, BMW’s and Lexus’s.
    It is Fiat, that has failed, repeatedly, to satisfy very basic requirement’s of the car buyer here. Is it any wonder then, that they find themselves again & again & again in the same situation?

    ---------- Post added at 07:05 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:55 AM ----------

    Are injections per cycle the only reason for a engine being modern or outdated?! When competition is giving bigger & more powerful engine's for the same money why can't Fiat? Linea is not a niche product. Either you play with the market or get ready to be thrown out. Looking at Linea's sales figures since past many months (from 300 to 59 units!) and Fiat's stubbornness in not updating the car adequately, it seems they are ready for the latter.
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  10. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I completely disagree with all your points, except CSC. Apart from this nothing made Punto & Linea unreliable.
    Fiat did respond to all issues (though I agree that these issues should not be there).
    Except, few cases, Spares were made available most of the time.

    Why verdict is not out yet, 2012 is about to complete, some small issues remain, but most of the issues are already resolved. How many CSC failure we heard recently. almost none.

    There are lots of things to do for Fiat, as it has not worked, whatever they did in recent times. The new break away from Tata, we still need to see if it works or not. But Fiat is not pulling the plug, they are trying all they can. But I agree, till now nothing has worked.
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