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Fiat India - Sales (2012) discussion

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    any update on Sep sales?
  2. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    Wild guess:200+Sales..
  3. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    It will be naive to expect any surprise in the sales figures. There might be a small bump due to Fiat pushing the absolute editions to the dealers. However that will be short lived.

    Fiat : here are our tips for you

    1. Start building your brand from ground up : You have this entire forum at your disposal. USE IT !!
    2. Invest the money in the right place : invest in ethical dealers. Judge people based on their intellect and zest for quality : not on their experience
    3. Invest double the money in good after sales service. There are plenty of "good" private garages across the country. Open a dialogue with them. Get them on their side. Train them. Establish a seamless logistics system so that parts can be delivered in time.

    And most importantly : TALK TO THE OWNERS !!
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  4. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Amogh you are correct. But FIAT should listen to us.
  5. Avinash

    Avinash Amatore

    United Kingdom
    Linea 1.3
    Linea is dying a slow death, with just 59 this month! The effect of Renault's new Duster and Scala is prominent!

    I wonder what the fate of Linea would be after two months. Wouldn't be surprised to see if it falls less than 20!
  6. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Fiat is in the midst of setting up their exclusive dealerships and service center's hence they say there will be no car's till they finish with setting up their dealerships. Problem is by the time the dealerships are in place, there will be no customers left! I hope the new CEO realises that he & Fiat are not living in an ideal world where first they can only focus on infrastructure first then sales will follow. You are not selling Ferrari's that people are going to wait for you to finish your project's.

    The Palio story has repeated. With the Palio too, Fiat failed to constantly update their products and both the product and the company failed. History has repeated itself. The Linea today is a outdated car. Even the 1.6 MJD will do nothing to improve it's sales but at least Fiat can stand in the same league as VW & Hyundai with a modern, powerful diesel engine powering their flagship car. The way these idiots function, I wouldn't be surprised if they launch the Viaggio with a 1.6 MJD and then get battered from all over for launching an outdated engine when competition has 2.0L engines!

    I have been saying this for many months, Fiat is tired brand and is behaving in the market like a patient in coma - practically dead, only thing left to do is to pull the plug.

    I hope Fiat does this favour on our country and pulls the plug on it's India operations.

    The Punto is my last Fiat. I have supported Fiat for 8 years, not anymore. I am through with supporting this lame duck.

    It's now a matter of when and not if.

    It seems to me like a planned move. Get Fiat sales to extremely low number's and then these wily Italians will try and make us by Chrysler's. Guess what? The Chrysler's will fail as well. Except for the Dart there is no other Chrysler / Dodge worth buying.
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  7. sungoa2010


    I think the other way. What will be the fate of customers going for unsafe cars. I has a test drive of Etios and Sunny today. My God! those cars are way behind punto. Leave linea. Feel sorry for the people who go for those cars. Brakes are so scary. They are toy cars. There is absolutely no reason why Linea should go such low level. It is a decease of indian car buyers. If not get treated Indian customers will never able to drive good cars.Even if they sell one car per year I mind is with this brand.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2012
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  8. saipv

    saipv Amatore

    Sept Sales ..... Punto adds some more, Linea loses a few ....

  9. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    I think Fiat India thinks the same way as you do hence they are sitting proudly in their conference room's laughing at Indian's buying these so called toy car's thinking 'these guys don't know what a real car is, they deserve to be driving these toy car's.'

    The customer is not a fool and the difference between Fiat car's and other brands is not as huge as you make it out to be. Fiat, like you, seems to be pitying us buying these light car's. When Fiat is forced out of India no one will pity them.

    You are insulting the Indian car buyer by calling him diseased.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2012
  10. fiat_fan

    fiat_fan Amatore

    Thats it...but I dont feel any disappointment with low sales numbers. actually Fiat is improving and getting good platform through independent dealership.
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