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Fiat India - Sales (2012) discussion

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    Adding my experience here with FIAT..

    The Sole decision to go for FIAT was inspired by a very good friend of mine who was contemplating buying a RITZ/FIGO but ended by with a FIAT Punto.. his ownership experience coupled with posts on T-BHP ( especially the threads from J Ravi Sir and other FIAT Owners) just changed my outlook towards fiat (FIAT was not even in the list when i first decided to upgrade from my M800). As rightly said by Fiatlover a satisfied customer can bring in repeat business. This rule is the mother of all good business practices and applicable in all scenarios..

    I would say the conversation with my friend was the deal winner rather than experience with Sales guy ( Though i had very good demo & TD of the car). The buying experience mainly paperwork and attitude of Dealer was mediocre but i had already decided on FIAT and hence i was not bothered much..
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  2. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    How can we blame a customer who thinks: "If this is how they treat me during presales, how would they treat me and my car during the after sales period?"
    I think this is one of the most significant reason for the dwindling sales figures of FIAT. Not the pricing or niggles as some people claim. As sungoa2010 mentioned above,
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  3. Definitely we can't blame a customer for being very logical about the suspicious after sales service. At the same time, there are people who think more with the heart, that they go for a Fiat or some other car that appeals to his emotions and passions more than intellect or logic. To me as well, there was the fight between logic and instinct, and i am quite instinctive in nature. i'd rather suffer the consequences than take a logical approach that makes me regret it. i know my choice may not be too much reasonable to people of reason. and to all those people (80-90%% of my acquaintances and friends) who ask me "But why, a Fiat?", I just laugh it off. I do it, cuz the question doesn't require an answer, and most of them can't be enlightened about my choice. But there are ignorant ones, to whom i explain why i did it. There's another category who are simply out there to talk shit about Fiat, in pretense of wanting to buy a car, to whom, i merely say, "Just don't buy a Fiat, problem solved." That's becuz they dont deserve to drive an awesome car.
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  4. sungoa2010


    I feel having Fiat doesn't contradict what I consider worth full in Life. A affinity for truth. I am attracted towards Fiat more because of their no changing attitudes towards external business pressure*. They try to do what they are for. It is very rare to see such situation in business. Wherever we see it and if we have a good heart to recognize it we will love it as toruk has pointed out for the case for royal Enfield, Bose etc. I don't have that feeling for any other car brands below 20L.
    * Don't confuse the above statement with the unsuccessful marketing strategy. I am talking about core Fiat brand.
  5. marvin patrick gray

    marvin patrick gray Amatore

    In my opinion everything in this world runs on two aspects - STRUCTURE and FLOW. All things, be it a cricket-match, sales, live-shows, chatting sessions, painting, war, terrorism, charity, party, wedding, training of any sort etc. has a Structure and Flow attached to it. Structure is the basic thing a task has to have and flow is dynamic which comes into play when the task is already on.
    Fiat India has the structure, good cars, great engines, tie-up with Tata Motors, Service-centres, Dealerships, Sales Strategy, Sales Executives. But what is missing ? The flow is missing. One has to determine when to use the structure and when to use the flow. You cannot convince/inspire/motivate/sell something unless you have a flow. Structured things are hard and they tend to break. It has to has a flow, a flexibility in the structure. A little bending on this side and a little bending on that side will make things easy/permissible/flexible/approachable.

    On the other hand, talking about where Fiat is loosing customers is laid down in the following example-
    Suppose 1000 different individuals decide someday to buy a car.
    -Out of the 1000, almost 800 would drop the idea to buy a Fiat because of the negative or rather no brand image/value of the company(in India). Brand value and recognition is a major aspect and plays an important role. How many of us buy a Dove rather than Santoor soap(a small example) ? Or buy a generic medicine rather than a branded medicine ? Follow Ayurveda instead of Allopathy ? So we are left with 200 people.
    -Out of the 200 people who decide considering a Fiat car, 50 are influenced by family, friends, colleagues of not to buy a Fiat car. Again, people dont know much about a Fiat car. So we are left with 150 people.
    -Out of the 150, another 50 people are impressed by other car makers with their excellent customer-service when these 150 people visit other car-makers showroom insisted by family, friends etc. We are left with 100.
    -Out of the 100, almost 70-80 people are quite upset about the way they are treated/misinformed at Tata/Fiat dealerships. These include broken promises, unanswered queries, least-interested attitude of the staff, keep the customer in the dark till the last moment things. These 70-80 people sadly opt for a car of some other carmaker.
    -The remaining 20-30 are solid Fiat fans. They know about the car, need no convincing skills and have already decided to buy a Fiat car, come what may. Even these people are sometimes ditched by getting cars of 8-10 old months, same varient but different color; but they are still happy about it.

    So starting with 1000, we came to 20-30 persons buying a Fiat. These 20-30 didnt need any sales executives. Where is the flaw ?

    Lastly, if Fiat cannot sell its diesel cars now when the petrol prices are zooming high, they might never be. Go with the flow Fiat. An ad campaign highlighting the diesel engines and the mileage might work wonders.

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  6. Rightly said my dear friend,just adding quality of the service is another thing that FIAT has to get straightened, they need to question service folks if a car is visiting the TASS more than 3 times within 15K service schedule.
    Also they need to have FIAT exclusive relationship manager who will be the contact between FIAT and it's customers, mahindra has this concept one of my fried who owns a XUV500 was surprised to get Un-solicited feedback calls and face to face meetings although they never had any issues.
  7. PuntoMJD

    PuntoMJD Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    My replies in bold.
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  8. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    PERFECTO i agree with you.
    When i had been to India during my vacation i simply went for a test drive of I20 and when driving the i20 i just showed the SA my grande parked in the Parking, I was stonned by his reply. he said ZABARDAST GAADI HAI Bhai., He also said the LINEA ROYAL GAADI LAGHTHI HAI..
    Even I have Sony Ericsson mobile, I had K800i Cybershot which is still in use, Dad having W550i, Current using Vivaz U5i.
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  9. pbraghavan

    pbraghavan Timido

    fiat Linea

    I bought my fiat linea in Ahmedabad exactly a year back.
    I was neither a Fiat fan nor influenced by friends.I visited a TATA showroom to look at Linea more out of curiosity than any real intenetion to buy.I was bowled over by the looks and the features it offered.
    More than anything else it was a most enterprising salesman who explained all the features along with a demo that made me go for the Fiat Linea.Unfortunately the sales man had already left his job by the car was delivered to me.I am more than happy with my car after a year and 17,000 km run.From my experience all I can say is that Fiat needs more committed and knowledgeable salesmen like the one I came across
  10. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Now even 1000 numbers looks better!!

    Both wonderful cars are dying if Fiat does not do something.
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