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Fiat India - Sales (2012) discussion

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. golububi


    There are many people in the forum likes to see Fiat as the leading brand in terms of sales figures, it is good to have big numbers , numbers does not speak for quality or technology , there going acoording to a plan - it will pick up down the line ..

    Also understnd:
    1. Fiat has IP - tech innovator or highest order with legacy of 100+ years, and extremely good prodcuts so even if I not able to sell in last few years in India, eventually will sell in big numbers.
    2. TATA Passenger Car Business - is depedent on Fiat, if Fiat pulls out of India, Fiat may survive bit TATA passenger car business suffer like anyhting, it does not have tech or design IP.Fiat has understood the game taking steps but slowly as focus is now US.
    My self Indica user of pre-fiat days, less I say is better.Also used Getz.
    4. Fiat mgmt knows very well in tech landscpae where they stand in small car - main fight VW, Renault-Nissan in the long run. Also some extent hyundai, honda, suzuki ..but east asians not good in creativity...they are quite good in reverse -engineering so if I am tech leader then i can control the market in long run.
    5. Please understand Maruti Suzuki is not auto company so not threat - it captive back-office of Suzuki , in that respect there is not single automobile company in India - it is nothing but low cost prodcution centre with no tech capabilities.
    So to say compnay will die just becos selling few when his technology is used by others to survive is foolish propostion.

    Fiat is here in the long run - it will survive becos it has technology and creativity. But yes it will not have numbers tomorrow, it will have numbers in the long run.

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    with apolgies adding few more " Premier" is looking to Fiat for engines ...source code is with Fiat ...so numbers are matter fo time...
  2. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Ajit Agarkar likes to see him as an all-rounder. If he is an all-rounder then Amitabh Bacchan is Aishwarya Rai.
    Hope & Wish is the biggest remedy. Isn't it?

    Let's get the facts straight.
    Fiat has joined hands with Tata not by will. It's a forced necessity.
    Without Fiat also, Tata used to sell large numebr of cars and will continue to sell.
    Without Tata, Fiat was selling one fifth or one tenth number of cars its currently selling with Tata.

    I can't imagine what I respond to all these. Best left as it is.
  3. kesav554

    kesav554 Timido

    I guess alteast now FIAT is taking the steps to stay in the market. By setting 25 exclusive FIAT showrooms by 2012 end should atleast bring confidence to the prospective buyers that FIAT is going to stay here on the long run and will also improve in the A.S.S due to exclusive service centers.
    From the past 3 years FIAT India is in loses due to not utilizing the complete plant capacity. I remember TATA + FIAT was making a loss of 200 to 300 crores per year for their operations at Rangarajon plant. By sharing Engines with other manufacturers(1L units with Maruthi + Premier) I am sure FIAT will ultilize the complete capacity and get a breakeven in the next year. In the long run may be by 2014-15, I hope they will have a complete product lineup , ie a small car(4L), Punto Evo(MJD2), Linea 2013(MJD2) and a SUV.
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  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    With Indian sales discussion thread, one is forgetting it is the same FIAT which sells 2 million vehicles in south America, 1.5 million in Europe, 2 million in North America+Canada (in shape of Chrysler) attributing to a total of 5 million vehicles sales:lol.
    Chrysler sold 1,63,000 vehicles last month in America alone. They have grown their sales more than 200%. It's not some jump from 1000 vehicles to 2000 vehicles, instead 50,000 vehicles in 2010 to 1,63,000 in 2012. The lowest category vehicle they sell in US belong to a D segment. LOl..!! They are now launching a C segment vehicle.

    If one is referring sales statistics, i hope one is aware what he is speaking about?
    FIAT Group is set to cross 6 million mark by next year worldwide, 100% confirmed:mrgreen:.
    They are selling vehicles for sake of FUN in India. If anyone wants to join party, it's good else they hardy care. My good wishes & they are damn right!
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  5. sungoa2010


    Very true. For Zen they managed with Peugeot then now they are surviving with Fiat engine. Never bothered to have a own diesel engine. Maruti B segment classass and above sales are mainly due to DDIS. 80% Swifts that I see in road are DDIS. Hyundai has at least their own CRDI engine. I think now days Fiat has become a brand to curse.
    When I bought my car I didn't see it as a share market investment. If I were so worried about fluctuations(short term or long term) I would have bought a alto with a better life insurance policy, and would have invested the remaining money in Maruti shares. If one is really attracted by the sales of Maruti the better thing to go for is Maruti shares than Maruti cars.
  6. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    It'll be hard to find a statement more ignorant than this one.

    The title of the thread is "Fiat India - Sales (2012) discussion".

    Who cares even if FIAT "group" sells 1 billion vehicles abroad everyday. We are talking of FIAT sales here in India. Till the day FIAT India improve their show in India, their so called "group" sales abroad are of no meaning. Also, the only market worth mentioning for the parent FIAT brand is Brazil.

    For any FIAT "group" sales discussions , kindly utilize the OT thread.

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  7. fiat_fan

    fiat_fan Amatore

    oh Then now brands like Volksvagon etc are doing it their own and getting good success in the market?!!. It was not necessity, but a bad decision to start JV. I dont think Tata passanger cars with out multijet engines would have this much success. and offcourse they can be strong in taxi segment.. now Tata dealership just doing that canvasing people to prefer Vista over Punto... In this case how can u conclude that with out Tata Fiat sales number would be 1/5th of the current..
    I think If fiat had independent dealerships like volkswagon sale number would have been better for sure. Atlease they could assure customer satisfaction and hence they could bulild confidence in the Brand...

    I feel strange to see in this forum that too much Tata supporters(JV) are there.
  8. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Which entrepreneur in his right mind will invest a couple of crore's to set up a Fiat sales & service center even today?

    I will tell you why VW can manage to have their own sales & service centers:

    1.) VW started with a clean slate in India & hence could afford to set up their own dealerships.

    Look at the history of Fiat. Even today there are people that have not received the refund of their Uno booking! Every product this company has launched in India failed. Uno, Palio, Linea & Punto. Let's not go into the 'the cars are the best in their segments.' Everyone knows that. Uno got over 3 lakh bookings when it was launched even though it was a 10 year old car with a carb engine when Hyundai & Daewoo were blitzing India with their MPFI powered cars. Palio was selling over 3000 units/month in 2002 & even Linea and Punto got a warm welcome from the market here.

    Even I would not set up a Fiat dealership in India if I was in this business.

    2.) Fiat has two cars in India. Linea & Punto with no plans to upgrade either the existing cars or launch new cars. What future business can Fiat offer to someone willing to put in crores into their delaership? Can any business survive selling 1500 cars/month? Look at the number of cars VW has launched in 5 years compared to what Fiat has done in 15.

    Both the JV & joint dealership's are brilliant concepts. Problem was that Fiat-Tata failed to execute it properly. So what if the Vista and Punto have the same engine? The products are different and could be positioned differently but then Fiat never had a product strategy in place. I always said the dealerships could follow the VW-Audi method of selling cars. The showrooms, abroad, specially in North America, are often housed in the same building but have separate enterence's and interior's giving you the feel that you are in separate dealerships. While VW (Tata in this case) would be more volume based, Audi (Fiat in this case) could present it & it's product as more premium ones. Tata's top end Vista could have the 1.3MJD 75bhp while Fiat, keeping it's premium car image in mind, could offer the 1.3 MJD 75bhp in the base Punto with 90bhp being the engine in the higher variants. Again, abroad, VW's GTI and GLI versions get the 2.0l TFSI engines while Audi's cars start with the 2.0 TFSI engine. A similar concept could be used here. Fiat, instead, tried to pull a fast one on Indian's thinking they can fool their way to success. The reason joint dealerships and engine sharing failed here is because Fiat neither executed this business plan properly nor had any kind of product strategy in place to distinguish Fiat's from Tata's. This lack of strategy shows up in the sales person telling people that they can buy Vista over Punto since after all both have same engines. This statement points to confusion at the dealer level brought about because of no product strategy & confusion at the manufacturer level.
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  9. sungoa2010


    We always talk about customers and what Amit pointed out about dealer's dilemma is very true. The loss for the customers is 1-2 lacs . But for dealerships it is crores and unless fiat prove to be very serious in business know dealers will come up. Other option is like Hyundai Fiat should have the company owned dealerships and service stations.
  10. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    100% agree, if at dealership level they can execute better and set-up and handle the escalation properly, this is win-win for all, Fiat, Tata and Customers.

    Lets keep ideas coming, what fiat should do to increase sales here - http://www.teamfiat.co.in/fiat-india-news/429-what-fiat-needs-do-sell-more.html
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