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Fiat India - Sales (2012) discussion

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Fiat has been in India for over 15 years now, if I remember correctly, after Daewoo & Hyundai, Fiat set up operations in India with the Uno. Till date, the company keeps announcing plans for a sales and service network & product strategy. How will sales come when you haven't sorted out basics in over 15 years?

    How many more 'comebacks' and 'new innings' are you going to talk about? After the Uno failed, Fiat made a 'comeback' and started it's 'new innings' in India with the Palio. After the Palio failed, they again made a 'comeback' and started their 'new innings' with the Linea & Punto. Now that these cars have also failed, Fiat will again announce a 'comeback' and 'new innings' when they launch their new small car. When that car fails they will probably again announce a 'comeback' and 'new innings' with a Fiat badged Dodge Dart and Chrysler Voyager (Freelander).

    People are not fools to buy your nonsense again & again. Even after 15 years Fiat does not know what Indians want.

    Uno - messed up bookings & delivery. The cars that got delivered were with carbaurettor's when Hyundai was positioning it's Santro as a technological marvel with MPFI technology. The first lot Uno were troublesome cars. By the time, Fiat launched the Uno wth MPFI engine & sorted out the mechanical's the car has earned a reputation of being unreliable.

    Moral of the Uno story: Give people a car that's reliable. There is nothing new in this. Whether you are selling a car to an Indian, European, American or monkey's we all want a car that works flawlessly. Also, sort out the sales , service & spares issues.

    Palio - People loved this car. It was selling 3,000 units every month and was starting to give sleepless nights to Hyundai. Then news started trickling in of poor fuel efficiency. The mileage, actually, wasn't as bad. Fiat goofed up and 'forgot' to caliberate the odometer to the tyre sizes they were using in India compared to Brazillan versions resulting in the car under-recording the distance it travelled. By the time Fiat launched the NV variant the Palio was dead. With falling sales came the usual problems of poor service & lack of spares.

    Moral of the Palio Story - Indians want a fuel efficient car. Nothing kills a car faster then reports of poor mileage. Add the fact that the Palio was selling in 2002 and the quick end the Palio faced becomes clear. Respond fast to market challenges. There was no response from Fiat for months about the low mileage and falling service and spares issues. You can't take your own sweet time to wake up from your siesta and expect success.

    Linea & Punto - It's 2009, Swift is the hatchback king. Indians are more mature car buyer's and understand that just cause a car is a hatchback it's not going to give 15kmpl in city. Swift returns barely 10kmpl and people are lapping it up. Yes, performance expectations are higher today then in 2002. Perfect time for Punto equivalent to a Palio 1.6.

    Fiat gives us Linea & Punto. Idiotic gearboxes mean the cars are lethargic and sluggish in first two gears. Sure they are highway kings but this is India. The best you can do on our Indian 'autostrada' is 120kmph. Fiat's flagships shine after that speed!

    Poorly screwed interiors, poor quality plastic's, frequent reliability issues like CSC , air con, strut mounts seal the fate of the cars. The rest is done by the dealer's. Though it's 2009, India is not ready for joint dealership's. Forget car buyer's, even dealer's are not ready to sell competing car's. Fiat goofs up by going into a JV with Tata and having to give their engine & gearbox to Tata cars.

    Moral of the Linea / Punto story - Reliability is supreme. When your Uno failed in 1995 due to reliability issues how can you expect the Indian car buyer in 2010 to expect anything less then stellar reliability from your cars!

    A major automotive company should have realized India is not ready to see joint dealerships. Specially not when you are a struggling car maker trying to find your base in India. Maruti could have joint dealerships with Tata because people know none of these companies will pack up and leave if things go bad in the market. Fiat failed to penetrate what it was aiming to achieve with the joint dealership concept down to the level where it mattered - at the dealer level.

    Every car they launched had few things in common. Reliability (except the Palio) was not upto standard in any of the car's. Service & spares issues marred the prospects the product had.

    Every car Fiat launched also got a very good initial response which later fizzled out as reliability issues cropped up. Add to that, Fiat' failure in sorting these issues quickly resulted in customers walking away to competiton.

    Fiat has not learnt their lesson in last 15 years and 3 products despite every product teaching them the same lesson!

    Like I said, the car buyer is not a fool.

    Sure there are some passionate customers out there but many among them are not passionately foolish either.
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  2. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    That's what FIAT stands for. People praise it with open heart & curse it like some dearest one has committed a mistake which can't be forgiven. It hurts deep!!

    Amit bringing out the points like Odometer calibration are just like WoW!! Not even all the members at BOARD of FIAT would be knowing it so deep that why Palio failed here. But an avg. FIATian knows to microscopic levels! That's the affection, good will & sentiments that other manufacturers would die for, if they somehow could earn it. Who cares if a car doesn't sell good. There are 100s of cars launched & failed from all manufacturers. We don't even remember if they were ever offered in the market as a product:mrgreen:.

    But it does, if it is for FIAT!! Mind it.

    Yes Amit, FIAT has been inf-act childish & trying their best to ruin their fantastic cars. I hope someone@FIAT@some recognized level must be spending 5 mins a day to read this stuff. The real benefit of this discussion could be only when it is communicated across to the people in FIAT who are confused how to get it right.

    The laziest & most irritating aspect, they are still treating India like a step baby. Hyundai/Maruti after selling million units of their cars never miss an up gradation of their products (with better engines, gear boxes & aesthetics). FIAT won't do that even if it is selling avg. after 3 Yrs.

    Give us 1.6 MJD-2, 2 ltr MJD-2, Multi-air & 6 speed gearbox, you dumbos:A!!
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  3. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    Not just bring these to Indian shores but also market these technologies aggresively. God darn, do WHATEVER it takes to make people aware about these advanced techs. Give you an e.g. the other day I happened to visit Sai Service Maruti at Pune for my car service. The SA there was trying to sell me the sales dud SX4 saying how maginificient technology the SX4 has; its the highway king and blah blah. I told him simply; drive the Linea and then tell me. :p

    Anyways, back to the point; All this will happen if FIAT is really serious about Indian market. And yeah dont share these technologies with Maruti Swift and gang. Well this is where FIAT is really making money now but.....

    As it has been repeatedly spoken on this forum, FIAT should start their own service centres QUICKLY atleast in major cities and launch a small car. FIAT is re-building it gradually and will surely come on top in the years to come. The last sentence is just a gut feel of mine.
    After posting the last one; I day dreamt for a moment; the Linea 1.6 Mjd 2 on our roads leaving all the Japs/American/Local cars behind.. zip zap zoom ! :p
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  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Do you think it's Fiat's achievement? Out of 200 customers, there is only 1 such customer who is a Fiatian with affection, goodwill or sentiment. The other 199 customers either hates Fiat or does not give a damn about Fiat.
    For Fiat or any manufacturer, from business point of view it's a BIG BIG failure and not an achievement.
  5. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Does it matter really if majority hates FIAT? I would instead prefer to like/hate based on my personal experience & how the vehicle performs? Who cares if it closing tomorrow & proved to be worst ever business-failure. I am getting what i am looking for. I am sure that one customer has far more reasons to like FIAT than the remaining 199 who are hating for just ............ fun. Well May not be all 199... but a majority of them have just listened something -ve in the past & are under illusion that it's well thought-out, though they never ever encountered a FIAT.

    There were some 1 lacs Palio sold till date (black chapter in FIAT's history as far as India) & not 1000 millions but why 99.99% of whole India hates FIAT. That's unfair. Not even all 1 lacs Palio customers were unhappy. FIAT has been over punished when all the manufacturers have committed such mistakes. For eg. FORD, GM, Maruti, Hyundai, all of them had at least one bad vehicle like FIAT. I think FIAT is riding an extra tough luck in India, nothing else.
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  6. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Curse Maruti, Hyundai etc as much as you like - but they know how to sell cars. They know what the market wants. How to "present" products so as to appease the market.

    FIAT is still not trying to learn or act as it should. As much as i want to see FIAT shine, the FIAT management is simply letting FIATians down.

    There is a world beyond blind Fanboyism too.
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  7. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    I really dont know how FIAT will transpire in India but i am happy that they are signing deals with companies to sell the MJD engines. At least i wont be stranded without a mechanic who doesn't know how to deal with this engine. I think soon GM is also planning to use MJD or so i read on a link i have posted on TFI. Will pull up and post here later.

    The GM president on MJD

    Even if Fiat doesnt make it in Indian market, MJD is here to stay!
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  8. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    It doesn't matter provided Fiat or someone wants to live in dream paradise thinking that Fiat is the king selling 600-odd or 1400-odd cars. You can't help someone who refuses to believe in reality.
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  9. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Pls call me one if you think it is the case really.
    Trust me, i don't hold any shares for FIAT & their business case would hardly help my financial condition.
    I simply like their products for what they are.
    You have known me enough as on date, suggest me a replacement car with the budget & expectations i have from a car? I would be more than happy to go "GA GA" for something else & not being sound ridiculous as it's a majority's choice.
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  10. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    If that 1 guy believes that only he is right and the other 199 guys can not think straight then there is no point to suggest him a car or anything else. Does it? He should be best left to let live in his own dream paradise.
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