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Fiat India - Sales (2011) discussion - continued

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Somehow I'm still skeptical that if separate Fiat showrooms will turnaround the sales. How many "Separate" showrooms can Fiat have across India? Would that be enough? There are a combination of factors and if Fiat, as usual, tries only 1 or 2 ignoring the other vital factors, it won't work. 1 vital item that comes to my mind right away is that Fiat has to up the ante in advertising & marketing SIMULTANEOUSLY with launch of separate showrooms. Customer disconnect is the biggest issue for Fiat & what help will a Separate showroom serve if Fiat's advertising/ marketing is not able to bring in the customer to the Fiat Showroom?
  2. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Even in my view opening separate dealerships shall not help. There is a lot of ground work required to be done by Fiat. I believe the order should be something like below

    1) They need to improve their processes so that they have niggle free and reliable cars.
    2) They also need to have good service centres in all cities to begin with.
    3) The showrooms can then come up
    4) All this has to be followed by a lot of advertisement

    As of now Fiat is behvaing like the 3 monkeys:
    - do not hear any feedback from FIAT car owners
    - do not say anything to its own employees/sales/ASS
    - do not see any issues that are present in its own processes

    All in all, a big change in their attitude is needed.
  3. Amit... to be honest, in a week atleast twice I visit TASS since my office is on the way. The sales guys told me that selling a TATA vehicle gives them good margin and commission and so they prefer TATA over FIAT and they themselves have told me that, customers who have good knowledge of FIAT are the ones who will buy.

    Having a separate dealership will improve upon sales little by little since when customers walkin, they will see/ hear only FIAT products and everything what will be talked over or shown there will be FIAT and he/ she doesnt have to hear or see TATA.

    Ads, marketing also should go hand in hand, the new ad marks a slight improvement in this regard.

    No offence meant.. just my views....... chillllllll
  4. Fiat can increase the margin of Salesman, its not big deal for them, for few thousand Rupee, they are ready to be suffered, strange na!!

    Presently only Fiat fans are ready to take the risks in Fiat Cars, so if they keep showrooms together or alone, its same.

    I don't think that TATA (vista's & manza's) having products can compete with Fiat. Even customer can hear TATA with separate showrooms arrangements by visiting TATA exclusive showrooms.

    Fiat Indian quality not upto the mark, you can feel the difference easily in your car, which is made in India and Imported one. so they need to improve Indian product quality.

    They need to provide ready spares for there 3.5 years old Palio Stile, I think 5-10 K owners of Palio Stile crying for spares, this attitude kills most.
  5. Maxtor

    Maxtor Amatore

    New Delhi
    Other than ads and marketing, word of mouth counts a lot for car sales. Don't think anyone, even most current owners will recommend Fiat cars to their friends and acquaintances. Right now Fiat is not able to retain its own customers with issues at point of sale as well as workshops. Take for example NCR - there is not a single workshop that can provide decent service. I am personally going through the pain of issues and my car has been lying idle for nearly a week(described in separate thread). Once current customers are somewhat satisfied only then comes the question of expanding customer base especially in India where word of mouth is very important.

    Also, will it be worth selling more cars? Even with existing no of Fiat cars, Tata workshops are not able to cope so what will happen if hypothetically sales of GPs and Lineas suddenly rise? More mayhem, or maybe you can then forget about getting your car serviced, unless you are on a first name basis with the Fiat plant or Tata workshop managers :).
  6. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Fingers crossed ;-)

    I insisted one of my friend to buy Punto, He was planning to buy Alto K10 and I asked him to buy Punto 1.3 Active. Now he is going to buy Punto 1.3 Active today. Hope he will get good after sales service. My service advisor also met him for the after sales service. He said for any issues, problems please contact me and he gave his mobile number to my friend. He was quite happy with this experiece.

    I hope he will get good buying experience.
  7. Maxtor

    Maxtor Amatore

    New Delhi
    Seeing me drive a Linea and with car parked at office,many people in the entire office area and colleagues bought Linea or GP in 2010. Ditto for my residential area in Delhi. I truly contributed to Linea sales with word of mouth at the time. I have done my bit and must have sold more cars through word of mouth than some of their sales executives I am sure. In fact one of colleagues bought Linea just last month from ABS motors. I have friends in Autocar and pushed Linea for their positive recommendations. Those who say that these auto people favor honda city are wrong - they also have or had a soft corner for Fiat.

    Now in Oct 2011 15 months after I purchased the car, I am struggling with the stress of owning the car, my car is parked idle at home and I am waiting for a response to my complaint from Fiat(thread - Battery Probem in Linea - need help!). Not first time even. I was rudely turned away from the workshop last week over a simple battery/electricals issue even after I suggested all the solutions. All my neighbors and office colleagues know about my problem. I am using auto and taxi for my commutes I don't have the heart to recommend any Fiat car to anyone not even to my enemy. I am ridiculed by family and friends and the now most common question is - Of all cars, who asked you to buy Fiat car? This includes my uncle who is a Tata workshop partner in Bombay. He had advised in the beginning that if you want cheaper sedan buy indigo XL or Manza at least Tata will own up for issues. Alas, he was so right.
  8. vikastwister

    vikastwister Novizio

    Last week I got my punto mjd 3rd service at 30000 KMS done and the total cost was 8200 rs for that. I came across with some perceptions behind Fiat dropping sales. I was waiting in the showroom during service and I saw number of customers visiting TATA showroom. And the sales guy was giving them the demo of Indica vista sedan class and Manza. I also joined the party and asked him is this Indica having the Engine from Fiat or Tata one only as they have not mentioned about the engine at back in sedan class Indica. Now guys guess the reply. He smile sarcastically at me and say, this car has the engine jointly developed for indian market by TATA and Fiat. :). Now thats a TATA sales man attitude. Neither that salesman nor any other salesman took the customers even near to Fiat Vehicles and they even told them about Tata Nano. And Fiat vehicles were standing alone. If you will not introduce the new customers about the Car then how will they even look in to them. Thats why I like Fiat SPA move of having separate showroom.
    In another incidence same day, a family came to inquire about Linea T-jet, initially the sales man at the gate forced him to look in to Manza also, but family was not interested in it. So he forward them to Fiat Table, and then only Fiat guy came in to picture to talk about the Car. When that family was done and leaving the office the same salesman (old one) told them about Tata Saffari that in the same price you can have Saffari Diesel one and its a very good car with style statement. With this point that family blinked and take another 30 minutes to look in to saffari. I do not know what they final but this whole picture clear the picture about TATA intention. They themselve want to destroy the Fiat Brand.
  9. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    People who go and check FIAT are those who have done some research and shortlisted FIAT as one of the options or have decided that they are going to buy a FIAT. Such buyers often don't care for the positive attitude or excellence of salesman.
    FIAT buyers (less in number) go and check FIAT first and then check TATAs, just to see (just for a horror). Others check TATAs first and then see FIATs, just to see.
  10. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    In my case the same thing happened but in opposite way.

    One of My friend (with his Family) and me went to TATA Showroom to have a look of Indica Vista as he wanted spacious car. Even I also pushed him to buy Vista as it is spacious. We were checking the Vista and price list of Vista. Meanwhile a FIAT sales person (PS He is my friend and I bought my 90HP from him only) came into picture and he told me about FIAT Grande Punto :). He took my friend to Punto and was explaining the features of Punto and was comparing it with Vista.

    The difference amout in Punto and Vista Basic model is apprx Rs. 30k. So he succuessfully convinced my friend to buy Punto instead of Vista :wow (PS:- Even I was also insisting my friend to buy Punto. ;-))
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