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Fiat India - Sales (2011) discussion - continued

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. :dancing yupee FIAT are back....... :dance
    regarding tv reviews- i only watch car n bike show by SVP.....:) :drinks
    rest al are biased IMHO
  2. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    City SMT at around RS. 10 lacs does not have fog lamps !!

    How are anchors selected for such programs? !!
  3. Narayan

    Narayan Regolare

    We being owners of fiat cars know the facts, but then look at it from a normal car buyer's angle. These guys have gained reputation somehow, and if none of the automagazines and review shows communicate good things about the fiats, how can we expect the numbers to grow? I dont know what is the deal about car companies and these reviewers, but fiat has to do something to ensure these guyz tell the real truth.

    Sometimes, even if I as an owner tell good things about Punto, some of my friends were not ready to buy them, and they belived the mag reviews more than what I said. I had to give them a test drive and the asked them to compare, for them to realize ! how many times can we afford to do it?

    Has anyone read the reviews of 90HP Punto? I was completely taken aback after i read that. the verdict almost said, it is a pure waste of money ! that was really too much isnt it?
  4. I guess these people like auto magazines are paid to make review by some of the auto companies.
    I still remember one of these folks mentioning Punto Mjd takes 21 seconds to reach 0-100,only possible if he shifted 5th gear right after second !!

  5. saugdas


    Well, while i am a proud owner of a Linea and there is no doubt about the quality of a FIAT irrespective of the 'paid news' by some other auto companies, but on the main topic of this thread let me share something:
    There has been one group of people stating that the actual numbers of FIAT retail sales for a month is much higher than that published by TATA (transfer from factory), and 'ALL is WELL' ; this number over a period of time can not exceed the reported values. Hence, here is a cumulative graph which shows the FACT on the sedans: Linea is the third in place from the last, thanks to Chevy Aveo and Optra which are already dead!! Friends, I am not a doomsdayer and not trying to say Linea is a bad car. What I am trying to tell all here is that let us acknowledge the facts and as a forum take it up with FIAT and see if we can help them in any way..We may not expect it to sell like the Dzires and Indigos, but at least able to maintain some dignity not to get compared with 2 other dead cars. ::OO
    [attachment=1:1lvc543g]car sales.jpg[/attachment:1lvc543g]

    car sales.jpg

  6. Blatant lie by these automagazines and review shows, how about we from TFI doing the video reviews and posting them on youtube and TFI?
    mods would like to know your thought on this.

  7. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Sat-chiy-ananda, I dnt think there would be any problem with Members posting a video review. Please go ahead if have ny ideas about this.
  8. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India
    we are going offtopic here.
    Lets stick to the sales and any suggestions to improve sales can be posted in "what FIAT needs to do to sell more" thread.
    I am posting a suggestions so check it out.

    I agree. Linea should sell atleast 1500 units. Infact now that TJET is available pan India, I expect it alone to sell 1K units.
  9. eyeguy



    thank god for once I've heard a sane voice on this forum.
    most discussions are too one sided.
    At one end of the spectrum is a die hard Fiat fan who is amazed at how the world doesn't realise the beauty of Fiat cars.
    And at the other end there is either a TV anchor who is paid to promote certain brands or a ***hole who doesn't know a shit about cars and these people are perpetually bashing Fiat.

    The fact of the matter is though Fiat makes awesome cars it is a VFM brand even in Europe. Te T jet is their most Expensive Sedan (Bravo though more expensive is a hatch) whereas City and Vento are baseline sedans for Honda and VW. City has established itself as the benchmark against which cars in this segment are compared.
    How good or bad the car is, is actually secondary. Vento has cashed in on some phenomenal promos and everyone who wants a 10 L car but thinks ANHC is too common has jumped on the bandwagon.

    Fiat doesnt only need to tell people how good their cars are.They need to tell people how BIG their BRAND is too. Unless they arent really bothered about the Indian market!
  10. atulmt


    let's write to FIAT, world cup is coming, they should use this opportunity to advertise the beauty
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