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Fiat India - Sales (2011) discussion - continued

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    Yes it is true but 50%. A seperate showroom means complete new set of employees, infrastructure. And no dealer wants the low sales from that perticular showroom. They will try their best to sell more numbers of FIATs to get the enough overall profit to run the showroom in profit. Of course FIAT officials will definately put more efforts and direct connectivity with these guys (hope so) which will make things better. So even though he is the same dealer of Tata-Fiat finally he will thrive his best to get more profit from totally different infrastructure for which he has invested in Crores.
  2. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    Do we get one (Exclusive Fiat A S S) in Bangalore ?
  3. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    until Fiat has strict processes and very good salesmen separate showrooms may not help. I have visited Honda and Toyota showrooms in NCR and they are leagues ahead. Can fiat poach such salesmen, if yes it would be helpful. But even salesmen have a target to meet. When they work for Maruti, VW, Toyota or Honda meeting targets is a very easy thing

    If Fiat leaves it to dealers to select salesmen it is not going to help

    On a separate note, Fiat increase the discount on petrol Punto from 75K to 90K. Is anyone aware if the discount on the TKer has been increased I'd not?
  4. vishnu's

    vishnu's Amatore

    My experiance with that sales team was good. they were prompt and Knowledgeable.Followup was good and they were aware of all the features in and out and expalined it well. I think the ASS is the sour point that keeps people away from Fiat cars. It would be better if Fiat start its own service centers rather than starting exclusive showrooms.
  5. + 1 vishnu

    Even ASS can be corrected easily, only issue is to keep ex-stock spares, and should provide the spares for old model (Palio, Uno etc.) its a bad mouth publicity for Fiat from fans. They are facing spares problem for just 4 years old Palio Stile. Even in accident case for current models - Punto & Linea , the delay hits for the months.

    Spares non availability directly effect to service, either car under warranty or non warranty. Owners are scared to buy Fiat cars due to bad ASS.

    Now other options (new manufacture) available, competition increased a lot, so why one can try again.
  6. Avinash

    Avinash Amatore

    United Kingdom
    Linea 1.3
    Guyss.... One more "bitter" news for us, regarding the sales figure of Linea! 'Skoda India' has started the production of it's Vento challenger, Skoda "RAPID"!!! It'll be powered by the same 1.6 petrol and diesel engines similar to the Vento. Now, all the cars in this segment have 1.6 litre diesel engine, except the lovely Linea!!! Now, Linea, already facing heat from the Fluidic verna, ANFF, soon to be launched- Re-freshed Honda City and Re-freshed Vento, has to now take the beatings (speaking of sales figure 'only' :D) of Skoda RAPID too!!!

    Hope Fit manages to sell atleast 100 Linea a month! :(

    Source: ACI http://www.autocarindia.com/News/276063,skoda-starts-rapid-production.aspx
  7. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    I don't understand one thing. When Indian market was not ready to accept costly/powerful cars (5 Lakhs in 1999 for UnoD) they gave fantastic powerful and yet econimocal engines. 1.7D for Uno in 1999 and 1.9D for Palio in 2001. Now when others are increasing power , FIAT is making their cars dull to pull. Is it the experience they got from 1999-2007 that "Indians don't want power/features, they just want mileage and low cost". But now things are changed and they are acting against out of date experience.
    Why FIAT always take wrong decision (or no decision) at right time. Why their policies are always late and not matching the current Indian market requirement. Now everybody is dying hard to make new / refreshed model at least one per yaer, FIAT decided not to launch new one till 2014. Linea/Punto are already 03 years old. People are looking for new model. At least new dedicated showrooms should come up as quickly as possible. And every year they should introduce new/refreshed model.
    "I feel all engineers, managers, DGMs, AGMs, CEOs should confined to one room in FIAT factory at Ranjangaon. An earthquake should happen for 5mins. Afterwords they should feel that we have survied because of FIAT hanger and our rest of the life should be dedicated for FIAT. They should work day n night for Brand image in India"
    Really who can wake up FIAT from deep sleep????
    Anna ji, tsunami, earthquake, worldwar who who who???????????
  8. vishnu's

    vishnu's Amatore

    Fiat launched Linea T-jet.Powerful enough to take on any car in its segment and with very much improved interiors. But i don't think it contributed much to the sales of Linea. If Fiat launch Linea with 1.6 MJ engine the price is going to go up by at least 50K. I don't know how may will pick Linea at that price tag. :(
  9. rajesh_kismeth

    rajesh_kismeth Timido

    to increase sales, Fiat India must:
    1.Like all other car makers. start full-fledged Fiat showrooms everywhere. Start by cities/towns where now a TATA-Fiat one does not exist(eg: Kottayam in Kerala. Earlier TVS had showroom, now nothing. The existing TATA showroom is not a TATA-Fiat one). Gradually move out of existing TATA-Fiat showrooms and go full-fledged Fiat ones.

    2.Like TOYOTA, make reliable and complaint-free cars for years of use. Great engine alone is not enough.

    3.Once step1 & step2 are done, increase print ads reduce TV ads in hightly-literate states like Kerala. No malayali can skip a day without reading a No.1 /No.2 daily, so there is a sure chance a half-page/full page print ad in these dailies together catches the attention of 99% of the population in Kerala. The state has numerous TV channels so a TV ad in any one/two channels may be seen by small percentage who view the programme at that time and there is always chance that when the ad session starts, they change to another channel. Even the most popular TV show is no exception to this and as anybody understands no TV programme reaches 99% percent population of Kerala at any given time.

    4.Introduce more models, later introduce Fiat professional vehicles

    India has no Hyundai fan(but hyundai likers/admirers), maruti fan(but maruti likers/admirers) but Fiat is blessed with Fiat fans due to the years of partial-full existence spanning 30-to-40 years and the recent innvoations(multijet) and designs(linea, new red Fiat logo). But unlike Brazil, Fiat has so far failed, again failed, again failing to become a major car maker in India.

    The guy/s who advised Fiat Spa to close all dealerships in India and go under the TATA umbrella, now deserves maximum punishment. Which other car maker in the world has done so, that too joining hands with another ambitious/rising car maker who wants to be No.1?

    I became Fiat fan after continued use of Fiat Uno diesel(we changed to three Unos, all used ones). When the time came to sell the 3rd Uno in June 2011, we decided to buy brand new car preferece for Fiat. But alas, Fiat has no service center in Kottayam town or anywhere in Kottayam district and no showroom either(but sales counter from Trivandrum dealer available), also father disliked front view of Punto. So bought the much sought after Ford Figo diesel....what to do. Now in next 15-20 years, I will not become another car customer.
  10. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Beggars can't be choosers.

    Fiat was forced to tie up with an existing car company for sales & service. Fiat is neither stupid nor large hearted to offer it's technology to another company in return for anything.

    Tell me, which businessman would invest crores into a Fiat dealership in 2008 before the launch of the Linea? I have owned 2 Fiat's and I would'nt put money into a Fiat dealership even today!
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