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Fiat India - Sales (2011) discussion - continued

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. naveenb



    I think it should be "Fiat Manufactured 33 Linea's and Sent 113 Linea's to the Dealers. How many Linea's were sold by all over India to the buyers? I think this will be more.

    All Car companies and dealers maintain a steady stock based on the sales of the model. Here, I think Fiat is trying to empty all stocks by providing offers - "Upgrade to Multijet", "Festive offers". They probably have more stock of petrol cars as I find these offers more to push petrol cars (including T-Jet). This is probably a reson to empty all stock vehicles before launching a refreshed model. Even in the article where the FIAT CEO states that there are no new model till 2013/14, he mentions that the refresh for existing models is still inline. I hope 1.6MJD on a linea will be considered a refresh by the FIAT CEO.


    PS: This is purely speculation.
  2. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Yes Naveen, the sales figures you see here are sales from Fiat to dealers. Only Fiat knows how many cars were sold by dealers.

    You are right car companies & dealer's maintain stock based on sales performance. Fiat will schedule it's production for a month based on sales tend of it's cars & stocks held by dealers to meet these sales. Based on that feedback, Fiat made 33 cars? Doesn't that tell us something? And despatches were 113 in which case clearly Fiat is holding onto stocks of cars.
  3. sungoa2010


    I had read in some forum where, people commending that Fiat cannot exist more with the current level of sales. But see skoda. How many Laura's are sold these days?. Fabia is not adding anything great to the sales. Why people think it will be problematic for only fiat?
    I had arranged a space at my workplace for demo of Fiat vehicles . They(TATA) bought only 75HP Punto and Linea MJD. They should have brought Tjet and 90 HP Punto. People should know that they have more than what is used in maruti and Tatas. people were impressed with the vehicle.
  4. Yeah Fiat has to. Yesterday I had gone to showroom to collect some documents for my Linea which I got delivered from them on August 3rd week. It seems this month they have good discounts like for instance (Rs. 30000 gift cheque on Linea Emotion MJD variant) + free insurance + RSA etc. But I am not sure if this has reached potential customers.
  5. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    If you see Laura & Superb's performance in the segment to which they belong they are doing pretty good. Laura is the third best selling car after Corolla & Cruze outselling even the Jetta by almost twice! Superb, in fact, is the best selling car in the segment it is in.

    It has to pointed out that sales for all car maker's are down so almost everyone is carrying a lot of stock but still, Fiat takes the cake!
  6. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    FIAT has to change thing from scratch. Whether it is quality of plastic, overall quality of car, Advtz strategy, A.S.S., decision of new models and refurbishing existing models, spares availability, Presence in multiple segment etc etc.
  7. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12

    They will not change these factors (Kutte ki doom tedi ki tedi hi rahti hai)

    No one is listenining from FIAT India and they are doing as per their comfort. They simply dont care about prospective buyer of FIAT. We are the only one whi believe FIAT and no one else. Whenever I speak out about FIAT in my office I got negative feedback abt FIAT. Simply people dont car about FIAT as they have perfect car in its segment.
  8. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Anything but fiat sinking I cannot believe. may be it is true but haven't conceived it yet.
    I believe there is some kind strategy or major upgrades on the cards. fiat linea and punto has an excellent image unlike that of old amby or such . people know or like fiat with many perspectives and it is still being considered in premium segment far better than skoda.

    More people are asking for fiat than what it used to be. fiat cars with its age being in India is showing its maturity and quality which we Indians are keeping a hawks eye on.
    though it will take some times to penetrate into hardcore Indian heart but i don't see it far enough for fiat to be best loved brand in India as it had proven in other part of world too.

    Though Fiat acted lazy by putting everything on immature Tata's shoulders which did not produce much fruits but there is lot of things left if they are willing. I do not think Fiat which is looking through every nook and hole to revive its good old reputations will give up that easy.
    competition and government policy are also a serious factor to be considered. They might have never seen such a dynamic and diverse kind of atmosphere in any part of world with inconsistent fuel prices and Govt administrations.
    so let us hope for the best.!!!
  9. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    A friend/collegue of mine who shortlisted Punto, Jazz, and i20 ruled out Punto & Jazz and went for i20 (Petrol).
    Reason: Punto interiors are plain and boring, Jazz because they didnt give good exchange value for her 2 year old Santro. i20 met both the requirements!
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2011
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