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Fiat India is offering great deals on their new cars

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by grey_hound, Jul 7, 2011.

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  1. grey_hound

    grey_hound Amatore

    Fiat India takes on rising fuel prices with a guaranteed discount and a unique lucky draw scheme

    Fiat has decided to take on the petrol price hike with a unique lucky draw offer on their cars. The jackpot is that if you book a petrol car and win the lucky draw Fiat will sell you a diesel car at the price of a petrol car. This package is known as the up-gradation package. That’s a whopping discount of Rs.92000 and Rs.95000 on the ex-showroom price. An equivalent cash back is on offer should you win the offer and choose to go for the petrol variants. This lottery takes place online in the showroom once you choose to buy a Fiat car.
    Fiat have also offered an assured discount of free fuel costs for 3 months amounting to Rs. 6500 on their diesel cars and Rs.13000 on their petrol cars. And if you hit some luck at the lucky draw you can get 9 months free fuel worth Rs.26000 on diesel cars from Fiat and Rs.54000 on petrol Fiats. Added to the lottery packs there is also an assured discount of approximately Rs.7800. This pack includes 3 years free Road Side Assistance worth Rs3000 and Basic Accessories worth Rs1807 and a discount on insurance of Rs.3000.
    All in all if you buy a Diesel Fiat at the least you will get a discount of Rs.14300. On a Petrol Fiat the guaranteed discount amount is Rs.20800.The lucky draw is aimed at enticing buyers who want to go for the economical ownership of a diesel car but are discouraged by the initial high costs.
    <O:pRef - Times - Zigwheels News Article by Abhishek Chaliha on 6th Jul 2011</O:p
    <O:purl - http://www.zigwheels.com/news-featu...offering-great-deals-on-their-new-cars/8873/1 </O:p>
    <O:p>Posting this thread to entice more new buyers to book their fiats, for those who already have one - go ahead and book the second one ;)</O:p>
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    Sirjee same thread is already present on the forum. :)
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