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Fiat India - Future Plans

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Still with in 100BHP engine for bigger car like linea. Why FIAT why. Atleast 110BHP would do a lot good for Linea.
  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    93 HP is better than 75.
  3. scottzinne

    scottzinne Novizio

    See FIAT I am telling you my dream, ( I hope its dream for every FIAT lover ). bring in 1.6 multi in Linea. or as someone pointed abt multijet 2. I will buy it. than I will drive it for say 2-3 years. by that time your viaggo will have product update in international market. Bring it in india. I will happily upgrade to Viaggo. As I started with UNO than Palio -- than Linea. -- ... than plz bring in new product so that I can keep my chain going.
  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Posts related to the rumored 1.6 import by Maruti moved to the OT thread. Let's keep this thread for discussing FIAT future plans rather than what Maruti is alleged to be doing. :)
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  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Official Press Release

    FIAT India inaugurates its 3 exclusive dealerships in Mumbai

    · Torrid Motors joins exclusive FIAT dealership club with two other showrooms namely Esskay Motors, Prabhadevi and Balaji Cars, Navi Mumbai
    · Dealership was inaugurated by Mr. Nagesh Basavanhalli, President and Managing Director-FIAT Chrysler India Operations
    · The Torrid Motors facility comprises of a 3000 sq ft showroom and 15000 sq ft state of the art workshop located at the heart of Mumbai

    Mumbai, November 18[SUP]th[/SUP], 2013: FIAT Group Automobiles India Pvt. Ltd inaugurated its independent and exclusive dealerships at Mumbai today. Torrid Motors showroom is located at Times Square, Western Express Highway, Andheri East, Mumbai. With the launch of Torrid Motors at Andheri, two more showrooms, Esskay Motors at Prabhadevi and Balaji Cars at Navi Mumbai have also kick started the exclusive dealerships from today onwards. FIAT has already started operations in its exclusive showroom in Thane early this year.

    The Torrid Motors showroom facility comprises of 3000 sq ft of space to display 4 cars and 15000 sq ft state of the art workshop. Also the Esskay Motors facility comprises of 8500 sq ft showroom and 18000 sq ft of workshop area, whereas Balaji Cars facility comprises 3500 sq ft showroom and 20000 sq ft of workshop area to ensure commitment to serve the customers beyond expectations

    FIAT India has its exclusive and independent dealerships operating successfully in all the major cities of India adding up to 90 dealerships. FIAT has 7 dealerships in EAST, 22 in West, 37 in North and 24 in South. By the end of 2013 FIAT India will come up with 10 more exclusive dealership with their separate FIAT service centres to give their consumer the best after sales service.

    The dealership was inaugurated by Mr. Nagesh Basavanhalli, President and Managing Director-FIAT Chrysler India Operations

    Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Nagesh Basavanhalli said: “FIAT India views Mumbai as a very strategic market and the inauguration of 2 exclusive dealerships in Mumbai and 1 in Navi Mumbai are in accordance with our strategy to capitalise on this potential. We are confident that our association with Torrid Motors, Esskay Motors and Balaji Cars will play a crucial role in identifying the customer base and enhancing customer experience in their respective areas of Mumbai.”

    FIAT India is aggressively focussing on increasing its footprint in India and this launch is in continuation of its rapid expansion strategy. FIAT India has launched 90 exclusive dealerships and is aiming at inaugurating 100 by the end of this year. In a series of moves made by FIAT India to offer excellent brand experience to both existing and potential customers it is opening an exclusive showroom and a workshop at Mumbai with Torrid Motors that are well known for their commitment to service. Torrid Motors has extensive experience in the automobile retail trade and has successfully managed dealerships for various auto giants.

    Mr. Jatinderpal Singh Chadha, Owner, Torrid Motors said, “FIAT cars are prominent all over India for their aesthetic design and their engineering superiority. We are extremely proud to become exclusive dealers of FIAT Group Automobiles India Pvt. Ltd in Mumbai and with an experienced management team and well trained technicians we are confident of replicating world class dealership and after-sales experience to the car buyers here”

    FGAIPL is striving towards delivering world class sales and after sales experience along with developing strong consumer connect. FIAT India has started engaging with incumbent and prospective customers by communicating the journey of brand FIAT in India and highlighting the latest developments namely rapidly expanding independent dealership network, 24X7 road side assistance, a new service warranty package and newly launched models of Linea and Punto.

    With close to 10 years of experience in automobile trade, Torrid Motors was a natural choice, said Mr. Nagesh Basavanhalli. The dealership exclusively caters to FIAT India and will retail its two existent models: Linea and Punto along with a series of new launches slated to hit the Indian shores in the coming years. The launch of this dealership is the latest episode in FIAT India’s commitment to expanding its network in the country. The developments of digital activities are also running in parallel with the on ground developments at FIAT India with the fan base of the official facebook page crossing the milestone of 4 lakh+ members.

    Fiat inaugurates in exclusive showroom..jpg

    Linea TJET at Torrid motors.jpg

    Mr. Nagesh Basavanhalli, President and MD, Fiat.jpg

    Nagesh with the key dealers and team.jpg
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  6. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Thats a drastic change in the otherwise barren looking showroom when I had gone past it a few days back. I hope the opening of this showroom will revive Fiat cars in the Mumbaikar's minds.
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  7. Saumya

    Saumya Amatore

    This showroom is located at such a place on the highway that one can definitely not afford to miss it...I just saw it yesterday.....good show FIAT !

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  8. iamharishkm

    iamharishkm Timido


    Very true!

    When it comes to styling and classiness, there is no other car in this segment and a little higher which can come even close to Linea. I fell for her charisma and made the purchase :D. Now Fiat is making a totally self destrutive move. They have degraded themselves! I feel sorry that they dont know the value of their own car, Linea. Now this is called bad strategy. Feels like they are desperate for money. They want just sales - not value! Sad.

    PS: This car still makes me smile everyday morning when I first see her.
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  9. mathuranuj

    mathuranuj Amatore

  10. iamharishkm

    iamharishkm Timido


    The car shown here is Fiat Viaggio

    Refer to the below link:

    And by the way, according to me, the new fiat linea facelift looks bad. The beauty of linea is in its minimalism and the new design just add too much noise to it.

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