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Fiat India - Future Plans

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    But they are in this mode for a decade now. Their competitors have moved light years ahead of them and they are still in wait and watch mode. I really fail to understand what is that they are waiting for and what are they watching.:mad::mad::mad:
  2. sachinls3

    sachinls3 Amatore

    Did anyone from Pune notice that FIAT Café, Pune is no more there? I happened to pass through Koragaon Park last week and I don't anything FIAT there. No cars, no logo, nothing. It looks like they have shut down!!??
  3. vista7155

    vista7155 Regolare

    They might be "waiting" to completely close down operations from their dealers volunteerly and sitting in Fiat cafe with Italian beer and "watching" how other competitors zooming past in light speed :clown:
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  4. hydrofuel

    hydrofuel Novizio

    Some report suggests that Aegea/Tipo is not that dynamically accomplished. Also it has EPS steering wheel. It is practical car. So has FIAT has diluted their USP/DNA. If that is so shall it satisfy the enthusiast. But then for practical cars aren't there many other better options? If it is so it will neither be here nor there in India. So is it beginning of end of FIAT in India?
  5. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    (please use translation add-on)

    This post on the brazilian website that consistently gets inside news on FCA brazil goings-on very early, and moreover seems rather well-informed both with its editor and its considerable and active commentariat claims as confirmed from the horse's-mouth that

    rather than (or alongside?) the FIAT b-suv in the LatAm 5-year plan from 2014/New Avventura for India, FCA Brazil will indeed instead (or in addition?) make an emerging-markets-special Jeep 'Junior'.

    This model will be positioned and priced well-below the Renegade, and will rather than use its over-sophisticated and over-expensive US b-wide 4x4 'platform' (also used by the 500X) instead use

    the same modified+modular 326 Palio platform that is currently being tested on the new Punto test cars/mules (Project x6h) and that will also be used for the new Grand Sienna (x6s).

    Both these last Fiats are slated for India in 2017+2018, IF they're sticking to their announcement for India in late 2014. The New Avventura was slated for end-2016 in India, now surely 'delayed' by at least 8 months?

    India had been specifically mentioned as a manufacturing and especially export base for a small entry-level JEEP by the Jeep asia-pac product planning head in an interview in Australia several months ago.

    It SURELY stands to reason that this project has indeed been given the go-ahead by Mike Manley, the global Jeep boss as well as, importantly from our pov, the FCA all-brand asia-pac head for India??

    i.e., India will get by 2018 a very affordable Jeep suv model, also or mainly for exports, a sort of bigger Panda 4x4 Jeep-ified, presumably very much in the price range of say the Suzuki S Cross? Although it may not be much bigger if at all than the Suzuki Vitara Brezza or the Ecosport.

    Such a long-rumoured and now-confirmed for Brazilian manufacture emerging-markets JEEP twinned to the new Fiat Punto/Grand Sienna/Avventura (platform-wise albeit with different suspension and other architecture) and/or the new Fiat MOBI a-cuv would seem, then, to fit the bill as far as FIAT/FCA's 'Indian car sales problem goes'.

    That is: how to take on the high-risk/low-reward Indian market for the Fiat brand: as much or more via an inexpensive small-JEEP, that shares most components with the new Punto etc., thereby being cost competitive via economies-of-scale.

    AND, more importantly, that is, unlike most probably the new Punto and certainly the rhd new grand Sienna: HIGHLY exportable in good, assured numbers.

    As well as being a JEEP model very sell-able via FIAT dealerships even in smaller Indian cities.

    To me this could be the KEY to the Fiat-brand survival and some-minimal-health and sustainability in india: the Jeep Junior. Aside from being a huge boost to FCA's already notable profits from india (mainly via engines, transmissions, global r&d work, and the share in tata's ranjangaon jv cars's manufacture).

    The only thing to wish for then AFAI am concerned: is that this Brazilian news is actually true ALSO for India! ;-)
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  6. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Autocar India now 'confirms' this above news based on, or so one presumes, and Autocar's 'news reports and scoops' are almost always accurate and well-enough informed, sources in FCA india/apac.

    A Duster i.e., well-below Creta (?) pricing is being targetted for the new 'emerging markets' JEEP, something that ought to be entirely do-able IF export volumes/economies-of-scale are factored in, given the very high sharing with the new Fiat Punto+ new Grand Sienna 'platform' (modular/somewhat scalable, hybrid, strengthened and much-lightened), an evolution of the 'Palio' ('326') one that even the Indian Punto+Linea+Avventura sit on currently in some version.
  7. rusticnomad

    rusticnomad Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    @prabhjot - 551 is pleasing to the eyes so if that's the one speculated to be locally dressed up, I am in :)
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  8. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    The Linea-replacement=new grand Sienna, X6S twin to the new Punto (x3h) is also just-now begun undergoing mule-testing in the clothing/disguise of the old Sienna.

    It will be manufactured in Argentina at the Cordoba plant where FCA has begun the investment of 500m$ announced recently, mainly for exports esp to brazil, mexico et al.

    Whether the new Punto and the new Grand Sienna+ a new Avventura will come to India say in 2018+, as the 2014 India plan had it, remains the question.

    It appears that the founders and mod-s of teamfiat think not, hence the sad....? @amogh

    It is not particularly rational, financially, of fca to bring them to india, since chances of success are bleak, unless they can export tons of them, which too appears implausible. The new European Punto will be built it seems off the susw architecture in Serbia alongside the 500L. If so: there are next to no export markets for this car made-in-India. Not even rhd Australia and Japan. Maybe S africa and Iran? Too small markets.

    Of course, they could offer the cars to Tata for sale under their brand?

    Instead, it may be best to go ALL-IN with the Jeep brand, and with a reduced but stronger and better dealer body, especially since it appears they've also decided on India to accompany Brazil as a centre for the making and exporting of an emerging-markets special (cheaper and likely smaller than renegade) Jeep model, based off of the new brazilian Punto platform+architecture? To accompany the 2017 new c-suv/new Compass, this last with localized 2litre mjd+9-speed zf transmission, also to be shared with Tata for their Ranjangaon-made Safari-replacements (5 and 7-seat).

    At a later stage, for eg if and when the pending and being-currently thrashed-out further-and-yet-again FreeTrade Agreement with the EU happens, the Jeeps can be joined by cbu Alfa Romeo-s, just as they are in China and europe: jeep+alfa dealers are/will be the same.
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  9. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    Waiting for Godot, as usual, is FCA ?? Meanwhile, the Marutis, Hyundais continue to run roughshod over the Indian automotive landscape with their insane waiting periods. Even a barely-there hatch like the Kwid has a waiting list running into months. Isuzu (just a few months after Expo16) is up and running with its DMax VCross 4x4, and on paper atleast, looks interesting. And meanwhile, FCA continues to "focus" on Jeep launch. At this point I feel real bad for Fiat car owners. This company doesnt deserve their hard-earned cash.
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  10. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    You have your literary metaphors mixed-up: fca india IS the Godot that will never have shown up. It is 'we' who are 'waiting', all-too foolishly, for it (all-new models)! The joke's by us on ourselves, or at best the marketplace culture on us fiat owners, not by FCA on us.

    The Renault-Nissan-s, Chevy-s, VW-Skoda-s, Ford-s, Toyota-s and even tata-s are also waiting for the Godot.... of profitability in India. THAT won't be coming for many a year, if ever (for many of these firms, esp the humunguously loss making Renault-Nissan india.)

    This Godot is our fantasy. The joke is on the customer who is too expectant, despite the market conditions and culture not permitting the all-new models, that will NOT sell. The real Godot here (fca india) knows that, hence is hastening to market very slowly indeed (all-new Fiats). So much so that it will, like godot, never arrive?!

    To compare the Jeep launch and the big export centric investments for localization currently actively underway in Ranjangaon with a mere jugaad third world micro-car (Kwid) or a mere isuzu pickup truck/"suv" is puerile, imo. Since it begs all the questions of brand, dealerships, price points, market-feasibility, target buyer-base, manufacuring and engineering+design standards, etc.

    And as i keep saying: has Toyota or VW-Skoda or Chevy or the Nissan brand been any faster than fca, now and over the last several years?

    FCA tried and failed with (a) all-new dealerships (b) several ad campaigns (c) thoroughly facelifted, class-leading models (in many respects including esp sheer vfm) (d) Abarth and coming-very-finally-soon: Jeep, including the local manufacture in 2017 of a 20-25+ lakh model, the c-suv, built to the highest global standards and with high-value-addition for exports, something no other firm does (they stick to say cars that retail for 8/10+ lakhs at best, except the Creta maybe which may not be an export-model (i could be wrong)?)

    It is a pity that so many of us purported Fiat/car/car-baazar enthusiasts are pissed with fca for.....not selling well. They tried, and got burned and spurned as did their some of their new dealers+fass.

    Well: it's not a popularity contest, it's business. "It's the market, stupid! It is like this only! (for a firm like fiat, chevy, nissan, vw, skoda, tata, toyota(mass market)+Ford (figo/aspire)+even bmw too". It is a blood-bath out there in the auto+dealer industry (barring of course Maruti and Hyundai who've boomed, and eaten everyone's tiffins, also maybe Mahindra), has been for the last few years, since the ongoing slowdown began in 2012/2013. Total market sales have still not recovered to 2012/13 levels....FCA has hopefully figured the real lesson out. India is not the market it is cracked up to be by us, except for 2/3 dominant firms/brands (MS, HY) with a serious lock on marketshare.
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