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Fiat India - Future Plans

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Dec 6, 2012.

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  2. prabhjot

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    delhi ncr

    At risk of OT:

    This seems to be the hatch version of the 'new Linea' with Punto-esque styling cues, perhaps just as a mule/camouflage. It is much too long and wide to be the Punto-replacement, no? Anyways, it looks fabulous, even with camouflage!:p

    Both the hatch and the sedan are meant to be positioned like the Bravo and like say the Renault Fluence in Turkey, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Middle East etc. The hatch for western europe too, apparently, up against the Ford Focus and VW Golf albeit cheaper. Likely Dodge and Chrysler versions respectively for the US market.

    Neither figures in their India plan, such as it is, for the next few years at least. The Punto replacement, on the other hand, has recently started development in Brazil, or reports suggest, and we're scheduled to get it in 2017.
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  3. prabhjot

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    delhi ncr

    Now here's an example of the innovative stuff that Fiat/FCA simply must go for, push hard on: e-commerce portal based sales of Fiats/Jeeps. Small players like them with the chicken-and-egg financial perpetual dillema of managing a large number of expensive dealerships and showrooms even as they wait, and wait, for large-enough sales volumes, have no choice IMO but to try to re-focus retail away from showrooms into (semi)digital channels, while the reources potentially saved are plowed back into further improving and strengthening ASS centres, personnel and processes.

    Incidentally: the Tata Group will soon-enough be launching its very own e-commerce portal, not exclusively for their own products and services, but also for a number of other 'exclusive', 'higher-end' goods. And they will promte that e-commerce website hugely, too. Besides, guess who's a major investor in Snapdeal? Ratan Tata himself.

    It will VERY surprising if Tata Motors doesn't make a move, then, into their group's e-commerce channels (including Snapdeal itself?) for car retail, and if so Fiat/FCA must follow them closely. If nothing else, it will aid brand-recognition and add some glamour!

    Of course, moves away from brick-and-mortar dealerships are well-underway already in the US, Uk, Korea, China too....so it simply is not a risky or outlandish thing to attempt even in India, given its low-costs, and given the ACCELERATING boom in internet commerce we've been witnessing over the last year or two. Hell, even houses are being sold online now....!
  4. multijetter

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    I feel it is unfair with Fiat Fans in India, that Suzuki will introduce first 1.6mjd here with s cross.

    It is not fair Fiat, it is embarrassment for us who promote Fiat in this "sheep head" world of maruti, Honda etc.
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  5. vista7155

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    ^ If Fiat was so serious then they would have been in better position.
    Fiat have notorious history where they are dumb and lethargic and if the company is having this kind of attitude then our people have taught them better lesson.
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  6. dadasaheb

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    MH 12 (Ranjangaon)
    Linea 1.3
    at least give the option to import 1.6 MJD and have in Fiats here.
  7. prabhjot

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    delhi ncr

    Of course, the Fiat-skeptics and Tata-cynics will perhaps find this difficult to believe-in, but it really reinforces my conviction that the Fiat-Jeep-Tata synergy in India (soon, even especially for exports) is going to yield several great new models from them both, and guaranteed+increased revenues AND profits for FCA in India.

    This is a sourced report from what is perhaps the most credible and trusted newspaper on business and economics, political economy etc in the country, NOT a link-to-a-rumour-to-a-hearsay-to-a-PR-plug-etc type gossipy-hyped article.

    The same reporter had reported late last year on the MOU signed with the Maharashtra government and broke the researched, and sourced, story about Jeep+Tata SUV-s lined up for 2017, and Jeep being the first truly high-end vehicle to be exported out of India in large numbers to even 'developed/mature' markets, etc.

    My only remaining personal doubt is whether these large/'STRATEGIC' talks are linked to even larger, global-level talks between Marchionne+Elkann and the Tata-s for a large scale tie-up, possibly including cooperation between JLR and FCA's premium car/suv brands for heavy tech sharing etc, in order to together take on the German trio that dominate 'luxury/premium' car sales. ETC.

    Since Marchionne is ever so active these days about 'consolidation', cost-sharing, risk-pooling, mergers, etc.

    I do wish that were the case: short of merger, perhaps, but say a deep global partnership, applying what they're doing together in India (engine and plant sharing, etc) to a global scale, even in Europe and America and China, etc, over time.
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  8. Raj_pol

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    Punto Evo 1.3
    @prabhjot Considering the way the last deal with Tata's went fro Fiat, I think this would be an absolute disaster. Tata destroyed the Fiat brand in India, copied designs (Indica has so many of it's looks) from the Punto and did everything wrong for it. Marchionne is an idiot if he makes the same mistake again. In the long term Fiat is not going to sustain by just being an engine maker in one of the world's largest car markets.
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  9. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Fiat/FCA is not just an engine-maker supplier. It is also a transmission supplier, amt gearbox supplier, and a 50-50 (more? or less?) partner in every Tata car that rolls out of Ranjangaon, EVEN the petrol ones.

    Tata Motors post JLR bumper profits and post-Ratan Tata is a different animal: they've commited 3000 crores to a slew of more or less all-new products: the Bolt, the Zest, all new Indica replacement, Aria replacement, etc. Alongwith improved dealerships and TASS etc, a lot of which is actually corroborated on the ground by me and others too.

    Tata will be ditching its 2.2 litre Varicor diesel for the MJD 2litre, and so on.

    They are the only car firm in India with the deep pockets and the longterm commitment to break the Jap+Korean stranglehold on the mass market. Their sales since the re-launch of of their brand (occassioned by the Zest+Bolt) has yielded 15-20% growth, and they're just getting going.

    FCA and the Tata-s have, imo for whatever it is worth, synergies in many other markets, not least between JLR and Alfa+Jeep+Maserati, and between Tata Commercial Vehicles and Fiat Professional/new Holland/Iveco/Case Industrial, etc.

    Marchionne's entire Jeep-centric globalization push is a direct imitation of what rthe Tata-s have achieved with LandRover.

    So: if one wants Jeeps and great new Fiats for the long term in India, dominated as it is by 2-3 East Asian firms, Tata Motors is key for FCA/Fiat.


    PS: The Indica was styled in Italy, and was not in any way a copy of any elements of the Punto. Now, it is true that the Zest/Bolt dashboard design (great one, segment best by far!) is heavily influenced by Fiats, as are the tail-lights of the Bolt (from the 500, to my eye at least)
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