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Fiat India - Future Plans

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. adisrini1103

    adisrini1103 Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Sorry, this is fiat we are talking about, your wish will not be granted...:p...

    All they need is to get the price right and a digestible mileage figure...
    how come tjet gets a higher mileage figure on highway than the ARAI claimed one..
  2. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Why not? T-Jet is carrying Linea body till now. But if fitted in Punto then the weight will play an important role to claim higher mileage figures.
    Maruti, Honda & Hyndai are surviving on this basic fundamental rule. They are cutting weight by building low weight bodies.

    But Fiat will use the strong punto body without following others :)
  3. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India
    Over 100 pages worth suggestions/wishes/ideas/bashing/hopes in this thread and yet most of the plans that FIAT India had are (Once) again gone haywire with the departure of the MD.
    Maybe we should close this thread for the time being saying "FIAT India has no future as of now". :p

    Jokes apart, I really wonder if this is FIAT India's fault or FCA's!
    Merc + Audi + BMW sell over 25K cars in India in a year and Volvo sales are also increasing. While FIAT delayed the launch of Jeep because of market conditions! I mean are they stupid? Market conditions maybe difficult but people who buy cars costing more than 30 Lacs would hardly be bothered!!
    Moreover, they want to sell Millions of Alfa Romeos' by 2018 and have no plans to sell it in one of the most important economies. Same goes for Maserati. The company had sales growth of roughly 250% YOY in the US but people in India hardly know about its existence here! Even TATA has managed to increase sales of JLR in India.

    And last but not the least, they have absolutely no clue what to do with FIAT brand in India.
    First of all, they should have launched the 500X or Palio Adventure to compete with the likes of Ecosport and Duster. Avventura should be a competitor to Polo and Etios Cross. By comparing it with Ecosport, FIAT almost ensured Avventura's failure. Simple reason, Ecosport actually looks like a small SUV while Avventura a modified Hatchback.
    Moreover, if they actually absolutely had to launch the Avventura, it being the most important car in recent years for FIAT India; why launch it after the Punto Evo? Again ensuring that its almost killed even before its born! Let's not even talk about the features and Engine Options mess that they have created.

    I hereby want to convey this message to FIAT India that I would be happy to take the post of FIAT India's MD at a salary roughly 1/10th of their current MD and I am sure I will do a better job!

    I wonder what's happening!:D
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  4. fiat_fan

    fiat_fan Amatore

    But I think T-Jet is an imported engine!!(correct me if I am wrong). Still it is affordable. So I like 1.6MJD or 2L engines should be used exclusively for Fiat only. It is possible.
  5. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    I disagree about jeep: they were dead right to delay its launch, since there was a severe slump in the rupee last year, going down to 68 if I am not wrong. Jeeps have to priced below the comeptitor Germans, who you will recognize have old CKD operations. 2015 is a good time to launch Jeep, given that it gives them time till end-2016 to prepare for ckd assembly and even localized manufacture of the C-SUV and/or the Renegade, which is as of now not even out in the US!

    Maserati and Ferrari are correcting themselves well in India, now: Ferrari has appointed reputed, experienced dealers so far in Delhi and Mumbai. Good.

    Moreover: wait for the budget! My economic journalist friends tell me that rumours are rife that the govt will cut import duties on cars from the EU and the US.

    The 500X can only launched here if India becomes an export base, else there will just not be volumes enough for the car to justify localized manufacture. Remember: it is a car that is, if anything, above and better than the Skoda Yeti, and we know the fate of that otherwise brilliant car in this market, thanks to its price.

    The launch of the t-jet should've happened right at the outset: in 2008 when the Linea and Punto arrived. Launching it now on the Evo and Avventura is not too late: remember it is only in the last 4 months that petrol prices have corrected and diesel prices have risen enough nto make (powerful) petrols a force in the market again. Until recently the skewing of petrol V/S diesel prices was too severe, resulting from the gargantuan diesel subsidies, that thankfully and VERY courageously the Manmohan Singh govt relented on by gradually removing diesel subsidies even when international crude prices were high. That is a major reason the t-jet Linea never sold as well as it could have, even adjusting for all other factors (un/anti-Fiat aam aadmi opinion, etc)

    The Avventura's a great attempt as a product at the price it comes at, below the engineering-deficient Ecosport (by comparison). But yeah: the market seems to have ignored the higher GC and suspension reworking + engine retuning, seeing it just in terms of looks (cladding etc), in which case it seems poor value relative to a discounted Evo 75 hp!

    They have NO option now BUT to emulate and outdo VW and go for a performance (+DDCT twin-clutch? + AMT diesel gearbox?) image promotion, value proposition via the t-jet and hopefully also the 1.6 mjd. Plus touchscreen ice, and other such lures-for-automotive-suckers?
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  6. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    Ho-hum. New Fiat India management in a huddle at- Lavasa ? I guess they all drove their respective Lineas/Puntos/Avvy up and down the mountain twisties to really try to figure out why the hell the Indian consumer doesnt really appreciate their cars performances along the curves. But on a serious note- this entire discussion doesnt really go anywhere. Freezing up product launches, dealership expansion- what did they expect with a 2-and-a-half car line up ? I suspect that someone in Marchionne's team suddenly woke up during an Asia-Pacific sales discussion and said, "what the hell are we doing in India "? And that sort-of triggered some action. I hope they even know that Fiat has launched a car called Avventura in India. I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt. If and only if Marchionne and Co are hell bent on changing the 'India" story ,as opposed to clubbing it with the rest-of-Asia story, we will see any meaningful changes. Meanwhile we can discuss all about T-Jet and Abarth and Jeep till kingdom come.
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  7. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India

    I have been hearing that India will be an export hub for FIAT since 2008-09 during the Linea launch. Yet, the plant is utilized more for TATA cars manufacturing. I remember they even started exporting Linea to Sri Lanka and FIAT was the prime sponsor of one the ODI series that happened there. I have no clue what happened after that!

    No matter how much you and/or me love FIAT and talk in favour of it, there is no denying they could have done many things differently. I do not want to talk about my friend's recent dealership experience in Gurgaon. They love their Avventura but...

    FIAT has been in India for a very long time. When they launched the Palio way back in 2001-02, despite the high price (comparatively at that time), its sales were amazing at the beginning. But due to less FE, expensive spares and pathetic dealerships, the car eventually flopped.
    Still I think the biggest reason why it flopped was because it came to India before the market was ready for such a car. It was one of the bravest attempts of FIAT to re-establish itself in India (followed by the Linea launch, which however, was not as bold/radical as the Palio). 1st small car with 100 BHP under the hood, ABS, Air Bags, Alloys, Spoiler, 32 Bit microprocessor and what not! And it sold north of 4K units a month! Was also the car of the year!

    FIAT really needs to stop being scared. Trust me, as much as I love FIAT and have made so many people buy FIAT; I know most of their attempts after the failure of Palio have been half hearted and without a long term vision and planning.

    There were rumors to launch the Idea in India long back which never happened. They re-launched the Palio after tie up with TATA and called it Palio Stile but did not upgrade its interiors and launched it with a 57 HP 1.1L petrol engine. That car still managed to sell 400-600 units a month over a few months! Why could they not change the interiors is beyond my understanding. And what's with a 57HP engine in a 4L car when the competition has 70+ BHP models. Really, they have all been just half hearted attempts!

    Remember, when the Linea was launched, then the Punto, then the refreshed Linea; Honda City with a petrol only variant sold much more than what FIAT sells today in 3-4 months all cars put together. So really petrol prices are not an excuse. Stupid policies are! Launch the TJET in the top variant of Linea only making the price equivalent to the top end diesel and that's the perfect recipe of disaster in our country where the general trend is that Petrol cars are around 80k cheaper as compared to the Diesel version.

    I want FIAT to succeed in India and I do my bit through educating as many people as possible; making them consider the brand; take a test drive; talk about its features that even FIAT can't explain properly, let alone the sales reps!

    I just hope from here on, with hopefully better leadership coming in; the stop making mistakes. Atleast not as many as they have made in the last 10-15 years.
  8. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    I feel they're making fewer and fewer mistakes nowadays (since Manley's decision to commit to a seperate dealer network), but there's no doubt that they are risk-averse and timid about India, having suffered for whatever reason in the distant AND recent past. And have not reckoned with the degree of market dominance MS+HY especially but also Honda enjoy here. Their task is VERY difficult even without their tempestuous history, as winessed by the severe losses all the MNC-s here are making as is Tata, excepting M, HY and Mahindra(for now).

    I increasingly feel that going-premium via Abarth, Jeep, Alfa (in 2 years time), and of course Maserati and Ferrari is the only redemption possible, now, financially, and of course their stunning revenues from the tata JV and with supplies to Maruti.

    I personally do expect the brahmastra to be used soon enough, though: a merger or share-swap strategic alliance between Suzuki and FCA globally, with ASEAN, China and especially of course, India in mind.

    i.e., FCA as a whole (including Magneti Marelli) is doing well financially already (200+ crores of profits this last FY) and will only do better in India going forward as the premium FCA brands unfold their sales from scratch.

    But the 'Fiat' brand itself may, I fear, continue to struggle hugely for years yet. And it won't be in Fiat India's hands enough to reverse that, either! Whatever their earlier sins of ommission and commission.
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  9. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India
    You said it...lesser mistakes but mistakes nonetheless! Over a decade worth of mistakes!
    Stop being scared FIAT. Be Bold Be Brave Be Different!
    If they get caught up in the catching up game even now, success will be scarce!
  10. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Marchionne is a champion ceo, but mostly a very acute and throroughly wise philosopher-judge of markets, situations, branding, car culture, organisations, leaders, policy etc. I have studied his moves and his public reasonings closely for years, and am a unreserved fan.

    So: IF indeed he does not regard the India Story as worth anything in prospect for Fiat beyond their JV and engine supply profits and their premium marque (Jeep, etc) sales from now on: I agree with him! "Not entirely, but in full measure".

    It may be too late in this, the world's weirdest and--the evidence is all in-- idiotic mass-market, to revivify or redeem Fiat's (self-)damaged position. Beyond a niche-like, say a performance-centric+ItalianStyle, diminutive position.

    "Go Jeep, Abarth, Alfa, Maserati, Ferrari! Go Tata! Go Maruti diesels+AMTs!" is what may be left for us to cheer on Fiat's behalf, within the year. Financially speaking only of course, since the cars themselves remain terrific/the best, and will just get better with the new variants presumably readying for launch, whereupon they will be praised but left mostly unbought.

    But Marchionne's an unsentimental analyst/intellectual businessman, above all.

    And so: I for one hope for and even expect a major merger or slightly-less kind of deal with (Maruti) Suzuki globally, soon enough, to kill ALL 'India-Story' birds with one stone.
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