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Fiat India - Extreme dissatisfaction with the services

Discussion in 'Service Center Reviews' started by pradeep24, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. pradeep24

    pradeep24 Timido

    Nagole, Hyderabad
    Linea 1.4
    Hi Team,

    l am writing this to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the services rendered by fiat servicing center, ie., CIA industries pvt.ltd ., fiat division(Coimbatore) in hopes that you can help remedy the situation.

    On April 4, 2015 we took the car( fiat linea fire dynamic- AP29AH9905) to the service center as there was an issue with Engine heating., After diagnosing the problem ,CIA team said that that they have to replace the Gasket ., for which they have taken whole 3 weeks of time.,
    Later-on when we asked to deliver the car they have come up saying - there is another issue which they are unable to sort it out and are waiting for a help from pune ., according to the later diagnosis they have advised to change the complete Cylinder head which total estimation cost upto INR 50,000 /-( complete on road ) . when we asked if the problem could be completely resolved by changing the cylinder head they said car would be completely fine after the replacements.
    After the cylinder head replacements is done .,CIA team failed to update the status ,intentionally left our calls unanswered, they have postponed the delivery date at least 5 times saying that they have got some more replacements and adjustments to be done .,

    Finally they have sent a bill ofINR 80,000/- and delivered the car on 4th June, 2015. when we took the car for the test drive.,we found that the hot air blow which were working properly before the services aren't working then., the engine couldn't start when over heated and the coolant level was raising with engines acceleration., when we have reached CIA for the same , they said that its a very usual or common thing with cars, there is a slight leakage in engine oil and a problem with Piston rings. which are replace and charged INR 3,000 for the same.

    If the total repair cost has went up to 83,000/- we would have gone for the engine replace right?? we are very much dissatisfied with the CIA team as they failed to actually diagnose the problem, talk to the customer& explain the situation, update the status, give the details regarding expected service charges, expected date of delivery. If they have actually diagnosed the problem on time., and suggested the best option, the situation wouldn't be this worst.

    The car had the same issue with engine on 25th July, 2015.( this was the only reason for taking the car to CIA, Coimbatore)., If the car has still the issue unsolved why is that we have spent INR 83,000 on the repairs and replacements.? If I couldn't see any change in the car what is that the team has worked for two whole months?

    Car was again taken to BUTTA Service center Hyderabad. after diagnosing they said there is a problem with piston rings and gaskat are not assembled properly and it takes 42,000 INR to render the services again. am not ready to pay the any more bills.

    when it is proved that it is a mistake of CIA Team. I would like to take this complaint to the higher officials., I would not compromise with the reply from Mr. Amit, who was the point of contact during the services rendered and I am completely dissatisfied and fed up with his responses. He is not at all customer centric. I want any superior above Amit to address the issue ASAP.

  2. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Sorry to hear about your Linea after spending such a huge amount on repair works.its total negligence shown by the CIA,either they have not been trained or might have given your car to the local garage or the SA/CIA is not enough experienced in handling cars,how can they took it so light when said 50,000INR ,didnt they called you in between for the repair works or didnt you approached ? There is something fishy.Man,83000INR is too much,you should have asked them to stop the work at initially only.
    P.S:- Do not start any repair work again unless you have sorted out the work for this huge bill.
  3. KKAUL

    KKAUL Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3

    I am shocked to hear your experience and this is utter carelessness on part of CIA. You need not carry any more maintenance and write to FCA directly and also on their FB page about this.The repair also I suppose has 6 months warranty so please do not spend a single penny on that.Make FCA to resolve the issue with the dealer as you have spent I think beyond the limit even if whole engine would have got ceased.
  4. Deepak

    Deepak Superiore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    the first thing we need to check is the FASS service centre review before we give in the car for any major repairs. CAI had screwed up many cars in the past and still they keeping up the trend :(
    Please write on FIAT india FB page and escalate to highest level.
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  5. pradeep24

    pradeep24 Timido

    Nagole, Hyderabad
    Linea 1.4
    CIA made us to trust on them, we thought it would be 40-50k, but final amount was disclosed after two months.

    Can anyone provide FCA higher management e-Mail Id.
  6. pradeep24

    pradeep24 Timido

    Nagole, Hyderabad
    Linea 1.4
    Even i posted same content in fiat.india, its a FIAT FB account, they are least bother to read the post, they replied with ready made template, and asking for details again which mentioned in the post.
  7. whitepunto76

    whitepunto76 Regolare

    There is Kevin Flynn LinkedIn account. Please send an InMail or mail to that account using LinkedIn.
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  8. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Very bad service from CAI.

    If the issues are not sorted out even after spending 83000, they need to cover you now with the service warranty. Writing on FB page will not help. I suggest you to write to Fiat India directly.
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