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Fiat Humour

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by rakesh8051, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. sungoa2010


    My Fiat addiction

    1. Find some reason to postpone reading a travelogue whose author travels in a non fiat cars.
    2. Like the back seat in a no Fiat car.
    3. While eating avoid discussion about new swift dezire.
    4. Always transparent to my wives criticisms
    5. Order italian Pizza now days and hate American Pizza. Stopped eating noodles
    6. Look for Fiat cars when watching movies .
    7. Never overdrive my engine because I hate OVERDRIVE
    8. Make pizza with dosa
    9. Spending has decreased, want to spend when it is required. Thanks to Fiat engine tuning.
    10. Realized TRUTH is BEAUTY. :D
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  2. One similar to this from my side

    Fiat Guy : Just back from a long drive in my Punto 90 hP. Wow !!! Fiat makes a real CAR. :dance

    Suzuki, Hyundai Guys : Ohhhh !!! What does Suzuki and hyundai makes then ????? :evilsmile :evil:

    Fiat Guy : 4 Wheeler :geek:

    Suzuki , hyundai : :confused:

    This is a Real Life Incident....!
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  3. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    FIAT:-Failure In Automotive Technology
  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Whenever i feel bored in search of some humor, last option is to catch some ALFA ROMEO's review. Journalists praise the cars all along but end up giving 3 stars out of five. 3 Stars are generally for average cars as you know. Now here is where the fun starts. Immediately you would see ALFA ROMEO Enthusiasts attacking Journalists & in no time, the puns become laughing gas. Here is one eg. I am pasting an excerpt from Auto Express - New & Used Car Reviews and News. The journalists has recently reviewed a Giulietta TCT (Dualogic). Here are the main highlights of the observations.

    "Take the similarly priced Volkswagen Golf 1.4 GT TSI DSG. It has less power and torque than the 1.4 MultiAir petrol Giulietta, while CO2 emissions are 18g/km higher than the Alfa’s 121g/km figure. The VW’s combined economy of 44.8mpg is nearly 10mpg adrift of the Alfa’s 54.3mpg, too. All this means the petrol Giulietta will be taxed at 15 per cent as a company car in 2012, while the Golf’s higher list price means it will be taxed at 18 per cent.

    Like the petrol version, the diesel Giulietta’s figures are better than the equivalent Golf or Focus, too. It emits just 119g/km of CO2 and manages 62.8mpg on the combined cycle.

    Overall, this version of the Giulietta makes a strong case for itself as a company car choice".

    But he ends up giving 3 stars as compared to more expensive VW Golf/A3 with lot more consumption, inferior performance, more emission, more tax, 20 BHP less power, less warranty, inferior looks & what not:mrgreen:.
    Let's analyze comments by the readers one by one:

    1. What drugs these journalists use :D??
    By fasted on 28 March, 2012, 6:10am

    2. But its not a Golf or Audi, so we can't give it more than three stars....
    this review is contradiction to itself, typical AE..!!:p
    By Richard_H on 28 March, 2012, 11:28am

    3. You're right, its not possible, even in a Golf, because of the stupid EU regs.

    The reason I reprinted it was because it reads that the Gulietta is a good alternative to the Golf (It is, Ive driven both and prefer the Alfa) and then they give 3 stars.

    The company car lists use emmissions and published MPG and tax as factors, where the Alfa comes out well, but they still can't bring themselves to give an Alfa 4 stars.
    As regards the Sillyspeed, the TCT is totally different and Alfa's build quality is much much better, on a par or better than VW (huh? this guy is hurt but doesn't want to be labelled AR's Fanboy, another intellectual trying suppressing voice of heart inside him:()
    By CoxJul on 29 March, 2012, 10:14am

    4. This car IS TRULY WORTH MORE THAN 3 STARS. There is no differance in the ''quality plastic'' used in any of the cars mentioned.
    By brendan on 1 April, 2012, 5:08pm (Hey, This guy wants himself to be heard out;))

    5. VW says jump! Autoexpress say's how high! :lol
    The Guilietta is clearly the better car yet poor old auto express are so dependent on VW advertising money they would be shooting them selves in the foot to give the Guilieta 5 stars.
    Take note! I once owned a golf! It had the personality of a fridge!

    By adamwatson on 5 April, 2012, 2:50pm
    (This was hilarious, live long Serpent:cool!!!)
    Last edited: May 7, 2012
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  5. sungoa2010


    Why fridge? Got it Hot outside but cool inside. Then Fiat must be Air conditioner. Fridge is cool inside but you cannot go and sit inside. But AC cools you comfortably :D
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  6. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    :wow Lucky Guy
  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
  8. sungoa2010


    Today I went to Tata motors(dealer) for the 3rd free antirust check up. The person who asked me to come yesterday is still under his blanket so I diverted my route towards the customer care executive who looks after fiat customers. My eyes were making a 180 degree or even more than that to find out whether there is some sporty punto hiding behind a cover to jump out soon after the launch. Nothing was there except a white angel Linea and a TW punto greeting me. I went to the punto along with the lady and gave a pinch on the long nose of TW punto.
    I asked the lady " Do you have any idea when the new punto sport is coming to show room. It is launching today"
    She replied "Is it today?":uh
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  9. Rituraj

    Rituraj Regolare

    Jorhat, Assam
    A real one from my side. A lady from the dealership calls me up after 1st service "Sir, if you are happy with our service, kindly rate us 10/10 when you get a call from Fiat India asking for feedback." I answered , "Ok, let's see". Same thing after the 2nd free service, which I was not too happy with - "Sir, please rate us 10/10".

    So, where's the humour?

    Answer - No call ever from Fiat India asking for feedback on service. :hit

    P.S Don't know if this experience qualifies as humour.
    Last edited: May 18, 2012
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  10. sungoa2010


    Now for the third service they will point a gun and ask you to give 10/10:D
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