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FIAT Grande Punto Sport: KEMPI

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by NishanthNag, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. NishanthNag

    NishanthNag Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.2
    FIAT Grande Punto Sport: KEMPI :redcar

    I got rich slowly with my very own efforts, thanks for my past & present employers and buying a car shows financial success! Doesn’t it? I say DAMN yes!!
    This is my second car in past 6.5 years, wanted to own a new HATCH... and since already had a PETROL head, was planning for a DIESEL.

    Flash BACK:
    Drived a PUNTO Mid variant year back & was impressed with the ERGONOMICS & build. Later by the end of November 2012 decided to GIFT myself a POWERFULL diesel Trans for 2013. :dance

    Short listing process started: FIGO Titanium, MS SWIFT / DeZire, MS RiTZ, Skoda FABIA, HYN i20 & Chevy SAIL. FIAT "PUNTO”...!!! Oyo Oye!!

    No OFFENCE to owners who drive any of the below.

    Cast & Contenders:
    FORD Figo: It’s like buying a lottery for 10/- and winning a MERCEDES, good features best in class, but the problem was with the ground clearance & out dated design - Reject
    MS SWIFT / DeZire: Already was fed up of their numbers on ROAD & wasn’t happy about the build quality. Beat this - you book one & wait for 8 MONTHS. Since already had a MS – Reject
    MS RiTZ: A tall BOY car with decent features, but since i am looking for a HIGHWAY drive almost weekly once or twice, wasn’t sure about RiTZ road grip - Reject
    SKODA Fabia: Nice car, cool features. Since we already had a FAB in home, buying another doesn’t seem worth. Also was stunned with the service BILLS. - Reject
    HYUNDAI i20: +2 for the FOLDABLE mirror & big REAR bench. But not INTRESTED with TIN Box - Reject
    Chevy SAIL: Directly goes into my Reject list.
    Villain: MS ERTIGA & VW POLO.

    Story Line:
    AHA now comes the PUNTO: There were 3 version (76HP, 90HP & 90HP SPORTS) & 4 variants (Active, Dynamic, Emotion, 90HP). Had test driven both the HP's & YES features on both are same apart few gizmos here & there which were minor. But addition 16HP does make difference on HIGHWAYS. The price difference between 76HP & 90HP is just 50'G. Also the Engine is refined & performs well. YOU may or May not know the engine used in SWIFT, VISTA comes from FIAT PUNTO 76HP. Now time to tell dad that I’m buying a car which is the MOST POWERFULL HATCH in INDIA. KEMPI is ECONOMICAL & Filled with Features & SAFETY Package (Automatic Climate Control, Airbag(s), ABS, EBD, Blue & Me, Bluetooth Integration, ORVM Adjust, Literally a computer has been integrated & controlled not by a key board it’s done by the steering console).

    Scripting: Replica from K3G movie, Situation: Dinner time:
    Me: Appaji, planning for another car.
    Dad: Why? What’s wrong with the one we have already?
    Me: I want a DIESEL.
    Dad: Ok, which one have you planned?
    Me: Punto Sports 90 HP
    Dad: Go for Maruthi Suzuki!! They have wide service NETWORK & Parts are available easy. Any problem, any Tom-D-Harry can repair it. Between what’s so special about Punto?
    Me: GrrrrrRRRR!!! Few seconds later... it’s the most POWER-full hatch in India.
    Dad: Renu (Mom), why is your son always behind power...power...power ... which RACE doesn’t he want to participate in? It’s your choice you are gonna drive it anyways. So GO FOR IT!!!
    Me: GrrrrrRRRR!!! Whatever, EOD he says OK!! Full Whistle. :dancing

    Did the TD, Finally booked my car on 28th DEC 2012, fought for discounts & offers at the dealer & got the KEY's to POWER on 18th DEC 2013 :steering.

    Stunt Unit:
    Concorde Motors, Bengalooru

    Audience reviews & comments:
    1. Maga, ayo ninna you should had bought SWIFT or i20.
    2. Mileage illa maga !!
    3. Service center problem maga, no proper service from TATA.
    4. Wow, looks neat & got the killer looks.
    5. Congrats Dai. You made it.
    6. I would have bought a Duster instead.
    7. Few more G's you should have bought a Sunny or ERTIGA.
    8. Bought car, Bought house ... get ready for marriage now.
    9. Why did you book? You never told me. I hate you.
    10. Ree, Go for it, it’s the best car. I have been driving it for a year+, way far better than my SWIFT.
    12. No match macha, you made the right choice.
    13. Should had bought a Second hand diesel.
    14. Saale, how many cars & Bikes you own man, where do you keep your MONEY.
    15. Super Mam, next time pick me from AIRPORT.
    16. Drive SAFE, looks cool & your choice is always BEST. No matter what the choice is.
    17. You Bugger !! FIAT is a old car, my grand pa had one (He didn’t knew there were new model..he he)
    18. Mom: Your Grand Pa loved FIAT's & he owned 3, now it’s you. Go for it.
    19. Let’s go on a long drive, i am impressed. Oh your car super features, never knew car can TALK !!
    20. Sakkathagide maga, your choice always BEST.
    21. Congrats Anna, party yavaga?

    Pepper & Salt: :drinks
    You LIVE only once & why think about saving few G's. You buy a car for yourself & you to ENJOY every miles. Never listen to what others say about the Pro's & con's about it, everyone have got their own version to say! Free Country i SAYS...Everyone talk about resale even before buying a car. That thought is so DUMB!! How can one ever think about it even before buying a car? You don’t buy a car to sell, you buy it for PLEASURE.


    Attaching 1st Pic taken during the PDI.

    View attachment 40304

    Buying experience & 1500 kms Ownership: (Updated)

    Which dealer to buy it from?
    Prerana Motors, JC Road was 1[SUP]st</SPAN>[/SUP] in my list. Logged for a TD over the web page, got a call. The Customer Executive (CE) calls for TD in the evening. Car arrived by 5:30 PM, took it for a spin but since it was peak hour couldn’t taste much of 90HP. Between the Punto bought for TD was a 2009 model. CE was a nice guy & he asked me to fill the feedback form, which I did & he asked me if he can come over again next day so that we can do a TD again when there is no much traffic. Day 2, I & my buddy (Pali) went to the showroom for a TD, we waited for almost 1.5 hour but the TD car wasn’t available. Then finally arrived, but car got starting problem, because the battery had gone bad. TD car was pushed and started, off we went to Nelmangla stock yard to check sports version since they didn’t had one avail at the showroom, tested & yeah our right foots were heavy on the highway. On our way back stopped for tea break, thinking the battery would have been charged & switched off. Done with the tea, Wow TD car isn’t starting, the CE asked us to help in push starting the car!! Damn that couldn’t the worst scenario that could happen to any customer. Decided I am not going to book the car here. But I should admit the CE (Karthik) & customer care taken here is best compared to Concorde. </SPAN>

    Concorde Motors, Dairy circle
    : My friend Ashwin who knew people working there suggested going there & TD, book the car. Unfortunately the CE updated that there is no 90HP car avail for TD (Anywhere in B’lore). I knew that was a fake update. Now comes the OTR pricing stuff, CE gave me the quotation & offers he can provide me the best. All went well. I wanted the car on 14[SUP]th</SPAN>[/SUP] Jan, 2013 & asked if they can provide the same on date. CE was fine with it. Never ever accept the offers & gizmos by words; always get it written from the CE with the invoice. Made the advance payment & my car which was supposed to arrive on 10[SUP]th</SPAN>[/SUP] Jan didn’t arrive, reason given by the CE, due to some transport problem the car will be arriving on 12[SUP]th</SPAN>[/SUP]. Was holding my patience wanted car on festive eve, on Monday the 14[SUP]th</SPAN>[/SUP] still the car has not arrived & I had made the complete payment. After lot of talks with glowing red ears of mine, CE calls up on 16 for PDI. Car would be delivered on 18[SUP]th</SPAN>[/SUP] was confirmed.
    PDI Experience:</SPAN>
    Thanks to TFI & TBHP for check list available handy::T. I never knew about PDI when bought Alto back in 2007. So was eager and was on my toe to have the 1[SUP]st</SPAN>[/SUP] glimpse of my car. Went to the stock yard & there was no CE available, so did the PDI myself … ah my total car buy experience wouldn’t had gone better without shocks then & now:evilsmile. This time the car didn’t have the sports vinyl, chrome exhaust & pedals:evil:. Called the CE & he told the stock isn’t available so he would be reducing 14,500 from the OTR price, once the parts are available can have it fixed at the showroom by paying reduced amount. I was anyways fine with it & one thing I noticed was the tires were of Goodyear GT3 & the month marked were new. Gave a Green call to the CE for registration.</SPAN>

    What I got from the dealer: For Free :cool</SPAN>
    Mud flaps, Woolen Carpet / Mats, Reverse Parking Aid, Road Side Assistance (RSA), Extended warranty, Corporate offer, 1 year Insurance, SIL Plate (out of stock so waiting for the part arrival). 5 liter diesel coupon.</SPAN>

    Ownership Experience:</SPAN>
    First 2 days were damn horror (Huh nothing to worry, not referring to Punto), with the ORVM opened felt like elephant ears:eek:, was finding it bit difficult to drive in traffic, was bit worried about the 2 wheelers specially. Now that got the knack, common baby zoom we go … </SPAN>
    Clutch & Gear: Getting used to the long clutch took few days & to know the Gear ration & behavior as well. First two gear rev’s the engine & shift it to 3[SUP]rd</SPAN>[/SUP] gear best thing to do during peak traffic, forget the clutch. Eureka Eureka:dance!!! Kempi crawls nice & sassy B2B. </SPAN>

    Need suggestion from Puntur’s here: Is it recommended to shift from 4[SUP]th</SPAN>[/SUP] gear to 1[SUP]st</SPAN>[/SUP] or 2[SUP]nd</SPAN>[/SUP] or 3[SUP]rd[/SUP]</SPAN></SPAN> when there’s a speed breaker? I tried shifting to both 1 & 2, but didn’t find any issue or lag. Please suggest.
    Got heavy foot? You can even pass your guardian angel:redcar. I have set the speed limit buzzer to 100kmph, so couldn’t do much use of it. At times when there is inclined road & you are on 5[SUP]th</SPAN>[/SUP] gear, press the pedal give a break again press, you can feel your car doing a moon walk & there is a sudden push & speed picks up there you go BOLT way:evilsmile.
    Cock pit, ground clearance, aerodynamics, noise & tilt steering:
    I am 5’11 even with the seat height adjusted to max can’t see a bit of the bonnet!! Loved the height adjustable seat (Pump it baby! And you go incline). Thick “A” pillar was a bit distractive earlier. No second thought about the GC, only competitor would be YETI HeHeHe … baby cuts air like a bullet. I did check the dynamics using my car washing aid “Karcher K2 110” in one word “perfect” water sprayed on the bonnet bumps off the roof (Will try to capture a pic & share). Haven’t heard any noise or rattles so far. There isn’t much use of tilt steering may be because of the seat height adjust option available.</SPAN>
    ACC, Gizmos, ICE, Blue&Me: Automatic Climate Control, defogger & blower all perfect to requirement. Even the rear passenger can get a bite of chill from underneath “Happy legs”; the controls are placed perfectly reachable while driving. Even the steering integrated console does the job perfect & handy. You will love Blue&Me, thank to Microsoft “Easy Go”. OE Speakers are fine, hearing vibration on the front right door speaker when the volume increases beyond 12 when you speed up (Speed sensitive volume adjuster). Will be getting it rectified when I go for collecting the SIL plates. MP3 stereo does its job, planning to DIY jumper AUX setting soon & connect a Tablet for navigation & movies. I have defined Equalizer setting to my need. Haven’t tried CD, I am busy switching over between USB & Radio. </SPAN>

    Comfort: Passenger & Driver: The steering is heavy (you become - Arnold shooting rotatory canon from the movie Terminator::OO) & grips well because of the leather wrap, best compared to the light weight steering of i20. Turning radius needs a bit improved, but still fine. The bouquet type seats fit perfect, no jumps of bad roads. Enough leg space for driver & navigator. With seats pulled maximum back, rear passenger will curse you “Swalpa adjust Madee” & most of the time it’s only me driving the car or front seat occupied, doesn’t worry me about the adjust made factor. Enough boot space & with 60:40 rear foldable seats shouldn’t be a problem in case you bought a new washing machine “Forget the Tata Ace wala” DIY. As most of you know, spare wheel comes with normal rim (JK Tire Tornado 165). ORVM adjustable options works precise & love it while parking right next to a foot path with the mirror lowered completely. Wish there were foldable mirrors. Between enough head room for the passenger. </SPAN>

    Sugar & Salt: </SPAN>
    Emergency Fuel lid opener:
    There is a red thread in the boot just in case the lift up fuel doesn’t work, pull the thread place behind the fuel lid from the boot. </SPAN>
    Real time mileage: Instant & average. Should be available in most of the top end now. Not sure but.</SPAN>
    Dead Pedal: Human tendency to place the left foot on the clutch. Could have made more space between the clutch & dead pedal. Use full on highway’s unless there are barricader on either sides. </SPAN>
    Anti-theft Engine Immobilizer with rolling code:
    Hopefully our local thief’s shouldn’t be able to techy enough. </SPAN>
    ABS & EBD: Tested & works on dot. </SPAN>
    Safety First (Dual Air Bag): Passenger airbag activate / deactivate option sure helps save few G’s in case of a collision & solo driver. 3 point ELR seat belts: reason that makes me keeps my phone & wallet in the cup holder.</SPAN>
    Follow me home:
    Checked once & works, but of no use as of now to me. </SPAN>
    Dhad & Dhad(s):
    FIAT should take the patent of Dhad, if I was blind, I can tell if the door is closed properly or not just by the DHUD DHUD decibels!! And I am in love with that Dhad’s:p.</SPAN>
    My Car:
    I would say FIAT has integrated a mini computer here in the console controller not by a keyboard, by just a press away or the menu + & -. Dimmer, Range, Date/time, instant & average fuel consumption, Fog lamp front / back, Fuel reserve status, ABS, Door lock speed setting, external temperature, Trip 1 & 2, Speed limit buzzer, Passenger Air bag activation / deactivated status, service schedule reminder, now playing, many more if I have missed mentioning any. </SPAN>
    HOLD-HER: Come on FIAT, not all Punto owners are Italian, we drink water in a bottle & not addicted to Tins & Cans, I can’t find a place for 1+ liter water bottle anywhere. Neither my Beer Tin fits perfectly. </SPAN>
    Would like to place my diary, but the dash doesn’t close. Again thanks to Microsoft for fixing the Blue & Me right between the dash & airbag. Well the diary goes in the rear pocket of front seats.</SPAN>
    Reverse Parking AID:
    Perfect & precise. Voice command output. Lady Ga-Ga keeps blabbing how far you are away from kiss of dent, if too close Ga-Ga yells STOP STOP STOP:mischievous.</SPAN>
    How to Differ between Sports and Emotion variant’s: Chrome strip on the dash, Premium red stitched seats, Black ORVM on RED Exotica (Red ORVM on Bosa Nova White, Red ORVM on Hip-hop Black). Chrome plated door handles.</SPAN>
    Eye popping out story:idea::
    The Menu Thing!! On the D day the average consumption was 13.2kmpl, once I reached home was checking the Menu options & even knowledge change the fuel value from kmpl to mph, damn next morning the average consumption started to show 6.2, I didn’t notice whether it was K or M, called the CE & he told engine takes time sir, mileage will be less, I was in shock state. Then called u my Friend Abi who drives a 76 Emotion & he right away showed me the setting & changed to KMPL again. Wow the jaw dropped situation was back with the giggle. </SPAN>

    Mango man’s common question: How much Kilo-liter:
    100 kmph. RPM below 2500. With 80% AC.</SPAN>
    25-500 KMS: 13.3 to 13.13.5 kmpl.</SPAN>
    500-700 KMS: 14.7 to 16.2 kmpl.</SPAN>
    700-1000 KMS: 15.5 kmpl.</SPAN>
    1000-1327 KMS: 18.8 kmpl.</SPAN>

    Still don’t believe the above values, I would suggest let your dad drive for around 300 to 500 kilometers.

    done so far, replaced the stock HELLA horn with Roots WINDTONE (without cut out). Had to remove the complete front bumper.
    Things to be checked and fixed next week from the dealer: </SPAN>

    • Steering vibrates when crossed 90 also tents to pull towards right – Wheel alignment.</SPAN>
    • Vibration reduction from front right door speakers.</SPAN>
    • OE SIL Plates.</SPAN>
    • Back seatbelt (center) not getting locked.
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  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Good going, do put some pictures as well.
    Use whatever gear is comfortable for you.
    Normally, for good/scientific speed-breaker, 2nd gear is best (for me). For bad speed-breaker, it is 2nd or 1st gear.
    Also balancing.
  3. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Very nice review there nishant. Cmon man show us your beauty. Add pics dude. How long delay yea?

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Is it not fair for the FIAT to do those basic stuffs (Alignment and balancing) before delivering of the brand new car? Or is it done and kept but in time it just goes off? Whats the funda here. Seen couple of folks having new car but this problem :O
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 6, 2013
  4. NishanthNag

    NishanthNag Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.2
    Thanks puntosat, couldn't stop sharing those lines with all :) ... Will be posting the pics by this weekend. I stay in JP Ngr 5th phase (KA05).

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thanks Ravi, have updated the ownership & buying experience as well. Sure will be sharing the pic at the earliest. My cam is at my friends place will be collecting this weekend. Thanks again.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thanks :). Updated the ownership report minutes back. Pics followed soon. Hahaha, everyone got different view ... You too many more miles with smiles ...
  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    First you must understand why alignment and balancing is required or why it goes off. If you are worried about these, I am afraid, you will not be satisfied with any car.
  6. NishanthNag

    NishanthNag Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.2
    Thanks zenwalker, sure hope the language is spread along with a message :D ... Yeah you got it right KEMPI as in KEMPAMMA ... i got names for all the rides i got :D ... if it was white punto would had named her SHWETHI !! :p

    What i observe is our dad generation should be giving a thumbs up for FIAT since they have driven them for ages, but things have changed - mind over matter & vice versa ..

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thanks gurjinder, some were happy ... some shocked ... some still to digest ... lock them in the car, ask them to wear the seat belt ... Phewww ... take them for a spin on a open ring road ... :D

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thanks thomman85, reason being the mode i was using on my cam while capturing, hopefully that ain't bad :)

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thanks rishike007 :) ... Hahaha, wanted to give it a new way of thought , thats it :D ...

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thanks Tony :) ... was always behind the power as my dad mentioned in the K3G conversation. Since i will be hitting the higways every weekend, couldn't have asked for more than powerfull hatch :D ... Dad had a Padmini back in 80's & we sold it in 2007. He does love the brand FIAT, but he was worried about the ASS & Parts availability compared to MSuz. :D He drived may car & when asked about the ride he had to say ...

    1. Thumbs up
    2. 90HP aint sufficient, should had been more .. i was like WT** :D

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thanks raj29, Hope you will enjoy the pictures too which will be shared soon. Updated the ownership experience. You too many more miles with smiles, happy revving. :cool:
  7. NishanthNag

    NishanthNag Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.2
    2nd most of the time & 3rd occasionally works for me, noted. 1st is too much to ask for :)
    Spoke to the CE, he too suggested to get the same done with a prior appoinment, how ever he still admits that the allignments were done before delivery ... :eek:

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thanks zenwalker, sure thing, will share at the earliest :)
    I see the differance in TATA & FIAT, EOD its TATA who is delivering. With my overall experience, they think they are selling TATA INDICAB's not Punto. Once you have made the complete payment & car is delivered, you can see too much differance in the talks & customer care. Just waiting for Prerana Motors to open the FIAT showroom in hosur road on 15th Feb, 2013 :D ...
  8. kirenh

    kirenh Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    My reply in Green.

  9. NishanthNag

    NishanthNag Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.2
    Yes Kiran, my bad that was a typo mistake :p , got it ... shifted from petrol to diesel , so needed clarity ... incase ... since 1 gear rev's up big time ... :grin: ... Thank you.
  10. NishanthNag

    NishanthNag Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.2
    There goes the 1st pic after arrival ::OO teaser !! As i mentioned earlier will upload the rest at the earliest. Thanks. Btw that's my Jawa CZ 353 "BlueBird" (1964 CZ Make) posing with my KEMPI :p.

    Last edited: Feb 8, 2013
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