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Fiat Grande Punto Emotion 2012 MJD BNW

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by dna_lost, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. dna_lost


    Its been three months since I bought my car, and did not get time to write a review.Today, as I am pretty jobless at office,I thought I will give it a start.

    I have been using a preowned Hyundai Santro (2001 make) since 2007, it was consistently giving me poor mileage (hardly 10), had issue with AC all the time. Maintenance and service cost was peeking up. :shocked So, it was time for a change.

    The search began at the time of the launch of Honda Brio. I found it cute, and then did a test drive. Yes, it was a fun to drive car, but I wanted a hatch in the next segment. The search continued from Brio, went on to Swift, then new Dzire, then to Jazz. I loved the Jazz for the quality and space. I booked a Urban Titanium Jazz Select in Feb and the dealer told me it would take 2 months at-least. I was waiting. In March, a few Jazz's came and the dealer said if I could sacrifice on color,I could take the silver or red one. I told I will take the silver one, and was arranging for the loan. But, apart from the promise given by the dealer, someone who booked before me paid the full amount and took the silver one. I really got irritated. Then he said, it would take at-least 1-2 more months. Then the budget would come, auto prices will hike. I was confused.

    Then , started change in thoughts, as dad said, "why don't you check on diesel?". So did a TD of i20,Punto, Pulse, Swift, Polo and even the Sunny. Swift had waiting period of 8 to 10 months. Loved the stunning looks of the Polo, but highline variant was too costly and the 3 cylinder engine turned me off. i20 was a good package,but as the facelift was on the corner and a price hike expected (already pricey), I decided against it.

    I had driven my friends Punto, but was not quite satisfied with the space and plastic quality. Then did a TD of the 2012 Punto. The ride quality was too good. I found that the interiors had improved, and space, was not a concern and was better than swift. Not only that, there was lots offers and freebies.
    Offers: Free insurance + exchange bonus + corporate discount.
    Accessories: Reverse Parking sensors, mud flaps, sunfilms, floor mats, door sill plates.
    Not only that they would deliver the car within 2 weeks. So everything came together. Booked the Punto Emotion in March. Color: Bossa Nova white.
    I took delivery on 28th March. I have taken many pics and will share soon. :car

    Few things noticed:
    * Punto surely has a stunning design and will turn heads.
    * The suspension, ride quality and handling precision are some of the greatest advantages.
    * Requires lot of downshifts, powerless at low RPM's. But, once the threshold is reached, it will fly.
    * Easy to find a good driving position.
    * Interior space is average. No issues for family and friends. Few tall friends have complained though. There are few cup holders, strictly for 500ml bottles.
    * Steering mounted controls, Blue & me and Voice commands are just great. Attending calls during driving truely helps.
    * Stock music system was better than I expected. Good sound quality while playing from USB.
    * The AC chills the cabin fast. Automatic climate control helps during long runs.
    * 195/65 tyres provide sufficient road grip. Alloys are good, but are dirt magnets and requires regular cleaning.
    * The grab type door handles would have been better.
    * The clutch is too long and needs time to get used to it.
    * The arm rests on the doors are so good to rest on.
    * Ample boot space for shopping and traveling purposes.
    * The cabin illumination is good during night rides, theater style cabin lamp dimming gives a good feel.
    * Exact door open indicator, setting speed limit, auto lock features are useful.
    * Its quite difficult to locate USB slot inside the glove box.
    * I have covered around 1900kms.The average FE I am getting is just 12kmpl in city, 17kmpl in highways. with 100% AC.
  2. dna_lost


    Fiat Grande Punto Emotion MJD BNW 1.jpg Fiat Grande Punto Emotion MJD BNW 2.jpg Fiat Grande Punto Emotion MJD BNW 3.jpg Fiat Grande Punto Emotion MJD BNW 4.jpg Fiat Grande Punto Emotion MJD BNW 5.jpg Fiat Grande Punto Emotion MJD BNW 6.jpg Fiat Grande Punto Emotion MJD BNW 7.jpg Fiat Grande Punto Emotion MJD BNW 8.jpg
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  3. Hi, this is a new owner here. Welcome and congrats. Can you share with me at what Rpm do you generally change gears? Also in the initial days have you kept within some rpm limit? I did some 250 Kms of city ride so far. My trip A is showing an avg consumption of only 4 kmpl !! What am I doing wrong?

  4. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    Congrats on your new car. Welcome aboard!
  5. Jagannath, u need to change the units. it must be showing 4 or 5 litres per 100 km. change the settings from the menu, and u'll be amazed.
  6. Congrats dna_lost on new ride and welcome to Team Fiat :)
  7. sundar1900

    sundar1900 Amatore

    I am getting 12 Kmpl in 100% city driving. I have covered 3600 in 3 months. Is it normal mileage? I met a TFIan who gets 14 Kmpl in city. Is anything wrong with my car?
  8. even i get in the range of 12-13 in the city. on highways it's always above 20, mostly 21-22. on roads where there is considerable traffic, usually around 18.
  9. dna_lost


    Just check what units they are being displayed in. km/l or l/100km?

    Thanks buddy..

    Thanks for the wishes.

    I don't know. In city rides, even I am getting these figures only with 100% AC. But with a diesel, even I expect more.Will there be any considerable difference if I turn off AC? TFI'ans please comment on this.
  10. Congrats on your Punto.

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