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FIAT FACTORY VISIT : 3rd DECEMBER 2010 : Reports from Pg 45

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by amogh, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. HarishSegar


    Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Report - Page 6 onwards

    Dont know about you guys but i was impressed with two parts of the main assembly line. First is the one where the inside and outside of the door was joined. The machine i am referring to was the robotic arm which was rolling the edges of the door. The second area was the quality check at the end of the assembly line. Every car was inspected thoroughly before being sent out. I did have a look at a finished Linea after the QC area and the car looked very well put together.
  2. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Fuel Top-up at Factory

    Did anyone notice this ??

    I had filled over 30 litres of fuel at the FIAT Ranjangaon Petrol Bunk in my car. The drive experience during the last few days since the factory visit is the best i have experienced over the past 37500+ km . I mean in terms of the overall experience ...zero knocking , smoother gear shifts and very good FE figures . The car has been smooth as ever but the last 300odd kms have been probably the best as the fuel quality i suspect was the best i have ever used in my linea and the result showed.

    i am confident that almost none of the fuel bunks are adulteration free :A

    Anyone else have a similar experience???

    EDIT : i just stumbled upon a thread by @amolmane mentioning that he too felt the same .. Sadly that thread was locked viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1236 . Amolmane - you are bang on bro..I am not alone and neither are you :up The experience i got was with 33 litres of FIAT Petrol so it was more than a top-up :boxer

    btw did anyone notice what brand Fuel they use there?? :drinks
  3. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

  4. Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Report - Page 6 onwards

    Hello Everyone,

    My first post after Factory meet,

    Thanks to all moderators and coordinators for such a great and successful Event. As everyone, I also enjoyed the meet and it was a unforgettable tour for me.

    I reached back Delhi on 6th Dec midnight and slept whole yesterday after spending over 64hrs in my Punto from 1st Dec to 6th Dec
    I believe that I drove and covered the longest distance for this Factory meet.
    (please correct me if I am wrong) ::D

    Here is my trip summary:

    3520km: Total distance covered for this delhi-pune-delhi trip (via shirdi while returning)
    15.2 km/l : Average Fuel Consumption
    55km/h : Average Speed, which includes around 10 hours of halt-time (road-jams/tea/breakfast/lunch breaks within car with engine on)
    63:56 hrs: Total trip time (We sat in car)

    1 Dec 2010:
    5:30 am: Left Delhi with my wife, mom-in-law and two daughters (elder one is 3yrs old & younger one is just 5 months)
    7:30 am: faced massive jam around Bhiwadi :A , got stuck for over 2 hours then detour to jaipur via alwar that added additional 80km to actual route.
    5:40 pm: Reached Udaipur, stopped for a tea session and faced another road block due to a truck engine failure on a slope, another hour got wasted
    9:30 pm: covered over 1050 km, reached ahemdabad via jaipur, ajmer expressway, kishangarh, chittorgarh, udaipur
    Touched 170km on ajmer expressway, crossed 92 km stretch in 42minutes :redcar .

    Night stay at ahemdabad

    2 Dec 2010:
    7:30 am: Left ahemdabad
    5:40 pm: reached VITS via Vadodara expressway, surat, vatsal, vapi, thane bypass godhbunder road, mumbai pune highway and PUNE Expressway
    Vadodara expressway and Pune expressway are really treat for any drive. My punto 90hp were touching 180km with ease :redcar, it might go further but traffic did not allowed

    In Surat, crossing vapi vatsal, faced couple of jams due to flyover work in progress
    crossing surat was tiring, rest of the day route was fun.
    It was hard to find breakfast in surat, we stopped on at least 10 highway dhabas/hotels before 10:30am,
    all of them had only idli-sambhar or some "sav???" (lost the name, might be some local breakfast dish), no prathas, sandwidth or any north-indian breakfast item.

    I have analyzed that at 3100rpm, my 90hp runs at 120-125kmph speed and provides best instant consumption of 16 -17kmpl
    and if I go down to 2700rpm, speed goes down to 105kmph and instant consumption also goes down to 14-15.5 kmpl
    going up also reduces the instant consumption.

    3100rpm is like center point, engine sounds really nice, like running at optimum without over load, real sweet sound, lowest vibration.
    Its like, best combination of maximum power/speed with lowest possible consumption.

    3 Dec 2010:
    8:30 am: joined back at VITS on 3rd Morning. while driving to VITS, brushed my front left alloy against a rock besides a pothole got a decent scratch on alloy :A
    as alloy hit the rock, it sounds like a major hit. it actually sounded like front left-side door wall hit some thing and scratched badly. :shocked

    I stopped to evaluate the damage and noticed a scratch at left-lower side of front bumper and alloy took the whole hitting. :uh
    But overall nothing major.

    Whole meet experience was great, meeting like minded people those love to discuss cars, engine, performance.

    Most thrilling part was, T-JET test drive,
    om my gosh, its like rocket.
    In single line, its at least 2 step ahead then punto 90ph minus leg factor.
    I couldnt get road to reach 5th gear.

    Everyone who loves speed and havn't test-drive it yet, Do it NOW
    Indeed, IT IS MOST POWERFUL CAR in same segment.

    4 Dec 2010:
    10:00 am: Left pune
    02:00 pm: reached Shirdi

    had lunch, bath & couple of hours rest then went to Sai darshan.
    we were really lucky, reached Sai Bhawan just minutes before sandya aarti, AARTI were performed before us. It was really holy experience.
    Spent the rest of the day and night in hotel resting and refilling body for return journey.

    I decided to use different route to way back home, instead of going back to NH8, I decided to use NH3 till INDORE
    and then NH59 from INDORE to NH79 (42 km stretch)
    from NH79 it was same route which we used for arrival.

    5 Dec 2010:
    09:30 am: Left Shirdi
    11:00 am: stopped for breakfast at songir, Dhule By pass, NH3
    fueled up my punto and drived around 10 km yet and car BEEP-up and amber engine light led up, center display started showing "ENGINE FAILURE.. check engine.." ::OO
    I notice that pickup has totally gone, car was moving, gear was working but without any pickup means with same lag which we feel before 2000rpm, only different was that that lag was constant now for always and car was not going beyond 4000rpm no matter how hard I tried.
    we were inbetween mountains, and GPS showing no city/populated area at least for next 150kms

    I stopped, open the fiat user handbook to get the amber engine light explanation
    it was clearly written in handbook that if this light led up and displays shows 'check engine' message that means MJT has failed and we can drive car without putting much stress on it with lower performance and excessive fuel consumption and emission.
    also mentioned that go to tata-fiat dealership as soon as possible.

    so it was very clear that there is some issue with engine now and we are almost 1200km from home.
    first thing came to mind was was it adulterate fuel as I just topped-up
    I decided to go back 10km to fuel pump and directly question the pump manager about fuel quality. He guaranteed the quality and offered to get checked fuel from any of station and even from my car tank.

    so now I opened up "FIAT ON ROAD ASSISTANCE MANUAL" and dialed the toll-free number.
    customer care asked for car/owner/location/problem details and assured the nearest tata-fiat dealer will call back within next 10 minutes.

    and I actually got response within 5 minutes, they queried the problem and asked if car is in driving or not, if not then they will have to get it picked and if driving then we will have to drive it to tata-fiat dealership/workshop.
    so, I search this tata fiat dealer on my GPS and got the directions, it was 24kms back on same NH3 highway.
    I drove back and reached there, manager assigned a person for us at showroom who was standing ready, waiting for us with a briefcase in hand.
    we reached and he request to drove to another local mechanic another 2 kms, as it was sunday and workshop remains close. so we had to drive to the mechanic place which actually works at fiat workshop but due to weekly off, he was only available at his own workshop.

    we reached to mechanic place, he opened the briefcase, it had the a custom laptop with some custom cables, he open a plastic panel just below the steering wheel and I saw lots of wires/connector there, he plugged in the laptop cable into one of the car connector and diagnose started
    within 5 minutes, laptop displays and error details.
    it was something related to air-supply.

    He was also busy with working on few other cars on his garage, so it was like mutli-threading. 5 mins at my punto and then on other cars
    he took over an hour to hit & trial few cases and VOILA he found the problem

    one of air pipe hidden below and very below the engine and popped-out, he very confidently placed the pipe and without starting engine or test-drive, just said, ITS DONE.
    we had a test drive and yes, multi-jet was functioning now as normal. and error display also went away.

    OVERALL, It was really nice experience getting such a good response and solution to such problem in a small town on highway
    :dance we were back on road :dance

    But this whole episode took almost 3-4 hours and now I was behind my target for the day.
    and NH3 was also not a good idea as compare to NH8. it was full of trucks and single or two lane road on most of the part. wife was cursing me why didnt I follow the same route for returning

    5:30 pm: reached INDORE, although it was just 400km from shirdi
    from INDORE, we started on NH59, and that is the worst Highway I have seen, :A
    from INDORE to NH79 joining point, its 42km stretch and believe me, I couldnt go above 40kmph on that road
    you don't see any vehicle around you on road, it feels like no one use this road any more.
    It's condition explains it all.
    full of pothole :shocked, or I should say road of pothole.

    it took over 2 hours to cover that 42km stretch

    7:30pm: we reached to NH79 joining point and WOW that was smooth 4 lane road, we stopped for dinner before starting on NH79
    9:40pm: reached Ratlam, took a hotel room for night

    6 Dec 2010:
    10:00 am: Left Ratlam
    04:00 pm: reached AJMER Expressway, had lunch, left around 4:30pm
    Jaipur to Delhi was really hectic, full of trucks, jams

    12:00 am: finally reached home
  5. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Report - Page 6 onwards

    Hey aneesh. That was a really awesome drive and kudos to FIAT assistance in the middle of nowwhere. Truky amazing trip
  6. Re: Fuel Top-up at Factory

    Count me in that List , Engine response is smoother than ever before
    I religiously got out of the car to witness the brand @ Fiat pump dispensing fuel but it was w/o any such make ,
    think the best way to find out about the brand will be to mark a mail directly to Marcus de lima
    afterall he was the guy who shocked us all @ the plant :wink:
  7. kailashnj

    kailashnj Amatore

    Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Report - Page 6 onwards

    Hi Kedar,

    Do you have the picture of the unfortunate Punto which met with the accident on that day. This will help us compare the build quality of both the cars.

  8. tjetdriver

    tjetdriver Amatore

    Bengaluru, India
    Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Report - Page 6 onwards

    @aneesh - very very hectic schedule there. I hope your kids were ok(not getting cranky, bored etc). I can guarantee mine would not have been ok.
  9. royj

    royj Esperto

    Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Report - Page 6 onwards

    @aneeshchopra, That is a good report of a great trip you had. Good to know the Fiat RSA was able to help you in a situation where many other car makers would have failed.
  10. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Report - Page 6 onwards


    I was sure that, by using factory fuel,everybody will know fuel quality of their favourite bunk of their hometown

    Thanx for informing the information,that I was waiting.

    Now members may have understood that why I wrote thread of "Loss of Power" ::pP
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