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FIAT FACTORY VISIT : 3rd DECEMBER 2010 : Reports from Pg 45

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by amogh, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. Pran

    Pran Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Intial Reports Page 3 onw

    phew, that was just a dream visit guys, more pics please, did I see a BNW Punto sport in the line up? Who came from Trivandrum, Carwale says so
  2. Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Intial Reports Page 3 onw

    Good Show ...it was neatly Done , great interact with senior members and all others at the meet
    The Ride was Perfect to compliment the event
    and get the FIAT 500 USB Mouse as FOC

    Attaching this & Kicking off with pics hope to see more coming up
    Amit(VahanPujari) + RoyJ + Ashpalio (Ashish) + PraGalbha (Black Palio GTX 1.6) + Multijet +Arvind+ Aniket & Co+Fastlove
    Nice knowing you all.



  3. rabbil


    Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Intial Reports Page 3 onw

    It was a amazing day. i had a gr8 time..


  4. rabbil


    Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Intial Reports Page 3 onw

    A day to be remember :car



  5. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Intial Reports Page 3 onw

    Great Pictures, Everyone has good things to say. I can Imagine how good this would have been. DAMN i missed it........!!!!!

    How was the reaction of the people on the highways and roads about the FIAT TRAIN, 60 Fiat together???????
  6. kailashnj

    kailashnj Amatore

    Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Intial Reports Page 3 onw

    The FIAT Factory visit was awesome. THANKS A LOT AMOGH, SANDEEP and all others who worked hard to get this done.

    We started from my house at 4:50am sharp. (Me and my DAD who is also an enthusiast for fiat cars since his early days). We were to meet Aaron and then go together to Thane Cadbury to meet Aniket.

    Due to some reason, Aaron did not reach the meeting point on Stipulated time and hence we left alone changing our route to Airoli. In between, got a call from Aaron that he would be joining and I waited for him at the Nirmal lifestyle. Met Aaron in exactly 2 minutes and this is where my first Team Fiat meet started.

    We drove to McDonald which is before the start of Pune Expressway, in hope to meet few other members. I was really astonished when I reached McDonald, we were not few members but lot of members waiting with their FIAT's in a single line. Don't know the exact count but I think there were atleast 25 cars in all. (Grandeur should be able to tell the exact number). This is where we got our first surprise. FIAT had arranged for something special, they put up FIAT stickers on all the cars present there. Also distributed T-shirts to everyone. This was something which was not expected. So this was the first surprise that came in our way. (This was not the only surprise that we had)

    At exactly 6:45 am all the cars left from McDonald, en route to VITS which was the starting point for all of us for the Factory visit. On the way, right at the end of the Expressway, we stopped to get together to group up. Here all the FIATs were parked at the side of the road and believe me it was a sight to be hold. All people moving were constantly watching us thinking what are these guys upto with so many fiat cars at one place, screaming, shouting and clicking pictures. One of them could not resist asking what was happening here. Also we kind of were responsible for some traffic jam on the highway as all the other vehicles ensured they slow down to a crawl pace to see our cars lined up.

    Once we regrouped, we started from this place to our first destination VITS. At VITS we parked our cars in a straight line. It was a sight to behold. All the Italian beauties, Puntos, the Lineas all lined up. In between one of the staff member from FIAT got the custom made Punto sports concept which was displayed at the Auto Expo long before the Punto 90was released. This was one of the major attraction at that point of time. How I wished that was my car. 17 inch alloys, low profile tyres, body design, leather upholstery and above all dual sunroofs. Later I learned that all the accessories are available except the sunroof and the alloys. Good to go FIAT.

    We had our breakfast and here we had Mr Rajeev Kapoor himself talking and mingling with the crowd. Post the breakfast we had the flag off session where in all the cars were flagged off for the factory visit. We reached factory at around 11:45 am once in a while loosing our way in the Pune traffice then regrouping and then again loosing my way. At the end it was the GPS which helped me reach Ranjangaon factory. During the drive from VITS to factory, within the city, we had an unfortunate accident. A lady driving Maruti Wagon R along with her kid, dashed one of the Punto. The engine compartment of the wagon R was completely destroyed and the car could not be moved as the clutch and the gearbox was completely jammed. Looking at the Wagon R, I expected some issues with the Punto but to my surprise, Punto had only a small dent on its rear bumper and the lights on the bumper were hanging down. After seeing this, I felt really proud to be an owner of the FIAT car as I know that these cars are more sturdier than many other available in the market. I felt sad for the Punto owner (don't know his name) but felt proud of the Punto. At the end the best part was no one was injured.

    we reached the factory and had our welcome drink as organised by the FIAT team. Post snacks we were distributed into two groups, one heading to the body shop and second heading to the transmission plant. I was in the group that headed to the body shop. We had two buses waiting for us. We moved to the body shop plant in these buses. The size of the plant is awesome, never been to such a huge factory before, looked like an entire township can be accommodated within the Factory. We were taken around the plant and FIAT employee was explaining each and every part on the body shop. We started with the rear suspension, front suspension, how the plant was completely automated, how the engine bay is first created, then the lower body etc etc. Most of the equipment at the plant are advance and state of art.

    Post the body shop, we were taken the transmission plant and the engine plant. We were explained how the transmission works and all our queries were answered. We also saw the engine development plant and saw how each and every part of our beloved national engine (1.3 multijet) is assembled. This is for the first time, I could see how my beloved car is created part by part and amount of hard work that goes in to create these Italian beauties. It was fun to see right before your eyes the car being created from a piece of metal to the full fledged car, part by part.

    Post this we had our lunch as organised by the FIAT. We were here informed that FIAT has organised to refuel our cars at their pump within the factory. This was another surprise after the t-shirts and stickers in the morning. After having lunch, we were escorted to the internal fuel bunk for our refills. Post refills we all gathered in the conference room for a small meet. Mr Rajeev Kapoor ensured his presence even though he had lot of visits and meetings planned outside the factory. He was kind to take some time out from this busy schedule to first flag off at VITS and then for this small meet. We had our question and answer sessions then and then we had one more surprise waiting for us.FIAT distributed the FIAT 500 mouse to all those present there. Surprises one more surprise :wow Well done FIAT, you were the best host I have seen in the corporate world. :clapping

    From here we all left for our destinations back home. Some waited back to try the T-jet and the Punto 90 but since I had to rush back to mumbai and did not want to get caught in the Pune traffic, I left post the conference.

    Once again a BIG THANKS TO ALL WHO ORGANISED THIS MEET and also THANKS a lot FIAT for playing such a wonderful hosts.

    Sorry for the long post. Now let some pictures do the talking.




  7. kailashnj

    kailashnj Amatore

    Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Intial Reports Page 3 onw

    Some more pics that I clicked




  8. sungoa2010


    Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Intial Reports Page 3 onw

    Great Pictures! I feel I Misssssed it... Still feel proud of a fiat owner. The fiat guys are active,dynamic and emotional about their cars!!
    Which car makers will get this kind of attachment from their customers and vise versa ?
  9. Klub Class

    Klub Class Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Kudos to TFI & Fiat India!

    Wow! Please keep the photos and updates coming ::T

    I'm very much disappointed that I could not join you guys for the factory meet. I'm eagerly waiting for the factory meet in the year 2013. Yes,I will getting my DL on Jan 16 2013! :dancing

    Meanwhile, I've few queries :

    1) How many litres did they fill in your cars? :-?
    2) When is the next factory meet?

    Kudos to TFI and Fiat India! ::T

    I guess it was royj. Correct me, if wrong.
  10. Re: Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Intial Reports Page 3 onw

    Great pics and trip!! How did the Q & A session go? Any excerpts form that? Still going through the thread.
    I am sure people would have asked the obvious questions.
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