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FIAT FACTORY VISIT : 3rd DECEMBER 2010 : Reports from Pg 45

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by amogh, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor


    Guy's here's the updated list, pardon me if I have missed out anybody's name. Please PM me, if someone is left out here on the list.


    We are contacting personally everyone on phone and SMS, who's number are not updated on forum will miss the calls!

    From Pune:
    1. Aanand + 3 - Punto
    2. gautamkhadse - Punto
    3. niranjanyeri + 1 - Linea
    4. milind5656 - Punto
    5. skullman - Linea
    6. Hammerhead - Punto
    7. aadicool - Punto
    8. ketankhairnar - Punto
    9. chimera + 1 - Punto
    10.nav75 - Punto
    11.vks - Punto
    12.rameshjoshi - Punto
    13.sumobom4 + 2 - Punto
    14.Kedar Bendre - Punto
    15. Shantish - Palio MJD
    16. charshad (Harshad) - Palio SLX
    17. ironshark - Punto
    18. Manish - Punto
    19. Mad Hatter (Nalin Kumar) - Punto
    20. Amogh - Punto
    21. Maverickxx2006 + 1 - Punto
    22. gautamsatpute + 3 - Awaiting delivery of Linea MJD EPK
    23. shashikd + 1 - Punto
    24. Italia-Linea - Delayed delivery of Line MJD EPK Tuscan Wine
    25. svSachin- punto
    26. nrohan + 1 - Linea
    27. rk76 + 1 - Punto

    From Mumbai:
    1. Aaron Mascarenhas +3 - Linea
    2. Raj Bajwa + 2- Linea
    3. Amit +1 - Punto
    4. Andy - Punto
    5. Grandeur - Punto
    6. Ratan - Punto
    7. Harish Segar + 1 - Linea
    8. Naveen + 1- Punto
    9. Devan (devansn) + 1 - Punto
    10. Multijet - Palio
    11. Shooter - Punto
    12. anthonydcruz - Punto + 1 My Father.
    13. mukulh + 1 - Linea TJet
    14. Nikhil Sahani(MihirC)
    15. Kailash Jobanputra - Punto
    16. mescotc - Punto
    17. Aniket + 4 - Punto
    18. rajeev_pillai + 1 - Punto
    19. deepam - Linea
    20. SaiShetty - Punto
    21. Swasti - Linea
    22. NMP + 2 - Punto
    23. Arishi - Punto
    24. FastLove + 1 - Linea
    25. Nikhil 'nik'- GP BN White
    26. Ruben + 1 - Punto+Punto
    27. Shashank (spvaidya) + 1
    28. Sanjeev Sharma + 2
    29. Rabbil + 1 - Punto
    30. Rohan Rao - Punto
    31. Akhil Desai - Linea
    32. DJ Ronak - Punto

    From Trivandrum:
    1. Roy Johnson

    From Trichur,Kerala
    1. Jaikishan K.V.(jaisha8)

    From Delhi NCR
    1. aneeshchopra - Punto
    2. Nitin
    3. Vijayandra
    Naveen Kumar (racingkid) - Punto - NOT COMING

    From Hyderabad
    1. eagle_bush - Punto

    From Chennai
    1. livelyyoungman - Reaching Pune Directly
    2. Linealover - Reaching Pune Directly

    From Coimbatore
    1. nskumar - Reaching Pune Directl

    From Bangalore
    1. Ashpalio - Ashish - Punto (reaching Pune Directly)
    2. J Ravi + 4 - Linea

    From Ahmednagar
    1. amolmane +1 - Punto
  2. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3


    No more registrations now. Registrations are now CLOSED !!

    We have informed the final member and car count to Fiat. We are chalking out the plans and will update this thread regularly informing you of the developments. The final agenda / plan is almost in place. Just a few things to be firmed up.

    One thing I can tell you for sure : Fiat India is extremely happy to have us at the factory. They are delighted and are making special arrangements to make sure that all of us have a good visit !!

  3. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Factory Visit - 3rd Dec 2010 - Report - Page 6 onwards

    Today, me and Amogh took a test drive from Mumbai to Ranjangaon to have an idea the kind of traffic and road we will drive on.

    Well, driving from Mumbai until Pune will be fun. But once we start again from Pune to the Factory Site, driving in convoy will be bit difficult while crossing Pune City and the travelling time will be little more than what we covered today (1 hr 40 min) From Pune to Ranjangaon (Fiat Factory).

    Well, here's a short schedule:
    • Mumbai members will leave McDonald's (panvel), SHARP at 06:00AM [/*:m:2t3any96]
    • Reaching - Pune at 08:00 AM & will have breakfast at Hotel Vits http://www.vitshotelpune.com/[/*:m:2t3any96]
    • Flag Off for Fiat Factory @ 09:00 AM. [/*:m:2t3any96]
    • Reaching Fiat Factory approx. by 11:00 AM.[/*:m:2t3any96]
    • Leaving Fiat Factory by 5 PM - 6 PM.[/*:m:2t3any96]

    My request to all Mumbai Guys. Please make sure to be there at Mcdonald's (Panvel) before 6 AM.

    Amogh will be sharing all detail route/map in sometime.


    NOTE: Members, reaching directly to Pune. Please contact Amogh for any help regarding accommodation and pickup from Airport or Railway Station.
  4. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Factory Visit Details & Logistics - 3rd Dec 2010

    Continuing with Sandeep's post.

    First a few general points:

    • It IS going to be a LONG DAY - especially for Mumbai members. Please sleep early on Thursday night and make sure you get enough sleep. It's important that you feel fresh when you wake up in the morning. You don't want to feel tired before the factory visit starts !!

      Everybody understands the excitement and all of us are looking forward to this event. But it is important that we maintain a sense of sanity while going about things. PLEASE - No rash driving, no stunts, no risky overtake manoeuvres, no tail gating. Especially for the Mumbai guys - because you are going to be on the expressway early in the morning.

      Top officials from Fiat and Tata Motors along with people from print media will be present at VITS. And when I say "TOP OFFICIALS" I mean every word of it !! Please reach in time. Fiat officials will be flagging off the convoy from VITS.

      The drive from Hotel VITS to Fiat factory is 70 kms. Some part of it is right through the Pune city. Please maintain road discipline. It is going to be a working day and there IS going to be traffic. Don't get too close to the car in front of you. Remember : in all likelihood : you will be following a Fiat of a fellow member. You do not want to rear end his car.

      Pune - Ahmednagar road, though it is designated as a highway (SH 27), it is not really a highway. It runs through a number of villages and industrial areas. You will see bullock carts, bikes, six seater, trucks, auto rickshaws and all sorts of vehicles on the wrong side of the road. So please keep an eye on the road. Again : DON'T SPEED and DON'T GET TOO CLOSE TO THE CAR IN FRONT OF YOU. Those who have travelled on that road know what I am talking about.

      There are two toll plaza's on the way. Ask for a return ticket at the first toll plaza. The return fare is Rs.56/-. PLEASE (AND I AM PLEADING HERE) : Keep change. It is not too hard to keep 1 fifty rupee note, 1 five rupee coin and 1 one rupee coin handy. You do not want to waste your time at the toll plaza looking for change. Give the exact denomination, get the toll ticket and get out of there

      At the second toll plaza, show the ticket you took at the first plaza. DON'T PAY TOLL AGAIN

      Keep the toll ticket in the car. You will need it for the return journey. Again show the same ticket at both the toll plazas

      Exit to Ranjangaon MIDC is immediately after the second toll plaza. So after you cross the second toll plaza, keep your car in the left lane

      Please make sure you have sufficient fuel in the car. We don't want you stopping somewhere in between to get some fuel. Fill up your tanks on thursday

      There is ample parking space at VITS. Please don't worry about parking space.

      Mumbai members: No stopping on the expressway at the food mall. Your first and only stop is at Hotel VITS

    The plan is as follows:

    Pune Members : Reach VITS by 7.45 latest by 8.00 am and start having breakfast. Please remember that we are not meeting at VITS to chit chat and spend time leisurely. It's just a MEETING POINT. Finish your breakfast and get ready for the flag off.

    If you are late, it's your responsibility to reach Fiat Factory. Come what may, the convoy will leave Hotel VITS at 9.00 am. We are not going to wait for anyone. We HAVE to reach Fiat factory by 11.00 am latest. In fact, if possible, we will try to leave before 9.00 am from VITS.

    At the factory
    • We will be received by Fiat officials and will be offered a welcome drink

      Then we will be split into two groups. Group 1 will proceed to the POWERTRAIN PLANT (this is the plant where the engines are manufactured) and Group 2 will proceed to the ASSEMBLY PLANT (where you will get to see the cars on assembly lines)

      Then the groups swap :Group 1 will go to the assembly plant and group 2 will proceed to powertrain plant.

      We will have lunch either in between i.e after each group has finished seeing one plant or after both groups have finished seeing both the plants. That is not decided yet. But most probably, we will have lunch in between.

      After both groups have finished seeing both the plants, Fiat officials will have interactions with us. The nature of interactions is still being finalised. We will also be taken to the test track to show where the cars are tested

      We will have tea in the afternoon and most probably will leave the factory by 5 - 5.30 pm

    What is covered?
    • Fiat is taking care of all the arrangements. You don't have to pay for breakfast, lunch or tea. All you have to pay for is the toll.

    What to bring and what not to bring
    • Bring Water bottles

      Cameras - will be allowed only till we reach the factory. Photography is NOT ALLOWED inside the factory. I know this is disappointing but it's a rule and we have to follow it. You can use your camera's till the factory gate. Once inside, cameras will not be allowed

      Do not get laptops, electronic gadgets etc. Cell phones with cameras will have to be deposited at the security office. Don't worry : your belongings will be safe
      Bring caps and sunglasses. We might go to the test track in the afternoon and it will be sunny

      If you are collecting the t-shirt on the factory visit day : PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING Rs.350/- IN CHANGE (Just like you will for the toll). Again, it's not too difficult to keep handy three notes of 100 and one of 50. I (or whosoever is looking after the t-shirt distribution) won't be having time to give you change. Please make our life a little easy.

    When we are at the factory : we are representing a forum and when we are on the road in a convoy : we are representing a BRAND. No unruly behaviour, no fights, no arguments and no ego clashes. All TFI moderators are banking on the fact that all of us are a bunch of responsible members and none of us will act in a way that will harm or bring disrepute to this forum or Fiat. This is the first big event we are organising and making it a success depends entirely on YOU !! We made the "BE RESPONSIBLE" sticker for a reason. Now is the time to show your responsibility. Please guys - don't let us down !!

    Google Maps Driving Directions : Hotel VITS to Ranjangaon MIDC (The directions are PERFECT !!)


    Reply to this thread only if you have a genuine question or to point out something that I have missed. In case you point out something that I have missed, I will update my post and delete your post. Please don't mind. We don't want this thread to run into pages.
  5. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
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    MULTIJET Timido

    Navi Mumbai
    Re: Factory Visit Details & Logistics - 3rd Dec 2010

    No members should complaint of any problems such as spare parts availability, service or anything related to our beloved fiats that could create a bad impression so just enjoy the factory visit. Just my opinion.
  7. nav75

    nav75 Amatore

    Re: Factory Visit Details & Logistics - 3rd Dec 2010

    One suggestion. Once we start from the hotel after breakfast, I suggest all of us don't travel in a formation. It will be tough on us as well as the regular commuters. So, I suggest we break the entire group into small small sub groups and start off at a gap of couple of minutes. We all can then regroup right after the 2nd toll booth before heading towards Factory.

    I also suggest that the First group member have the contact number of people in last group, so that communication can be maintained. That means, those who haven't paired their cell phones with BlueMe yet, please do so (that includes me too).

    Also, lets not plan to stop anywhere in city.

    Everyone, please fill up enough fuel for the trip, get the air pressures checks and all the misc stuff, on the previous eve/night or early in the morning so that we don't spend time in doing so during the drive.
  8. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Re: Factory Visit Details & Logistics - 3rd Dec 2010

    Very rightly said.

    Everyone make sure, to have enough of fuel for the trip, get air pressure checked well before. Please avoid doing these when we are driving in group. It will be very inconvenient for others as well as for you to match up with with group again, as no one will wait for you!
  9. skullman


    Re: Factory Visit Details & Logistics - 3rd Dec 2010

    The time management, discipline and responsibility part also applies to non-members and fellow companions which you would bringing in for the visit. If you have a standby driver please keep him informed about the same.
  10. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Re: Factory Visit Details & Logistics - 3rd Dec 2010

    It will be done at the time of breakfast.

    Yes. Parking won't be an issue. On our way back to Mumbai we can ofcourse go together or as per individual convenience. Below is the location of Vits in Pune.


    Mukul, just follow the plan we have made some arrangements for all the members. I'm sure you won't regret the surprise to be unfold at Hotel VITS. ;)

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