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FIAT FACTORY VISIT : 14th December 2012 : Planning Thread

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by amogh, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. Aniket

    Aniket Superiore

    Thane, Mumbai
    Bhai log wait for some days So we will get clear picture of no. of car participating from mumbai side. So after that we can plan according and also avoid many meeting point ......
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  2. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Regolare

    Re: Fiat Factory Visit - Mumbai/Navi Mumbai/Thane Plan

    agree with aniket.... we need one meeting point for all to avoid confusion

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  3. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    The Assembly Point before the start of Expressway is a Muster Place.
    Y dont line up from kamothe instead of messing up at MacDonald, For sure the Line will end up at MacDonalds. If all Assembled on Time with out delay thing no Traffic Issue would come.
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  4. aligning outside DY Patil stadium's service road. anyways so early these roads will be empty as its a working day
    Can that be a viable option?
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  5. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Time for a Reality check...

    To those "chosen" ones....

    You find it convenient to contribute to TFI with 3 posts in a year.....


    You find it convenient to be associated with several Clubs, Forums etc (no issue with that) but with little or questionable loyalty to TFI (now this is definitely something to think about)......

    ...and you want to come to TFI for your personal need and expect that your need must be served at the expense of other TFIans who contribute to TFI much more.

    TFI objective from the very beginning is, has been & will be to get together owners of Fiat's New generation cars to discuss their experiences and share collective knowledge to help each other. In the process, there have been requests to allow fellow Fiat'ers who may not have Fiat's New Generation cars. TFI, always being open, never objected and welcomed everyone with open arms but at the same time without diluting it's focus.

    That does not mean that it can be taken for granted. We've kept very little moderation by choice.

    In all actions, the foremost objective will always be well-being of TFI as it's a platform to all these thousands of members to discuss & share knowledge. The well-being of TFI means safeguarding interests of those who contribute significantly to the forum and to the TFI community.

    We're not going to justify anything. This is a TFI event and Fiat has allowed the factory visit. It's a nice gesture from Fiat and it's a mammoth task undertaken by TFI. If Fiat has set aside some rules, there is no way it can be/ will be ignored. At the same time, if there is a trend with dubious intentions is noticed which is not to the well-being of TFI, TFI reserves the right to correct it.

    Someone asked that certain rules were not cleared at the very beginning. Oh yeah but then certain malafide interests / intention didn't start then, the initial listing of guidelines were thought about in good faith. Since that was defeated, and even irrespective of that there is no compulsion on following the rules dictated by someone.

    And now let me be direct and forthright.

    Even after the above i.e. ........

    ..... You still want to dictate terms after coming back to TFI selectively when you have a specific need & when encountered obvious difficulty, you cry foul ? Now gimme a break.....

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    The response was expected, what was not expected was intentional wrongdoings and people finding loopholes in the system to try to sabotage the meet. Obviously in the larger interests of TFI, the same can not be allowed and stricter rules set by Fiat need to be agreed to. Unfortunately, this could mean some people may not like it as rules are never liked.

    PS: I'm deleting the remaining part of the quoted post which is uncalled for advice implicitly means that since certain demands are not met, the rules/ planning could have been better. The answer is the above post of mine.
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  6. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Thats great to hear, i hope ill be part of it, but hey by then i wanna be a part of atleast 1 local meet :)

    To Top it all, you mods are doing amazing job to organize this event in very meaningful and organized manner. Bravo guys. Hope the events run in great and happiest way. Hope it hits the news paper column viz TOI, Hindu, Deccan, etc. are best ones.
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  7. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Regolare

    Re: Fiat Factory Visit - Mumbai/Navi Mumbai/Thane Plan

    both sion panvel highway and thane belapur road are being converted to 6 lane road per side. which means work may intermittently start anywhere there and we may have to change our meeting spot at last minute. so lets avoid highway meeting spots

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  8. Arun1100

    Arun1100 Regolare

    Totally agree. Kudos to the Mods. Surely will be a great meet. All my Fiat friends are going, just only me missed. Next time for sure!
  9. livelyyoungman

    livelyyoungman Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Mr. PaddleShifter: I know you are really busy; but still do give a full try for your participation. Hoping to catch you in person there.
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  10. puntojith


    Thank you TFI and FIAT

    Finally the list is out and I am in:dancing. Happened to register 2 days before the registrations got abruptly closed. Usually I leave things to the last. But on this occasion, I started getting a gut feeling what if the response is huge and FIAT and the TFI admin just decide to stop more registrations!! And guess what, in two days, its closed.

    It is really sad to see some bad blood going around, almost engulfing the bonhomie that I have always seen in discussion in TFI. I would have loved to see the camaraderie that was put forward in organizing and abiding by the rules of the south india meet. Probably it was a matter of genuineness and gratitude combined- genuineness in our love and respect for the FIAT fraternity and gratitude to the organizers who have taken and are taking so much effort to arrange the meets. In fact I would go to the extent of saying that members who joined the south india meet should be allowed to walk into the factory meet without prior registrations:grin:

    Looking forward to see a lot of guys I met at Ooty and more members from all over the country.

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