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FIAT FACTORY VISIT : 14th December 2012 : Planning Thread

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by amogh, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. cannonera

    cannonera Amatore

    Wonderful Idea!!
  2. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Meeting point in Mumbai and all related details will be emailed to all confirmed participants to their registered mail account and will be called personally on their registered phone number.
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  3. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Do you need a room with 1 extra bed or 2 individual rooms?

    The plans have now gone haywire and there are still some pending decisions from our member's side. Once I have concrete information, I will proceed with the booking of accomodation.

    @ Boss Hurricane : You are never wrong ;)

    This is where we are standing right now

    I received a confirmation from Suman this morning that his leaves are not approved and hence he cannot make it to the meet.
    I also received a request from apraveen not to book any room for him as he would be staying at a friend's place in Pune.

    The confirmed members requesting for an accomodation in Pune are
    1. N Kiran
    2. Vj_V1
    3. Prasanna_godugu
    4. mvb4u
    5. Sarosh (2 rooms or 1 room with an extra bed)

    The following members have arranged for their own accomodation
    6. Puntojith
    7. apraveen25

    The following members are not sure yet about the accomodation status
    8. Hurricane
    9. Rudresh

    The following members have not responded to the thread regarding accomodation and travel plan yet
    10. praveen_surabhi
    11. osridhar
    12. mvsun1
    13. sunilreddy
    14. MAKShamsheer

    Travel Plan as of now is also in a big dilema, cause we were expected to travel to Pune in a group, but now there seems to be a different plan for each.

    I will update you guys with the progress as and when I receive information.
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  4. jitu2509

    jitu2509 Timido

    I received a call from TFI :D
  5. AjinkyaBarve

    AjinkyaBarve Novizio

    me too got a call from tfi to ask if i would be present i said of course i will
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  6. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    There has been a new development and Rudresh has opted out of the Pune trip as his leaves are not approved too.

  7. S.K


    I too got call from TFI for conformation. Still 10 more days to go. Once again thanks a lot mod for making dream come true.
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  8. Hurricane

    Hurricane Amatore


    Awww.. Suman is not coming. Rudresh too? I was so sure that they would be in. Common guys, HOW HARD CAN IT BE? Make up a story. What if you are sick, will you still be able to go to office? :evilsmile

    Coming to my accommodation status, it's still not confirmed yet. I guess that everything should get settled in 2-3 days and if things work out in my favor, I may start early and catch up with you guys but as of now I can't confirm anything. Will definitely post an update with my travel plan when I have a concrete update.

    Anyways, I have been checking the route updates recently and below is what I found.


    Thanks for sending me the links to the HVK forum. Even though I visit that forum on a regular basis, I didn't get a chance to visit that thread and the links that you sent me helped me get valuable information.​

    The route :

    Patancheru- Zaheerabad - Sholapur - Tembhurni - Indapur - Bhigwan - Patas - Hadapsar - Pune (544 Kms approx)​

    Google Maps link

    [table="width: 500, class: outer_border, align: left"]

    Hyderabad to Sholapur

    Distance :
    280 Kms

    4 - 4.5 Hrs

    Hyderabad to Zaheerabad - 80 Kms

    We have a short bio cum Tea / breakfast break here. (Since Hyderabad food is the best, I recommend having breakfast in Hyderabad itself. If you guys still want to try out something else, then you can try out the below eatery at Zaheerabad)​

    Good eateries near Zaheerabad : “Punjabi Dhaba” Just after Zaheerabad check post. Heard good reviews about it​

    Zaheerabad to Sholapur - 200 Kms

    Another good eatery joint that I found is the NOOR dhaba just after the bypass to Humnabad town. You can stop here for snacks here if you want. Do note that Zaheerabad to Humnabad is only around 60 Kms or so. It is better to avoid the stop at Zaheerabad if you want to take a break here. I mean 80 Kms is not much isin't it?​

    People from different forums have reported that the bad patch of roads starts from Humnabad. People who have taken up this route last month have also mentioned that this patch of road is bad. So expect few surprises here.

    Especially the road is terribly potholed before Humnabad and after Humnabad for around 30 - 40 Kms or so. (source: ranjitp1 from Team-BHP and HVK forum - Thanks Vignesh for providing the link to the discussion thread in HVK group.)

    Once we reach Sholapur from Hyderabad at around 12:30 PM or 1:00 PM, we can take a break, have lunch and then set out to Pune. According to info I found in team-bhp, Junglee dhaba @sholapur is a good restaurent. We have to cross sholapur I think. OR We can stretch it a bit also have lunch at Indapur. There are plenty of good restaurents at Indapur.

    [table="width: 500, class: outer_border, align: left"]

    Sholapur to Pune

    Distance :
    264 Kms

    4 Hrs

    Sholapur to Tembhurni - 93 kms

    Expect bad roads here. We definitely need a bio break here again :dancing​

    Tembhurni to Indapur - 21 Kms

    There are plenty of restaurants and that too clean ones. Having lunch here is also an option.​

    Indapur to Bhigwan to Patas - 80 Kms

    According to HVK forum, the stretch from Bhigwan to Patas is also bad. Now we know where to take another bio break. :dancing ​

    Patas to Hadapsar to Pune - 70 Kms

    Finally reach Pune​

    Things to look out for:

    Speed guns - I know people here love photo shoots but this is definitely one thing to avoid. We already have a celebrity among us who underwent photo shoot very recently. We know him very well and he is quite famous ::V ::V

    As usual we have to carry original documents of our vehicle and DL and also check for tyre pressure and spare tyre etc.. This is something that we already know but thought I should mention it anyway.​

    [table="width: 900, class: outer_border"]


    Umarga toll plaza
    5 /-
    (after crossing zaheerabad and karnataka border. To be precise 115 Kms after zaheerabad)

    Lamboti toll plaza
    10 /-
    (after crossing sholapur. 221 Kms after Zaheerabad and 26Kms after Sholapur)

    Kavadi Path toll plaza
    20 /-
    (175 kms after sholapur, 23 Kms after Indapur)

    p.s: The above toll information could be incomplete. I am still looking to see if I missed any.

    p.p.s: If you guys feel that I missed out on anything, please feel free to post it here.
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  9. Guys, logging in after a long time. Mad schedules at work. Missed the bessi meet, didnt see the forum, i was in town on sunday :( I think i will catch you all in Pune ( though my leave is to be approved by boss ) This is my travel plan as of now.

    13th leaving Chennai around 11.30 by Indigo will be in Pune around 13.00 hrs , staying at friends place in Aundh,
    14th factory visit
    15th planning to visit Shirdi
    16th noon leaving to Chennai.
  10. OT: Why Indigo sir? You could drive your Linea to Pune with all Emotions. :)
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