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FIAT Exclusive Showroom: Oberoi Motors, Noida

Discussion in 'Dealership Reviews' started by ansal11, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Everyone must have heard of the horror stories; mine started on 11th of Nov when I booked TJET ?PLUS SBB from Oberoi Motors, Noida, Sector 16.
    Let me start by saying, Please please don’t go there. Its just a waste of time. False promises after false promises. The dealer hasn’t had a TJET ? for last 1 month. So you can imagine how many they would have sold. I wasn’t aware of this when I booked.

    So I booked on the 11th and was told that the deliver would be on 22nd as they did not have the SBB (They din have any other color as well, just a TD car and a TW which was already for someone else.)
    Was promised a few accessories like the spoiler, parking sensors and the usual mats etc.

    Was waiting for the D-DAY, was very very anxious as this was my first car in India. Called the dealer a few times in-between to check and went there as well to complete the paper work. Dealer promised everything was good and on time. Suddenly on 21st, I was told that the order they placed on the 11th or 12th din actually somehow reach FIAT so no car has been ordered at all. I was bloody furious as I had made so many plans with the car already.

    I thought, it’s alright, things like this can happen sometimes and I let it go. Dealer showed me the complete order processed on 21st and showed me the details online as well. I was happy once again that finally it would be done and dealer gave me the date of 26th for the delivery. I enquired on 25th, and dealer said its very nearby in the lorry in MP, and the car will arrive by morning or nite.

    26th came and went and still no car. I was going crazy. On 27th, they mentioned coz of late delivery in the showroom in Jaipur, the trolley couldn’t leave that night and it would be delivered tonite(on 27th nite) and I’ll get delivery on 28th. I wanted to hit someone right there when he told me that. I went to the showroom to cancel the order and also spoke to another dealer in Noida to get the car from there but they did not have SBB, only had TW. The head of sales at oberoi, spoke to the trolley driver in front of me and he said the car will be in the showroom by tonight(28th night) but the dealer said please give me one more day so that he can get everything sorted so I don’t face ny problem anymore. Adutt , donzil and few others advised me to hang on a bit more as I had already waited so much and I guess they were right. So I decided to wait.

    I grabbed my hair but somehow consoled myself that its ONLY 1-2 DAYS MORE (that’s what I thought). I told them, Tuesday is the final day that I am giving after that I will cancel the order. On Monday morning, finally I got the call that the car as arrived and I can get it by 4 PM after everything has been done. There was no limit to my happiness(very short time) but within 2-3 hours I was told my car was not on that trolley but on the other one and that trolley will arrive by Monday nite(29th nite).

    Morning of 30th, Tuesday, I was told the car has arrived and I can take the car by 3-4 PM. I told them ill reach by 2 and do the PDI. I reached at 2.35 pm with Mom AND Dad, my camera and all the plans of what to do after the car would be delivered……. and guess what…..I was told at the entrance of the showroom by a lady assistant THE CAR WAS STILL NOT THERE. I stormed into the showroom brimming with anger. The sales manager said the car is not there yet but will be there in 30 mins, someone has gone to pick it and drive it from Gurgaon or dwarka. I had specially told them not to drive the car on road without me. I was so so furious.

    I told him, I don’t want the car anymore and cancel the order. Guess what the reply was. Yea that’s not a problem. It’s OK with us. I told him I wanted to see his senior and he took me to the Owners office- Mr Oberoi. His attitude was even worse, he told me and my dad, It doesn’t matter to him If we take the car or not. He is not going to force anyone and he could care less. It showed in his attitude that he doesn’t give a rat’s a** if I took the vehicle or not. I was like WHAT THE ****. He did not even once try to convince me not to cancel the car. I wrote the application for cancellation there and then and went out at around 3.45 pm. The Car Had still not arrived and I wasn’t interested even if it arrived now.

    RATING – 1 ? Out of 10 ? ?
  2. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore


    Buddy.. very bad exp.

    Write all this to top management of Fiat India and Tata Motors. Ans ask them if they this is the way to increase Fiat's sale. Even try to call top management and ask them to perform a mok buying activity to judge attitude of this dealership and take serious action.

    How that Mr. XYZ (Oberai) can spoil or play with your emotions. What the hell is this.... do they think they are master or big boss.

  3. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto


    Nitin. I am thinking on the same path of contacting the upper management at FIAT. But i am just waiting for the opinion of few other members as well Lets see what they all say and then will move forward with that.
  4. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore


    Hey hey hey,... I forgot to tell you that old Rama staff is hired by Oberai.

    Don't go to their workshop... I check and found that their wheel alignment software is not correct.
  5. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto


    Where are you getting these information from??
  6. shobhit

    shobhit Timido

    Noida, UP
    Oberoi Motors, Noida

    I bought my Punto 1.3 MJD Dynamic Punto from Oberoi Motors, Noida. The staff is courteous and the sales executive was able to resolve all my queries. He provided me test drive on a brand new car for quite some distance. But, I am not satisfied with the Pre-delivery Inspection of the car. One of the speakers of the music system was not working which should have been caught first hand. The executive gave me the excuse that it's a TATA dealership and hence there are problems. April onwards, Fiat is opening their own SSS in Noida and things would be streamlined there. Looking forward to that.
  7. djdc1990


    This was here at oberoi fiat noida. (for details pls refer details on my ownership thread in linea t jet)
    I thought all is well that ends well. I was so wrong.

    The dealership had promised us a few things that evening of the delivery.
    1. Petrol coupon for 5 ltr petrol at a nearby gas station
    2. Free parking sensor
    3. Free basic kit
    4. Get all the errors rectified and deliver us the documents at our home after 2 days

    1. I went to the petrol station and said what is this the info is not complete. we will not give u any thing. I called those fiat guys but they had already gone home. I said ok fill up 100 bucks just to reach home.
    2. Parking sensor was to be fitted there at the showroom (I saw a few of the puntos being fitted with the kit)But it got late so he said he would send the technician at our place the next day.
    3. The floor mats were provided. But he forgot the mudflaps so i reminded him at the last moment and he put them in my cars trunk. said the technician would fit the flaps also.
    4. Promised to get the paper work rectified. Also we had initially not taken extended warranty later planed on getting it. so that document was also to come with them.

    Now today is 27th sept the Papers promised to be provided with rectification was given yesterday but they did not change my grandfathers name. (Taj naryan) the mistake. I mean seriously does any one keep their name taj. couldn't check it . making the same mistake twice..also the print quality was bad on the left side length wise nothing is visible . place where customer is supposed to sign is no there at all. And all of these document are to be submitted by 30 th sept at the headoffice or else my father will have to pay fines on it. My father had gone abroad for the last week so i was speaking with the sales guy. he would keep saying kal kal.. Insurance paper to he has not yet given it.

    Parking sensors he came and gave me the box. !! I said what do i do with it. It is Your responsibility to get it installed not mine and . When asked what happened to the next day promise. He said he was busy. I said u were supposed to send some one to get the sensors fixed and mudflaps fitted and he works at the same showroom where u go daily. U didn't have time in the last 14 days just to tell him to got to this address and do this job which would hardly take 1 hr. and now he says i will have to go to the showroom for the insurance papers and mudflaps. the petrol slip also will b given there only. He gave me the number of the of the technician and said call him. I simply said ok. This guy is taking me for granted. My father arrived today and when i gave him the status report he became furious. called up their GM and updated him with the situation. Now i will go there first thing in the morning and not leave till he completes all the work.

    Because of improper paperwork the car has been sitting there for 2 weeks now. My heart will explode now...

    Guys now u only tell me with this kind of experience how can i suggest some one to go buy a fiat car. I love their car . but these fools just make that good feeling go away that fast. Dealership needs to really improve.

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