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Fiat Exclusive - Hyson, Thrissur

Discussion in 'Service Center Reviews' started by anzilnajaah, May 25, 2013.

  1. Fully satisfied with new exclusive dealership Hyson Cars THRISSUR. 20130525_120821.jpg 20130525_120831.jpg 20130525_141322.jpg 20130525_144616.jpg 20130525_144634.jpg
  2. soji

    soji Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hyson Thrissur FASS--service delays

    Hi Folks,

    I have dropped my Punto for the third free service (29,500KM) on 8th February at Hyson Thrissur,Kerala. I have asked them to check up for Left side pulling issues (it is long pending and unable to solve any of the service center(bangalore) as well as any of the alignment guys permanently. :eek:) and all minor issues,Also i reported a Rattling issues in the Left Back side of my car.
    All regular oil and filter changes they asked and accepted. After noon they called and told for change of break pad , agreed that too.:eek:

    They called in the evening told ,they find out the the rattling issue ,it is due to back side body some welding issue. They also informed Fiat engineers available already in workshop and it will take some time to repair this issue. I am waiting till the date they not turned back ,every day i am doing the follow up and same reply as it will take a week time.. Still y car is lying in the workshop for this minor issues without attending.....:evil:

    Anybody pls help me to escalate the problem to FIAT as well as their management, if anybody having the contact or mail id 's pls share.



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