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Fiat engines are the best .

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by srinivaschandalada, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. srinivaschandalada

    srinivaschandalada Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Fiat cars are selling like hot cakes all over the world, but its engines seem to be outselling the cars.Lets take the indian scene.Maurti Swift desire and Ritz all have a fiat hearts (though made on their own) , and now the sx4 has joined the group. But one should wait and see if the sx4 gets the DDIS engine with the FGT (75 hp)or the 90 hp one with the VGT. My cousin who is a maruti dealer informed me that the sx4 might get the 90 hp engine sourced from fiat. If the sx4 gets the 90 hp engine, then there is a decision to make, i.e. wether to fit the DDIS engine without the manifold and FGT, and source the VGT with manifold from fiat, or to source the entire 90 hp engine from fiat.
    My cousin also told me that the sx4 might get the fiat 1.6 multijet at a later stage to take on the vento verna corolla etc ,thats if the sales of the sx4 with the 1.3 DDIS are not up to expectations .The above mentioned cars have engines that belt out 115 hp +. I hear that the sx4 is sold with the fiat 1.9 multijet in overseas markets ,but thats ruled out for india.
    Another cousin of mine happens to be a tata commercial vehicle dealer in vizag and he expects the manza to sport a 1.6 fiat multijet (offcourse re-badged quadrajet) some time this year end. There are also plans to fit the 1.9 multijet in the future safaris and sumo grande .
    There is news that chevrolet india is in talks with both fiat and maruti for their 1.3 multijet and 1.3 DDIS engines to power the beat. Lets see who they go with.Though they settle for maruti's DDIS the moral victory goes to fiat.
    I am not bothered of the number of swifts,dezires,ritzs,vistas,manzas and many more cars in future out numbering fiats( in india) on the roads, afterall they all sport a fiat heart. :clapping
  2. PaddleShifter

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    Duplicate thread. This one reported for deletion. Kindly reply in other thread. ::T

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