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Fiat Chrysler India's new MD - Nagesh A. Basavanhalli - Now Quit

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by santhukp, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Fiat's oddball image still needs a great deal of working on. The recent advertisements haven't precisely caught the imagination given that there isn't any hype creation or a product worthy of hype creation or lets just say the marketing was there but not the bang that a passionate Fiat enthusiast or TFIan would have loved to see.

    I think even if herd mentality exists, lets try to peep deeper into the Indian customer mindset. The expectations as far as average buyer is concerned is not too high on the level of engineering and built quality alone. There is a lot of novelty factor for first time buyers, their own definition of refinements, their own perceptions of brands. Jo dikhta hai (on road) woh bikta hai. I have said before and will repeat again, you need one Dhamaka model to be spoken about in average knowledge customer's discussions. I remember Maruti Zen had that aura around it. And then again of Santro atleast in Mumbai. And they managed it again with i10 and before we thought i20 not that a hit but still gaining steady popularity. So often the choice for petrol atleast is Swift or i20 for a bit better than average car.

    For those who have above average budgets will start to look from Skoda entry level to premium within Skoda and VW and aim for Audi-BMW, yet settle for likes of Laura. So many of them. And then those who can REALLY afford Audi-BMW will not even discuss Skoda and VW. Guys I am pretty sure a huge no. of customers don't even look at Abarth and 500s and such as real buying options, even though they may appreciate these. What will Fiat do to address this portion of market. Cause really, I am not happy with just Chrysler-Jeep. What about Fiat's own stable. Will Alpha Romeo do it? How about thinking of concentrating and improving, introducing the "Lancia" brand. I mean the name indeed sounds premium. :p What are their plans with Freemont. Such a nice SUV and very less known even on a global level, forget sales. I am talking about being recognized for more, not just for Punto and Linea.

    I agree @prabhjot, maybe Mr. Nagesh couldn't be that popular and it would certainly be unfair for most to put him to blame in entirety. The more I read the comments here, the more it feels like Fiat bosses at global HQs need to be more seriously involved with a strategy to propagate markets on various levels; a more comprehensive plan that doesn't just involve appointing dealerships, as dealers demand better products for sales and more sale-able selling models for running SCs to make running one worthwhile.
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  2. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    FCA's financial position is quite strong now, given what it was in 2008 Global crash, followed then by the Eurozone crash (that's when the Fiat-Chrysler merger happened). So if they've been slow and deliberate (and Nagesh said so more than once in interviews, step-following-step) that perhaps has something to do with the much-better-than-before but still inadequate financial support from FCA for the India operations' marketing budgets?

    Am hopeful that, with this newfound financial strength, that will change, and we'll see much more and better marketing/promotional activities, esp given the Jeep brand-launch, in 2015.

    And yeah, they probably do need a less 'global-cosmopolitan' mode of address in their ads, something perhaps both the Evo and the Avventura launch ads suffered from, relatively speaking, though the ads I felt cut through clutter and had other virtues.

    Guess they need more ads like the 'make the move' ones, which were desi-sentimental, and saw a smart pickup in sales in the few months right after the campaign, did they not?

    Hope they can/will accelerate the arrival of the hitherto promised only for 2016 all-new Fiat b-suv, Linea replacement and localized Jeep(s).

    Their speed since the brand relaunch, and they are more or less on schedule (dealers etc takes time) has been understandable and unavoidable, but it would be exasperating if they didn't pickup the tempo in the new year, esp with a new ceo. I mean, the t-jetted Evo, Abarth Punto and Avventura cannot wait till say Diwali 2015, and so on...!
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  3. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    If indeed Fiat cars are best looking and much BETTER equipped then why arent people flocking to their showrooms the same way as they are to Hyundai and Marutis ? Perhaps Fiat can do better to dissect the herd mentality that you keep complaining about.
    To put it simply-
    1) Looks- completely subjective. Perhaps people find the angular/fluidic lines better than the curves, and I feel the new Evo/Avventura hark back to the original Indica in some ways. People are just plain bored of Linea's looks, virtually unchanged from 2009 and some of them dont like the retro grille on the pre-2014 models.

    2) Equipment - nothing that exceeds the segment really, if you look in balance. automatic wipers/headlamps balance out the lack of Touchscreen/2-Din Infotainment. Build quality-people dont bother. They want light steering that they can twist around their finger. And they want their cup holders too.
    Performance - Ride/handling has never been a choice factor with consumers in India (with a whole generation growing up on M800 on one end and Commander/Bolero/Armada at the other). But fuel efficiency, power -albeit on paper , Interior space, esp rear legroom has been.

    Please tell me, which one looks the freshest design ? I personally felt the I-20 Elite did. And so did 10000 others last month.



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  4. Aviral singh

    Aviral singh Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    One thing personaly I feel I 20 elite will become so common after some days, it will surely lose its charm, wait, it already has started looking boring on road, just have a glance at i20 in daylight from front it looks like a i10, and I totally disagree, indica looks way cheaper to punto.
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  5. vayfiat

    vayfiat Amatore

    FIAT probably should have two hatchbacks in this segment - one for FIAT fans and the other for Hyundai/Maruti customers. ;)
  6. dadasaheb

    dadasaheb Regolare

    MH 12 (Ranjangaon)
    Linea 1.3
    When it will become common after few years (not days) Hyundai will be back with another block bluster design again people will like it, till that time also we will be having this Evo design borrowed from Avvy if we go by Fiat's standard.

    @acechip bang on !!! perfect analysis should be there instead of only fanboyism of FIAT and only bashing all others, due to such baised comments and over hyping of build quality some people say that - instead of actual tanks indian army have given order of Punto to FIAT.
    I also do not like this but we should look with a neutral perspective instead of baised one.
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  7. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India
    I still wonder how can people appreciate I-20 front design as good. IMO the back is terrific, ofcourse lift from Alfa Romeo. But the Front design is simple lousy box.
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  8. adisrini1103

    adisrini1103 Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    @prabhjot fiat products are good...and Mr. NAGESH also did a great job...but all fiat needs is a USP that would create the buzz.
    sure avventura created the buzz. But that is before they redesigned the GP to the EVO.

    And yes Indian people are biased towards flowing lines sculpted on the car for most people's eyes the punto looks like a plain old car , agree with @acechip on this

    The New rendering of the 500+ would do good IMO, pretty much looks like the 500x

    But the avventura should be of a different design

    What about the DRL's and Projectors?
    that is what the current market wants- no one can deny this point Y can't they add it? It would just cost 5000 rs extra

    All fiat needs is one USP to itself that the Indian mango man fantasizes about even if it's not useful or is a stupid addition
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  9. dadasaheb

    dadasaheb Regolare

    MH 12 (Ranjangaon)
    Linea 1.3
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  10. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Guys, I have not been arguing that the Fiats are the best this or that, though they are. Have only been arguing that they are, looked at objectively and fair-mindedly, good-to-great enough to be taken seriously as value propositions of the better sorts of car 'values'. This does not mean the other, better-selling cars are lousy.

    The burden of my argument is not against the other cars on the market, it is that there is extreme closed-minded-ness about Fiat (and other brand) cars. That when the brand is distrusted and ignored (not that it is the only such car brand in India, far from it) by the AVERAGE guy, the sales task becomes a good deal harder than the facile add this-gizmo, give that engine or launch that ad that we keep advocating .

    All the fanboi-s of Hyundai (there are a fair few here on TFi, ONLY because nothing succeeds at popularity like success, eh?) have failed to disprove what I pointed out: (a) the Evo is FOR THE PRICE better equipped than the i20 (b) it is much cheaper to buy and to own (c) it is at the very least very good, expressive and contemporary looking, and there is hardly anyone who disagrees (d) the Evo's petrol and diesel engines are (more than) a match for the i20 elite. etc etc

    Now the i20 sells 10000 while the Evo sells 600. ergo: this is about herding under the sign of a brand. That's what brand-pull/power is for I guess: herding, i.e., more/better than irrational purchase decisions, but much less than informed, autonomous consumer value-maximizing.

    We live in a brand saturated world, even for trivial things like clothing. Car brand-power (or the lack of it) is THAT MUCH stronger a phenomenon, nowhere more so than in India, the ONLY market in the world that has 3 firms control 70+% of sales!

    Now, I am sure the new i20 is a good-enough car for most, it may even the epitome of good taste etc: but it sells like it does first and foremost because both the i20 sub-brand and the Hyundai mother-brand are so/too fondly, indulgently regarded in India. Now, you could credit Hyundai for having over the years earned that brand- and pricing-power (it costs MUCH more than a Polo, let alone a Punto). You could discredit Fiat (and other firms) for having mismanaged matters in the past.

    But, let's not pretend that Fiat's (or Chevy's, or VW's or Nissan's or Tata's...) task is easy, so easy that 3 or 10 new gizmo-s, or a bigger/better ad campaign or a new engine/model launch will be all that it will take.

    It will take....time. :(;):cool:
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