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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles India Announces Mr.Kevin Flynn as President and Managing Director

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by amogh, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. KIRAN V

    KIRAN V Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I am using fiat linea for past 2 years, but when it was around 15000 km i noticed that, when at the speed of 50 km steering starts vibrating, even after all my alignment is done on every 2000 km. Then I showed it at hyson fiat palakkad kerala showroom service adviser number :08281459625 and they said you had done alignment from out side so your tyre got inside torn. And after that i had a worst driving experience due to steering vibration.

    I some how managed my tyres to reach 37000 km by rotating and all, then i changed my tyre and done the alignment from service center, then again i noticed the same side pulling is still there and given to pinnacle fiat service center kochi which is 125 km away from my home and kept my car for 4 days and after when i drive my car the side pulling was less nearly nothing, so i went back home and on next week during my regular tyre air pressure check up i noticed a big differance in air on differant sides and when i corrected the air and drived my car the side pulling was same as before. The Pinnacle Fiat had cheated on me by adjusting air on differant tyres and which is more dangerous than before since my tyres will get torn more faster than before. And after i get to know that pinnacle fiat kochi is closed.

    Then during my service at 45000 km i visited hyson fiat kochi on 28/03/2017 my side pulling issue was more than before and after the service i kept my car at showroom itself from 29/03/2017 job card no: 6288, car no: KL 09 AH 9427, and even after one month my car not corrected even after all alignment check ups and even they tried with all other brand tyres on my car. And now they had found one reason which is utter blunder for this case to get delayed that my present tryes is Centara Vanty Touring and which is not recomended by fiat so change it to Bridgestone Tyres and take the inspection reports of the tyres. Which was unethical since the tyre given by the company was apollo tyres and the service center had tried with all the other branded tyres which was there at service center and still the side pulling was not corrected.

    Now from the service centre they are saying that they had done all possible things to your car but the side pulling issue is still continue and there is no further instructions from Fiat from last 2 weeks.

    The side pulling issue is there from the starting itself and its a manufacturing mistake thats the reason its not getting corrected.

    So its better to give my car back to fiat and refund all my money with all unwanted expenses and time which caused due to Fiat car manufacturing mistake.

    job card no: 6288, car no: KL 09 AH 9427
    Fiat india mail id : service.india@fcagroup.com
    RSM Sandeep : 09562432200,
    email id : crmservicecochin@hysonfiat.com.
    Kerala Head Fiat Sumesh : 09526644477,
    email id : sumesh.pk@fcagroup.com.

    My Name Kiran Vishwanath : 07012324273

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