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FIAT Car Clinic - Pune, Thane, Surat

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by amogh, May 17, 2013.

  1. niranjan_81


    I too went to the free chekup camp. This facility is only for Fiat Cars so we will get the exclusive service here. The free check up was ok. Nothing was found to be missing in my car. Just filled up coolant and Wiper Water.
    Only body wash is available. Do not expect vacuum cleaning of the car from inside. Go there only if you have atleast 2-3 hrs. The checkup was over in 15 mins but the car was in the queue for car wash for good 2 hr atleast.
    My third free servicing is due in august, I will get the first hand experience of Pandit car servicing then. The acumen motors guys were very good.
  2. arian

    arian Amatore

    Though Balaji at Thane is far from my house, I happened to visit Thane for some personal reasons & hence decided to club the free check up with the trip. The experience was underwhelming!

    Though FIAT claims 60 point check up, I m not sure the technicians know what are these 60 points. They load the car on the bay and do the most routine check up that we can do ourselves - Engine oil, coolant level check etc. The whole thing lasted for not more than 10 mins. & the impression was that the check up was being done just for the sake of it. This is followed by washing which as somebody mentioned takes more time than the check up itself. As usual the washing itself is unsatisfactory - the watchmen in buildings can do a better job cleaning the car than these guys. I was told about a few things that need immediate replacement and then quoted hefty amounts for the same. One of them being the exorbitantly priced steering rack assembly. I was initially informed that the whole assembly needs to changed and then seeing my disinterest was later told that my car could do with a small part replacement at a lower price instead of the entire assembly. The carrot was the 10% discount on part & 20% discount on labour if I got this done before 31st May. The guy also wanted me to replace the alloys!

    Though the intention is good from FIAT, I feel the SC is doing this just for the heck of it without proper understanding of what the entire 60 point check up is! The SC actually is using this as an opportunity to coax car owners in to getting some work done at the center for their own profits (which I dont mind if they do the check up thoroughly). In future I will visit such camps only if I need to pressure wash my car or for top ups if my scheduled service is not due immediately

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  3. vinayghule

    vinayghule Timido

    I visited Pandit Auto - Bavdhan today for getting my Linea checked. Overall experienced was pretty good. I reached around 10.30 am. Everyone there seemed well prepared for this event. I was prepared to wait for 2-3 hours but to my surprise there wasn't big rush. It took around an hour. I got to see the report with 80 point check list. Everything was okay. They made couple top-ups and that was it. No unnecessary recommendations and all. It was my first visit to Exclusive Fiat Service Station and I am very satisfied :) though it's quite far (26 kms) from my place! I made the move!
  4. SHBZ

    SHBZ Novizio

    Thanks Rishikesh.
    I had a talk with one of the guy yesterday evening for which he gave me an appointment of 10:30am with it I was about to have it's servicing done. Due to some personal work I missed my today's appointment. It was a bad day for me and my Palio. For the first time in last 3.5 to 4yrs, it gave me hiccups this evening. It over heated and spilled some water out.
    It's a cholesterol/mild attack sign for me. Radiator/condensor fan is working and oil level is good. Will be taking it tomorrow to the service station.
  5. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    My ride during check up @ pandit auto

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  6. Hi,

    I hv missed the service camp as I was out of station. would be keen to know the experience people had at Balaji. Pls. also let me know;

    1) How committed is Balaji towards Fiat brand and Fiat car owners ? There website still talks of TATA only !!!

    2) I own a Palio Stile 2007 model. My experience with the car till date have been excellent. However, lately over the last couple of months I am facing a couple of problems with the clutch and gear. Firstly, I need to push the pedal significantly more now to move the car ahead smoothly than what it was required earleir. the car vibrates a lot if not revved hard at the low gears. Secondly, if the clutch is engaged for a slightly larger duration, specially while reversing or while driving in heavy traffic, the gear shift seems to get stuck !
    I am not a very technical person :confused1 really ! Don't know if I could explain my problems clearly...My concern is whether Balaji can be able to Address this issues if I take the car there ? Or will it be better to visit R S Motors at Charkop ??

    Awaiting for your advice guys...pls. revert.
  7. I went on Sunday sharp at 09:15 AM. Fortunately I was the first guy there and got my punto jacked up for checkup immediately. Although my service was due in another 500 KMS, I still took it for the free checkup. The coolant was topped, air filter cleaned and a body wash was given. Some problems with back seat, left OVRM and back lights were put in proper place. Overall a satisfactory experience.

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