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Fiat car catches fire in Pune

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by nmp, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. nmp

    nmp Amatore

    Thane, Mumbai
    I came across a news today regarding Fiat Car catching fire in Pune.

    Here is the news in Marathi
    Does someone, particularly from Pune have more details?
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  2. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    unfortunate :(
    the reg. # is MH 12 CA... which means its not a Punto or Linea for sure. the CA series was there I think 10 years ago or so.

    news reads, smoke started coming out of bonnet. by the time fire extinguishers came in, the engine and some parts were burnt.
    Could this occur due to engine overheating... coolant issue?

    glad no one got hurt.

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