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Fiat Caffe Delhi Opening & Launch of FACELIFTED PUNTO, LINEA , TJET

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by ansal11, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Hey Guys

    Just got a Huge Insider News.

    The FIAT exclusive Showroom "Fiat Caffe" in CP is opening its doors in the last week of January 2012. The Date is tentatively kept at 25th January.

    The opening will not only just another showroom opening, it would co-incide with the showcase of the Facelifted Models of PUNTO, LINEA & T-JET 2012.

    The facelift would include a sporty look for all the models, most important change would be the Interiors and also Ground Clearance.

    Enjoy !!!!!
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  2. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    Ahh at last! Does FIAT have any plans for South India soon?
    Would these upgrades to the Punto be add-ons or something stuctural?
    Oh, and would this Fiat Cafe have a separate Service Station attached?
  3. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Dream on bro! Now I do not even get excited by such news. Nuff said!
  4. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Kapoor saab......this news is from the "horses mouth"....!!!!!
  5. muni


    Man i have already paid an advance and processing the loan for the Punto and any changes in interiors would not be good news to me. Can anyone pls confirm if the interiors change are only cosmetic or on the lines of the Punto Evo.

    Someone please enlighten me what's going on.
  6. retropoppers


    yes, i am also planning to book my GP90 this saturday.. pls confirm if there is a confirmed news..
    what are the expected changes ? ...i would want to wait for the new model.. cos i feel it would have better interiors.. nd prolly better fit & finish.
    GP90 anyways has the best engine.. with better fit & finish.. it would become the best buy...
    Please confim with the source of this news at the earliest !!!
    Thanks :)
  7. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Guys I would advise you to wait. The "source" is FIAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. teky

    teky Esperto

    Is that the same source which told about T-Jet on the Punto to be launched last diwali ;)
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  9. abhinit90

    abhinit90 Amatore

    New Delhi, India
    i have just booked my t-jet, should i wait or not?

    any chance of a price reduction too?

    any other major changes since the GC is already sufficient at 170.

    Please reply soon, pretty darn nervous

    more importantly will there be a price reduction?
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  10. xplorauto


    This is purely based on my gut feel. No horses, no mouth...just what I feel.


    Upgrade to the basic look is unlikely. Reason: If there was really a face-lift available, it would have already been tested in successful Linea markets like latin America or central Europe. All the 2012 models are identical to the ones before. The only addition to the feature list are: auto-dimming mirrors and reverse parking sensors integrated to the bumper.

    What is likely: 1.3 MJD Emotion Pack might get the T-Jet + features. That would be the 16" alloys, leather seats, chrome tip exhausts etc.


    Fiat has the option to launch the Evo based styling here and is the most likely. But I do not think there would be any new drive trains launched.

    However, in both the models, they may go for fresh interior parts supplier and improve the quality of plastics, fit and finish.
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