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Fiat Avventura - Test Drive & Review

Discussion in 'Avventura 1.3 90 HP' started by nkrishnap, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. acechip

    acechip Superiore

  2. adisrini1103

    adisrini1103 Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    They just blindly mentioned t-jet, they have high hopes... and i don't think it is happening anytime soon.... I think - with fiat's duration of testing the avventura and EVO for 6+ months having the same engine.

    after Fiat tests the t-jet engine for .. uhh.. 1 year may be.. and launch in 2016, by then crossover segment would become a dud, then we cry again in this forum.

    by 2016 TATA would also have a perfomance brand, WV already has the polo bros, Hyundai could get it in a flash test period of 3 months.

    and there you go, comes the lethargic brand of Fiat.
  3. Murphy_Fiat

    Murphy_Fiat Superiore

    Linea T-Jet
    "In a country like ours were new car models are launched almost every month, it is quite unusual for a car to be chased by curious onlookers. People chased us, clicked a lot of pictures of the Avventura, and gathered around the vehicle seeking feedback. The Avventura managed to grab all the attention on the road and we found people lining up to take selfies with the car in their background. The enthusiastic onlookers never left us and followed us right throughout the test drive."

    this para Made My day
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  4. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Since this thread is often (for obvious reasons) drifting towards the lackadaisical attitude of Fiat towards mass-consumer demands, let me remind again that Fiat still has some great powertrains which can be introduced pretty successfully in the future. The twin-air, multi-air, ddct transmission, twin-turbo multijet (for the diesel enthusiast; there is now another category :hilarious:) and similar.

    With engine displacements becoming smaller for emmission and FE reasons and the fact that Fiat kept on developing on technology for future gasoline and diesel needs instead of buying into electric-hybrid hype, where cost and range are still challenging factors.

    So the immediate question will be "When will Fiat do this and have mercy on Indian market?"
    There is no clear answer to this, except the fact that they have invested thousands of crores on state of the art facilities (in India and abroad) that are there on standby (in a way) to produce top quality cars. So another crucial question is "will Fiat waste this 1lac car production facility?" here. Hard to fathom that notion too; why? Because they cannot afford to.

    Sooner or later they are gonna need to bring in some winner models to change the market perception forever and that is not going to happen with Jeep alone or with revised Puntos and Lineas, unless they have something better against the ALTO, WagonR, i10 and the likes of them. Until then we too should manage our hopes and sentiments for our own good. :D
  5. ayushman

    ayushman Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Hello Everyone. Just joined this forum for the Love of Automobiles,More specifically Fiat cars and also Ford (I own a Figo tdci). Have always loved the Build Suspension and Dynamics in the Punto/Linea, Brilliant products marred down by mismanagement/or God knows what.
    The Avventura i seriously feel should shake things up a bit for Fiat,even however miniscule it may be.
    Test Drove it today. The 1.3 mjd 90hp Clutch and Gearbox along with the NVH levels felt as if I was driving a petrol car.
    The levels of smoothness and comfort was really Good and mark a considerable improvement . Though i have only driven the 1.3 mjd 75hp and the tjet linea on earlier instances.
    a few pics.
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    A Beautiful Machine.


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    Beautiful Machine
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    Also the glow plug startup was pretty quick (almost less than a second)


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    Thank you Everyone.Wish this to be my next car.God willing and Self Working Harder :)
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    Whenever it may be.
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  6. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    A Little taller, and a little wider, is all I ask. Something like 3995 (L), 1760 (W) and 1600 (H). 205 GC is good enough already. And that spare wheel be kept inside. And a T-Jet option. Of course, these dimensional changes should also be apparent on the inside..it doesnt need any more cladding than it already has. Is it too much to ask of the brilliant designers at FCA ?
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  7. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    How are your post-Linea XUV500 inclinations going? Dying, i hope! As we know, Fiat may not have an 'SUV' big enough for many (image) needs in India, not for another couple of years, not ever (still no reveal in concept form of the promised b-suv from Brazil due for 2016)?

    In which case, if one is inclined to wait: the Jeep C-Suv and/or Renegade should be here, please FCA!, by end 2016-2017?

    I do like the Avventura greatly, maybe if I, like you, were 'younger', a t-jetted one in tan dark brown would do me much better than the gorgeous sunbeam gold 2014 Linea I already have.;)

    If the Avventura, a mere cross avatar of the Punto, is this good, though....one can only imagine how sweet a t-jetted or 1.6 mjd 500X must be (and look)!:)

    Damn this market that forces us to suffer from the lack of great, viable choices from our favourite/favoured brands...only because of its skewed, too-strong preferences/biases.:banghead:
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  8. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    @prabhjot, my post Linea inclinations, as you rightly put it, are always on the "simmer". But everytime I open that solid driver side door, and handle that heavy steering, safely ensconced inside a 1960s fighter jet cockpit like enclosure (with retro-looking dials at that!) , I keep saying to myself, " which other car south of 15 lakhs could possible evoke such a feeling ? " Very few ,if at all.
    Having said that, all's not fully well. I cant even keep my cellphone properly in that cup slot in front, and the first, 3rd gears foul up with it. Cant deploy the handbrake without elbowing my co passenger (thankfully its the Missus mostly:)), and the Blue n Me is quite fiddly.

    The Avventura would have been a decent lateral upgrade IF it had more space, power.
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  9. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Well then the b-suv slated for 2016 in their 5-year plan (for whatever that is worth now, in India) will be just the thing for you. btw, they even call it the 'Avventura' in that global investors' plan from 6 months ago.

    Maybe it'll be called 'Grande Avventura'?:p

    Named after the Fiat brand's experiences in the great Indian car baazar?:D:wtf:!
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  10. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    My sources say that the T-jet Avventura is slated for august launch. The Abarth will follow it and the jeeps will come in 2016 with new dedicated dealerships.


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