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Fiat Avventura - Test Drive & Review

Discussion in 'Avventura 1.3 90 HP' started by nkrishnap, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    It may consider is what it mentions. Hopefully they bring out only one or two versions in petrol and keep it well priced for it to sell. ABS, EBD and airbag standard in top edition will be a must. Answers a lot of questions about their recent strategy.
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    That is possible if they check out TFI from time to time. :) There maybe whole lot discussion here than ever happening in Fiat offices about products.
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  2. bibin

    bibin Regolare

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  3. caffeineam

    caffeineam Amatore

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  4. Vinodh_Gowda

    Vinodh_Gowda Novizio

    Namma Bengaluru
    Fiat Enthusiast
    +1 Sir...You're bang on with the observations made. FIATs are for god knows why are bashed a hell lot on that forum. But I have to say I do refer to that forum and make sure to read the comments from sensible people. Even the Avventura is being bashed over there. We seriously need to credit FIAT for bringing in a proper cross-over rather than making another joke like Polo Cross or the Etios Cross.
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    @prabhjot : Take a bow sir. I would like to meet you up once am back in India. :) You're a true FIAT critic. It takes a hell lot of guts to defend a brand like FIAT in India. I am with you when you say Avventura is miles ahead compared to the Ecosport. I always knew that after FIAT, it's gotta be the Fords which handle properly but I was disappointed when Ecosport lacked that core Ford quality.
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  5. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    @amogh 1000 to 1200 over two months seems both right AND.....conservative (as usual for Fiat sales nos.!)

    The worrying question is how many of these will be just cannibalized Punto Evo sales? Will there be enough conquest sales from other brands among them?
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    The problem with THAT forum is that there are fewer real automotive enthusiasts and cognoscenti and more experts of the 'aaloo-pyaaz ka bhaav kya hai baazar mein' variety masquerading as aficionado-s. ;-)
  6. Vikrant Joshi

    Vikrant Joshi Regolare

    One thing I failed to understand in that forum. The Punto Evo review and Avventura review are not classified under Official reviews
    Sorry for being off (topic) forum
  7. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    Yes, but it is an important enough a general forum where impressions spread fast. We are, with all due respect, a bit of a mutual admiration society here. All this sales talk that we are conjuring up will happen largely outside of this forum. Therefore be it toon-bhp or autoxxxxindia forum or even carwale, the general impression about Fiats matters. And to be honest, I dont see much of a bias. There are Fiat bashers and supporters in equal measure- rather, fanboyism and trolling is frowned upon.

    Fiat desperately needs to bring in the T-jet on the Avventura. I dont know why it is so protective about it and whats really so special. Yes, I , a T-Jet owner, am saying this. T-Jet is the bare minimum petrol engine that Fiat needs to prop up to showcase itself in the petrol-segment. With petrol prices likely to stay stable for the next couple of years, the demand for petrol cars will rise back. And Fiat, as usual will be found wanting in both the petrol and the diesel segments with its ancient FIRE engine. Not that the T-JEt is brand new- its also been around since 2006. Even the Multi-air engine is now 5 years old!
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  8. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    I visited Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru at midnight yesterday and saw one Avventura exhibited there that attracted many - including myself - clicking photographs, taking away the pamphlets from the rear seat, sitting inside the car to get a feel, etc. even at that ghostly hour. One interested person even approached me and asked, if I represented Fiat! :) No doubt, cute Avventura managed to turn many curious eyes; but, how many will eventually visit the dealership to book is a crore-rupee question.
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  9. Ramkumar

    Ramkumar Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Visited Ramkay Fiat, Chennai. Avventura was on display. No test drive or brochure as it is yet to be launched officially in Chennai. Price is 9.56L on road. And the sales person says that the waiting time is 2 to 3 months :(. Can anyone shed light on the price and waiting time?

    A little OT, but, can the Avventura's alloys be plonked to the evo 90 HP as both of them are 16 inchers? Would the width and suspension make a difference?
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  10. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    What? Are you sure about this?
    I just fainted.
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