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Fiat Avventura - Test Drive & Review

Discussion in 'Avventura 1.3 90 HP' started by nkrishnap, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Instead of discount route, I feel its better to price a product really aggressively at the launch, capture the market / interest of the people and then gradually increase the price. Most of the recent success stories have adopted this strategy. Right from Figo to Duster to XUV. After initial launch, subsequently there has been price increase of ~50-75k across all these products and hardly anyone made a fuss about it.
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  2. Puntom

    Puntom Amatore

  3. adisrini1103

    adisrini1103 Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Meanwhile people are cracking and celebrating Diwali...give this forum a holiday for today and
  4. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3
    This is the first Advertisement from Fiat India in last 6 yeras apperaed as good Advertisement. Now from Advertisement side also Boring Add is dead, new Advertisement born ;).

    Coming to the Avventura side, I believe price is little higher side compare to Punto Evo. Now it is a 50-50 situation for market.

    Hope Fiat has never launched the Punto Evo in the Avventura makeover ( don't know who gave this suggestion to Fiat India). Bring back the Europe Evo design with same interior as Indian Evo.
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  5. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Let's back off for a few days and wait till the sales figures come out and stabilise. I think we are getting very judgemental about everything. The pricing discussions are endless.

    Do understand that someone who wants to buy an Avventura will buy an Avventura. He / She will not look at what else they are getting in that money. There are essentially two types of cars buyers always:

    1. I know what I want to buy and I will consider all the products in that category (Body type is decided)
    2. I have a budget of xx lacs and I will consider all the products that fit in that budget range (I just want to buy a car. Don't care about the body type)
    FIAT is targetting Type I of the above. For Type II consider a budget of 8-10 lacs OTR. The following cars fit the bill:

    1. Fiat Avventura
    2. Fiat Punto Evo
    3. VW Polo
    4. Toyota Etios
    5. Tata Zest
    6. Maruti Ertiga
    7. Fiat Linea
    8. Chevrolet Enjoy
    9. Mahindra Scorpio
    10. Ford Fiesta
    11. Maruti Ciaz
    12. Skoda Rapid
    13. Ford Ecosport
    14. Nissan Sunny
    15. Renault Scala
    16. Tata Safari
    17. Mahindra Xylo
    Who all are you going to target and justify the Avventura against? You can have for and against points for each of these cars. But it is a pointless and worthless exercise. The marginal utility of each feature is different for different customer. That is precisely why product design is such a complicated process. Ideally you would like to have everything in one product but practically it is not possible.

    I find it funny how "A" makes authoritative statements about what "B" will think when buying a car. The even funnier part is these statements are based purely on A's opinion, backed up by very little facts and often are prejudiced. How many had predicted that cars like Duster, Ecosport, Ertiga etc would sell 4-5k units per month? Your choice, preference, thought : sure! But to wrap it as a general consensus is unfair.

    Give the Avventura a chance before writing it off. As informed car buyers and enthusiasts that is the least you could do!
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  6. aneesh 16

    aneesh 16 Timido

    new delhi
    Avventura is a bit overpriced.
    Fiat should have launched it for 5.5 lakhs as ford ecosport ws launched fr 5.60 and dat too with a bigger engine and more space
    Price difference of 1.5 lakhs between evo and avventura is too much
  7. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3

    It is not 1.5 lakhs !!

    The Avventura comes with the 90 HP engine in all variants compared with the 75 hp in the Evo. Only the top end Evo Sports gets the 90 HP engine and that car retails at 7.19 ex-showroom Delhi. The Avventura Emotion retails at 8.17 ex-showroom Delhi. The difference is close to 1 lakhs and not 1.5 lakhs

    Can you quantify "more space"? I think both are sufficient for 4 adults.

    Ecosport "was" 5.6 lakhs. What it is it now ? We all know how Ford messed up supplies, raised prices randomly and did not honour prior price committments. No one seems to be talking about that. Time we stopped looking at only one side of the coin.

    Sorry if I am sounding too criticial but such exaggerations can be mis-leading to first time readers of the forum. Especially those who are considering the Avventura and therefore reading the review.

  8. abhiiceman

    abhiiceman Amatore

    To hell with aamjanta, I loved avventura ad. infact one of the best ads. When our Indian manufacturers itself try to imitate a western style why would an italian come and say balle balle. :D
  9. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    This is a 2 step process, but it is not complicated. And driver need not get down, unless the security guy is not sure how to close. So if you go regular place, office for ex., only first time you may have to guide.
    This post has details - http://www.teamfiat.com/threads/fiat-avventura-test-drive-review.13191/#post-841920332.
    Once the release button is clicked, it opens both boot lock and wheel mount lock. Yes it does require some extra space, but manageable.

    The cover on wheel, actually, takes little more effort to make sure it it fixed properly on all slots, or it will make a irritating sound, o might fall off also. But one will touch this only in case of wheel replacement.
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  10. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    @aneesh 16 To add to what @amogh said: the Ford Ecosport Diesel is NOT even slightly 'bigger' if by that one means more power and/or torque. Its specs are near-identical to the retuned 90 hp mjd on the Avventura. And the mjd is better refined, as well as with a wider power band. The interior volume of the Ecosport is barely greater than the Avventura's, yes it is taller but that is what makes its ride-handling package go for a toss in comparison to the new Fiat's.

    Fiat are offering both the Punto Evo and its Cross/Adventure avatar. The avatar is both similar to and very different from the original. The choice between avatars depends less on one's budget and more on one's automotive tastes, needs and desires. Both are very desirable, excellent and well-priced! The Avventura up to a lakh more honestly priced than the Ford Ecosport. It is the latter that is QUITE overpriced. Like the Punto and Linea, the Avventura's pricing is compelling value of the best sort, relative to the competition, except that the Avventura has just one similar competitor, the Ecosport, which i'd say, it has beat in more ways than just price.
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