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Fiat at New Delhi Auto Expo - 2014 (TFI report from Page 16)

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by ramjn, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    Reading the above posts, if Fiat is ever to reveal the aces it has, then they should be buying out the TATA stake in the Ranjangaon plant, which will free itself from all the compulsions of the joint venture. Maybe they will be doing just that once TATA develops its own range of advanced diesel engines which it has done and in the final stages. This is like running a three legged race at all times.

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  2. Maxtor

    Maxtor Amatore

    New Delhi
    I haven't been able to make it to the Auto Expo this year due to lack of time. But I found an excellent way to get all information from the net. I just type for example Fiat Auto Expo 2014 and do a search and then click on images below the search box, and voila, each and every picture uploaded pertaining to the search term on the net comes in front of you, not only media pictures but those taken by individuals and uploaded to the net on their blogs or flickr etc. After clicking on the image you can visit the page by clicking on the visit page tab and see what they've written. It is almost as good as visiting the expo, well almost :).

    Anyway, there seems to be little or no mention of Fiat anywhere in the media; TV channels are devoting exclusive time to auto expo but Fiat is not mentioned anywhere even though new Fiat has been here for last 15 years. There are no significant offerings and the CUV looks like a rehashed Punto, not at all what a compact SUV buyer will appreciate(see pictures in side profile, looks exactly like Punto which is what it really is). If you want to launch a compact SUV it better be something exclusive like what Ford did - Indian customer wants bang for his hard earned buck so why should he buy a Punto if you try to make it look a bit different, choose to call it a CUV with a new name and resell it as a completely new vehicle at a higher price?

    The Linea has been flogged to death and a new version with what seems like just a new grille and some minute changes of what is publicly known as a failed product will do no good whatsoever.

    A Jeep at Rs 10 or 15 lakhs(guessing the price) is not going to be accepted either with so many Duster and Ecosport type vehicles coming in at under Rs 8 lakhs.

    New launches propel volumes of new offerings as well as boost sales of old models and are extremely important in this business, most of all to the customer and present owners of Fiat cars because parts availability and the financial health of dealers and workshops is dependant on it. Like someone mentioned in one of the previous posts the dealer only has to replace his board outside his dealership and workshop, in order to exit from Fiat business, and then he continues his business happily with another brand(so many keep doing it). All car manufacturers are on the look out for new dealers with so many new models being launched. Dealers have to find some justification as to why they are in the Fiat business - if it is not new cars & new models that really sell, I don't know what else it could be.

    I see the downward spiral continuing for Fiat, which is really sad for all of us - future of Fiat in India looks even worse now. Just one, only one, sensible new launch could have turned around the fortunes of a car business by creating volumes. Middle class Indian customers are waiting with their money(even if it is a car loan for which they are eligible) to buy cars and compact SUVs; you only have to put it in front of them. But I don't see that one sensible Fiat launch that will create any volumes anywhere as of now.
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  3. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    Didn't get you..do you mean Fiat doesn't have good under thigh support in the Linea for example? You couldn't be further from the truth sir!

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  4. s.rahus

    s.rahus Novizio

    I have this feeling that FIAT is making the right move. Looking at the number or cars sold currently, its a huge risk to bring FIATs ace cars into the Indian market at this time. May be FIAT is taking one step at a time which I feel is pretty sensible. The LINEA 2014 with better interiors, cruise control; Punto with better interiors, cruise control (hopefully?) will sell better for sure. Hopefully, they will have 1.3 MJD and 1.6 MJD engine options for the LINEA 2014 along with the TJET. Multiair for Punto- well we don't know. FIAT avventura with the right engine options and pricing will attract a lot more new buyers for sure. If all these increases the sales number of FIAT cars in India, then I believe FIAT will introduce other international models in India.

    By the way the first car is expected to be launched as early as 4 weeks. May be the LINEA 2014?- Or the Punto 2014?- Fingers crossed!

    U S
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  5. pemmasg

    pemmasg Regolare

    I am not agreeing to this statement my friend. I think there will be many takers for Jeep if it is offered at 15L and under instead of dusters and ecosports. But will fiat price Jeep that low? I don't think so.

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  6. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Your comparison between Jeep brand and the Duster/Ecosport looks completely inappropriate. :)

    Grand Cherokee is competing with the ML250's and Q7's and in a completely different league. Even if Jeep makes an SUV for India and prices it at between 10-15 L, that would be more appealing option than the current generation mini-SUV's.
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  7. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    if jeep comes in at even 17L OTR , i'm ready to buy it but why are we talking about jeep when the punto itself is still stale
  8. Vikrant Joshi

    Vikrant Joshi Regolare

    Fiat did a decent job at expo. I too was expecting a Abarth Punto, but that would have been a overkill on Punto apart from Avventure and regular Punto. Fiat intends to localise Abarth 500 later, which is good. Fiat thus atleast got 2 different products Abarth 500 and Accenture:thumbup:

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  9. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    Some interesting observations Maxtor, although I wouldn't be so pessimistic :) . Even I did notice that not much is being said about Fiat on the other automotive platforms and even when there is some chat its all about the Avventure. I felt Fiat missed a trick or two by not announcing the pricing/price range of the Avventure, they haven't even decided on the engine specs which was a mistake. If the Avventure is priced less than Ecosport I think it has quite a lot of potential provided Fiat's non existent marketing team gets their act together!! Hardly anyone seems to be talking about the Facelifted Linea, where are those marketing guys with the ads?
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  10. shams

    shams Esperto

    underthigh support is missing in punto but it is there in linea.
    avventura shown in the pictures also has seats similar to punto from this aspect with underthigh support missing.
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