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Fiat at New Delhi Auto Expo - 2014 (TFI report from Page 16)

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by ramjn, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Frankly speaking there is not much with FIAT in global portfolio that it can launch economically in India with good quality.
    Indian market is to competitive in 1-10L segment and its ever changing trend as it is maturing or growing up, be it from petrol to diesel switch in market or be it from hatchback to sedans and then hatchback/Sedan -> SUV/MUV/CUV. Thats the reason we have seen many companies graphs going crazy periodically. One product offering gets hit rest of them and sitting on corners, be it renault, ford, honda or any other. The struggle for continuous innovation and pushing new concepts in market is what has kept some of this companies see some good periods.

    Fiat unfortnately is still trying to repair its home and with 2 products in 100 variants but no new innovations pushed in.
    Its going the TATA path, Indica/Indigo 10yrs 1000 variants, Hero Splendor 10yrs 100 variants, we have seen both this companies struggling now in competitive markets, even after being in top 3 market leaders.
    Companies will need a basket of offering and with 1-2 products being in top 3 in segment and rest catching up, that the path which most of the companies are trying to align with.
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  2. mnranjeeth

    mnranjeeth Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    Here is the link to Fiat India's future plan that was announced last year:

    Here is what it says for 2013 and 2014:

    Year 2013

    1. New Punto Refresh: Initial 2013
    2. New Linea Refresh: Initial 2013
    3. Linea Classic: End of 2013

    Year 2014

    1. Punto New Model: First half of 2014
    2. B-Segment CUV: Second half of 2014
    3. New Linea: Starting 2014

    According to that they seem to be mostly on schedule except for the slight delay in the new linea.
    Also, I think the B segment CUV is the avventura.
    So, we should be seeing the new punto too before June.

    Fiat should atleast equip the new punto with good a turbocharged petrol engine as there is a shift
    towards petrol cars in the market due to the increasing diesel prices.
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  3. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    The reasons that FIAT gives for not doing this and not doing that is just isnt convincing. Are they doing greatvvoumes in the Tjet to jsutify the import. Why not the same logic for 1.6. Every other company is keen to show their best and seem to suggest that they are thinking of the customer needs. To have the 1.6 in their kitty and still give the pole position to Maruti is pathetic When they have a car that can handle the engine. Price it at what it costs. Let the people decide.

    If FIAT doesnt give the dealers a range to sell and makes them flog a dying horse, then the chance that they will shift is real. All that the dealers have to do is pull down the name board and welcome another manufacturer. I honestly not sure it is that easy, but I guess it could be.

    for the Avventura, FIAT needs to change the rear spare wheel set up. It will be cumbersome to open the hatch often. It is clearly an afterthought and an attempt to adapt and make it appear innovative and new. But I will give a thumbs down.

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  4. royj

    royj Esperto

    I also heard that any powertrain technology brought in by FIAT needs to be shared with TATA as well which is part of the agreement for the joint manufacturing facility. Not sure about the authenticity of this, but seems very plausible.
    Probably why we will not be seeing any multi air, 1.6 MJD, or Dualogic in the near future.
  5. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3

    T-Jet engine is not imported anymore. Initially it was. Not anymore. They now manufacture it in India.

    About the 1.6 : everybody also seems to be missing one major point. The 1.6 comes in two states of tunes. One @ 105 bhp and the other @ 120 bhp. Launching the 105 bhp here makes no sense since the Verna is already @ 128 bhp. They need to bring in the 120 bhp version (Euro Spec) at any cost. Only then do they have any chance of competing.

    I don't think the Linea anywhere in the world has used the 120 bhp engine (Even Turkey gets 105 bhp AFAIK) Unless they decide to take a strategic call on shipping the Linea with the 120 bhp engine in all the markets where it is sold I don't see that engine coming to India. And this call needs to be taken by Italy - not FIAT India.
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  6. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Amogh, I still think that Fiat can bring in the 1.6 in the tune of 105 bhp. They can very well compete with Rapids/Ventos which are well within the 105 bhp range. Even with the 105 bhp tune, the 1.6 generates almost 290 nm of Torque which can easily beat the Vento/Rapid in the power department. Barring Verna, Linea 1.6 can become king of C segment sedan.
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  7. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3

    That is precisely why I do not want FIAT to bring the 105 hp spec. Because merely competing with Vento & Rapid will not help. FIAT has to beat them in every possible department. If Verna is kept as a benchmark the offering will automatically be better than the Vento & Rapid. Verna rules the segment at this point.

    And besides: when you have a superior version at your disposal why launch an inferior one?

    btw : I think we need to move all these posts to FIAT @ Auto Expo thread :D
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  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    There are two sides to the hp dilemma. Marketing and actual on road performance.

    For marketing : yes you need something to plaster on the adverts.

    For actual on road performance the 105hp variant will do just fine. Although I would love to see 120hp figure but logically I don't give much emphasis to the hp figure. It is the torque which matters and the rpm at which it peaks. The torque figure of 290Nm @ 1750rpm will take care of a LOT of criticisms faced by the Linea, provided the engineers really put on their thinking caps. The current gear ratios of the 1.3 Linea were so chosen because the small lower torque engine has to move a heavy car and it needs help from the ratios. So, no free lunch.

    With 290Nm torque, possibilities open up. A lot of them. You can give this engine widely spaced ratios and it will pull it without any hint of strain. Torque helps. With wider gear ratios in the initial gears, the criticism that the Linea is "slow off the line" will disappear into oblivion. It should be a 6 speed box with 5 evenly spaced gears and a 6th overdrive for higher speed yet low rpm cruising. Again - the high torque figure will make sure that the 6th overdrive gear is not just a dud gear like the one in the Corolla Diesel. The torque of the 1.6 WILL pull 6th easily.

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  9. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    I kinda dont agree fully. Actually they have done something a bit more clever than a Ford Ecosport. Just in case there is a pinch at the rear to open the boot and the spare, one may need to move the car a tad forward and then the spare can be opened and then the boot. With the likes of Ecosport or the Mahindras, you need to have nearly the full frame length of the rear door available to use the boot in tight parking spaces. So with the Avventura, it could be a slight inconvenience, but just about so. Besides, removing the spare from inside the boot will increase the internal storage space considerably. Atleast Fiat should market it so. But do they ever listen ?

    In the youtube unveiling video, the Fiat CEO talked about feedback from passionate Fiat fans. I guess he is still not tuned in to Team Fiat which is clamoring for the 1.6 MJD..Which other fan base he is talking about god only knows..:confused:
  10. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Fiat has failed to do one thing which has been missing in most of the cars. Good under thigh suport for the seats - front and rear. These are missing in the Avventura too. I hope the production assembly will address this critical issue.
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