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Fiat After Sales (Mumbai) - Deal breaker?

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Calvinv, May 24, 2015.

  1. Calvinv

    Calvinv Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Hi all
    I'm contemplating on buying the Linea Tjet (its among the options), and signed on to this forum to specifically check what the After Sales Service is like currently, in Mumbai (Bandra).
    I can assure you that I don't need any convincing about what a fun to drive car it is nor the build quality of Fiat cars in general.
    However, After Sales is an important consideration, I'm NOT willing to go through loops just to get parts replaced, problems accurately diagnosed, etc. This is directly related to how hard I've had to work all these years to buy a better car :)
    Appreciate what long time owners have to say, especially covering service during the last 2 years, post the Tata split
    Much thanks in advance
  2. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3

    There is Torrid, RS, Balaji for Mumbai, Thane and Vashi customers. T-jet is a trouble free machine with lots of peace of mind also on the diagnosis and fixing part of it. You will need to drive to Goregaon or Kandivali depending on the SC you choose. Torrid of course is also a dealer. Service intervals on Fiats are not shorter like on some popular brands, meaning lesser visits to SCs. The spares are already regulated by Fiat and also the labour rates to make things economical and transparent for all customers. The clutch on T-jet is bit special and is on a higher side, but that is a consumable and not something the T-jet owner complains too much about. Spares are frequently available and in rare instances go into an order loop which is expedited by Fiat on a demand basis. Common spares are often in stock and overall experiences would be good to average for the most part. Often long waits is already a history with no chances of that happening, given that all systems are in place through online communication between dealerships and company wherein every car history is also noted in the system. People are holding to their Punto and Lineas since these are vehicles worth the slight extra trouble just in case.
    Again there is this forum which can guide you with resolving any odd issues if ever.

    Service center reviews are already in the review section.

    @Harsh, @Volt @sudipz
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  3. sudipz

    sudipz Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    @Calvinv thanks for posting the thread right.
    I've been using my TJET since '10 and have completed 45k kms on it. The car is an absolute delight to drive and as you've mentioned you feel likewise, lets get to the service aspects.
    First service I remember cost me Rs 80/-.. quite a shocker but true :D
    Second service again was usual - parts replaced under warranty was the Bluetooth receiver and a power window motor winder as I sensed possible issues with them. Post that, no issues.
    Third service was again as usual, this was when the car was 3+ yrs old and no major parts were replaced.
    During earlier days when Tata was acting FASC we had issues - I complained of braking issues - whistling noises - got brake pads and discs foc. The car had done some 20k odd, and was in warranty.
    Few months ago at the 4th service I was asked to change the clutch owing to less pickup, this was at 44,000 kms. I could have run a few thousand more, however service advisor recommended a
    change - cost me about 12-15k.
    Although I wasn't too happy about this sudden expense however now with the car back it's an awesome driving experience!
    Oh ya, strut pads did change, I think it was the third service and since then has been ok.
    The other major issue during Tata service was they unable to fix a car pulling problem to the right, after about three attempts they took it to Pandit Pune, fixed it and returned - a tank of fuel came complimentary :)
    It'll be incorrect to say service doesn't have issues but now with relationships built and Fiat having their own service centers life is better.
    You'll have to be patient when dealing with issues, I've had delays in parts, sometimes have to write an email here or there and mobilise the solution to my favour.
    With this strong community that we've built, I feel satisfied as folks come in from nook and corner to help you get things sorted.
    Long love Fiat, cheers.
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  4. Hey calving!!

    The review about the service centre is pretty balanced. Many customers have had good experiences (including me) many have had unpleasant ones. Infact some have had largely furious ones. But then again I must say that torrid is one service centre where you must show patience. Mr anish and Mr Lobo are very reliable people and will try to help you as much as they can. Mr anish is always open for suggestions and clarification if any required. Infact torrid and pandit pune and rs are few service centres that don't entirely create an issue about modifications if there are any. Otherwise torrid has one of the best technicians I have come across in any service centre and that's Melroy. That man is a magician in my opinion his intuition is the right diagnosis that eventually comes up. I have for the past few visits directly mentioned my issues to him and told the service advisors that Melroy knows the issues please Co ordinate with him all advisors are more than happy with this settlement. The warranty claims procedure in torrid is standard and is not of issue. The cashiers are pleasantly supportive in various methods of payment and their offer of pick up or dropping your car is a fresh change. Their drivers handle the cars with care and most technicians have superior knowledge than what we would expect them of. Mr anish who is a largely approachable person is always willing to help you and solve the issue to your satisfaction. The appointment times also needn't be maintenance when it's a free service the car needs to be brought in before 12 else there is no fixed time. Their estimate and expected time of delivery don't vastly differ and their cleaning and alignment facilities are satisfactory.

    I haven't spent much time in the waiting lounge but whatever time I have spent I have found it to be decent and tidy.

    The above was completely my opinion of servicing my tjet and punto there for the last 2 years and infact 5 years under Mr anish and Melroy.

    Please excuse any typographical error
    This was typed using a handheld device
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  5. sudipz

    sudipz Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    Missed adding the statement: service ain't a deal breaker bro!
    Curious, what car options are you weighing?
  6. Calvinv

    Calvinv Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    @asimpleson @sudipz @Harsh
    That's a good chunk of experience for consideration, appreciate taking the time out for putting it down
    --- Double Post Merged, May 26, 2015, Original Post Date: May 25, 2015 ---
    I was actually hoping that wouldn't come up, as it may seem illogical. But my particular priorities are easily different from most, so here goes:

    Renualt Duster (AWD ideally, but unaffordable, so a second hand non-AWD)

    - I much prefer a hatchback trunk opening to a sedan trunk as I frequently need to carry a lot of equipment in my car for work. I also very much like the outdoors and will try going places where the road ends.

    - High Ground clearance is very important. I cringe when I pass by fancy sedans that need to slow down from 100kmph to 0.5 just to avoid scraping the under-carriage.

    - Above average ride quality: I sometimes (intentionally) not slow down for broken roads, so a vehicle that doesn't need to slow down and still be comfortable would be just great.

    Linea Tjet

    - I didn't really know I was a driving enthusiast, but I find that I cross 95% of the cars on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. In my Wagon R. Purely because I enjoy the drive at that pace and not from some competitive streak (yes, I analysed it :) ) I also on balance prefer torque over power, if I were to compromise on one. So the Tjet sounds like a great bet, considering you get both.
    - Ride quality, decent ground clearance > Check.


    - I don’t ‘need’ that long a car (Parking and turning radius as found in Mumbai City)

    - Sedan boot. This is a problem. I comfortable can fit my Touring cycle inside the Wagon R and travel with it. Question: Does the 2014 Linea Tjet’s back seat fold down completely?

    - No wide service network: Will limit how long my roads trips can get, as opposed to say Maruti/Toyota vehicles

    That’s all on the list for now, keeping my eyes open for more options that may be suitable.

    1: Long shot I know, but does anyone on the forum own a Tjet as well as a Duster?
    2: I’m thinking the Avventura with the Tjet would have scored over the Linea for my requirements. But well…
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  7. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Yes, the Linea's rear seat backrest folds down.

    T-jet owner who also (now) has a Duster: @acechip

    Avventura t-jet coming up around Diwali etc: very likely, based on all reports. This vehicle does sound like it fits your bill, as it would mine too!

    btw, have you considered a diesel Avventura, since you're considering the presumably-diesel Duster 85hp? Sounds like it will be within your budgetary constraints/bounds. TD it, I'd suggest. It is every bit the equal of the t-jet on the open road, and even better if the road has ended but you're still barrelling on. A few more gearshifts in city and peri-urban traffic, that's all.

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  8. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Good to know that you are thinking of getting the Jet. The Fiat cars are virtually maintenance free unless you abuse them to the extreme. This is vouched by the fact that Fiat cars need maintenance once a year as compared to other brands which unnecessarily demand 2-3 services in a year. The maintenance costs of Fiat cars along with spares cost is at par with the industry if not better. That Maruti and Hyundai service is the best because of their wide coverage is a pure myth, there are many horror stories which go unreported. Tell me one manufacturer who accepts customer's complaints/rants on the face and makes attempts to resolve them, not many I would say.

    Just one suggestion, if you are true enthusiast and you like the T-jet, go ahead buy it, drive it and enjoy it. Whats the point in buying something which is not going to pleasure you, make you dreamy of wanting to do it again. Sorry for the lecture, but has kind of become a habit.

    And one more thing - A true enthusiast does not drive fast, he drives smartly.
  9. Calvinv

    Calvinv Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Thanks, that's something to look forward to
    We gave a Siena of ours many years back to the Fiat/Tata service center in Goa for some parts that needed replacing. They took 2 months to repair it, and when we finally went to pick it up, it was in a horrible state and had a host of new problems. Had to wait for more parts. After a period of over 8 months, the car was so bad, it couldn't be driven out from the workshop. Despite repeated follow-up, nothing was done about it. We LOST a car that way, as they refused to take any further responsibility. So...yes the lecture could have been avoided, either ways, this purchase is something I'd like my family to be happy with. All this spadework is necessary.
    My first motorbike was a 1975 Royal Enfield, so I have bought a set of wheels before purely for the fun of it.
    I agree with the drive smartly comment. My style of driving includes no honking, very selective high beam usage, being fair when changing lanes, putting the safety of others on the road on par with mine. If the driving conditions let me go to three digits often, the drive becomes more enjoyable for me
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  10. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    The bad old ASS days were already better in many cases in the tata ass days (though not in goa, then or now, it would seem!), and are decidedly and decisively so now. The cars are very reliable and durable, and with the almost guarantee of ASS quality from RS Motors at least.....even if you have to only go to them and ignore the city's other FASS which last some find good enough while others find still-inadequate, you should be very fine. In any case, parts and their availiability is a non-issue nowadays.

    btw, the Goa FASS is still of some disrepute, i gather, since it too is owned by the same Tata ASS guys who gave you that grief all those years ago. I met some grumbling Fiat fans on a recent trip to Goa!

    Although, as @sidnaique for eg might be able to better comment being a new Evo owner from Goa, there are other pretty good FASS options now available not too far from Goa.

    Paranoia about ASS and spares was once upon a time well justified (8 years ago...) but assuredly is not anymore, not at all. However, soaring expectations of consistent excellence from FASS is just unrealistic. Except RS Motors, it seems from reports, who have so many who swear by them and esp its hands-on owner.

    cheers, go decide!;)
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