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Fiat Aegea Spotted Undisguised: Could be the Linea Replacement for India!

Discussion in 'Fiat Global News' started by antony1405, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    I think FIAT India will launch this car for our grand children with 1.3 MJD 90HP avataar saying that there is no market for 1.6 MJD in India. lol
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  2. Vikrant Joshi

    Vikrant Joshi Regolare

    A few years back I used to visit Fiat global just to see the new models and wishing they could launch them soon.....and its still the same now ( well Abarth Punto did take a lot of time)
  3. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    This car is apparently 80 kg lighter than the Linea, and has 80% higher torsional rigidity in its chassis. While the hatch as well as other versions destined out of Turkey for the Western and Northern European markets will likely have an independent rear suspension, the Turkish Aegea cars will have torsion-beam rear suspensions, just like the Linea does.

    However, it's notably bigger in all dimensions, internal and external, than the Linea, which already is somewhat of a tweener: size-wise between the c- and d-segments.

    And so pricing this car in India at Linea-prices, which are the best-in-segment currently, will be tough indeed.

    However, the reason it is called the Aegea 'project' and not just one model suggests that the costing/pricing is ENTIRELY a function of platform, powertrain and module/sub-assembly sharing across models extending from this car to the JEEP c-suv and Renegade/500X/500L, as well as a globalised component-supply chain at EXTREMELY competitive costs, given the massively depreciated Turkish and Brazilian currencies, not to mention the less-so-but-still-very-depreciated Indian one too.

    And so one supposes they do not have to be able to export fully-built rhd cars in the Aegea series out of India (there will be very limited demand for rhd, Fiat-branded cars) to achieve very competitive costing and pricing: component, engine, transmission etc exports, as well as economies of scale via sharing with one or both of the high-export-demand, new small JEEPs to be made in Ranjangaon (c-suv + renegade) might do the trick?

    Aegea sedan at say 10-13 lakhs? Aegea hatch in crossover format also in that price range, i.e., 'New Avventura'? And.....either the 500L trekking or the 500X (lower-cost indian avatar via eg simpler cheaper suspension) at say 13 to 16/17 lakhs, as the flagship model? With their platform and powertrain sharing mate the Jeep c-suv sits at 19 to 26 lakhs, and a smaller Jeep (Renegade or the planned sub-Renegade model?) too? With the Abarth Punto and Avventura perhaps continuing as desi/affordable sports-cars?

    i.e., FCA should perhaps abandon the Punto, sub-8/9 lakh segments altogether!

    Meanwhile an optimisation of the size and composition of the FIAT dealerships is essential, even as the new, better and more expensive JEEP ones go on-stream: fewer, especially in the big cities, but more robust financially, and more active at local marketing/promotions, with more small, inexpensive, independent (non-dealer) FASS workshops established on the RS motors model in Mumbai. Plus, an open, advertized tie-up with the likes of Mahindra First Choice or Bosch for ASS services and spares.
  4. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    If so then myself and many like me may not be in discussion with ourselves on this forum . We are all here because we can buy FIATs like Punto /linea starting from 6 to 9 lakhs:)

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  5. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Yes that is right and true.

    However, given very low-to-negligible export-out-of-India demand for (redone, lightened etc) Palio-platform cars, it's very very unlikely FIAT-branded cars can achieve the economies of scale of sales and demand for sub-8/9 lakh rupee cars: that's the lagged, burdensome legacy-effect of the brand among the less informed and the risk averse, i.e., 90-95% of buyers out there in the Indian car mass baazar. Which is why it's great that they're pushing the Abarth Punto and Avventura at around 10 lakhs + or -, since these cars REALLY offer very very compelling reasons for even a Fiat-wary car buyer to 'make the move'.

    BUT: if they bet fully on the SUSW platform strategy for all Fiats and Jeeps made in India, one sub-10lakh model (i.e., the new aegea-based, susw palio/punto for and from brazil) might still make economies-of-scale sense, even with tiny export numbers for the rhd car-as-a-whole?
  6. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    After mexico, where the Fiat Tipo/Aegea sedan is the 'Dodge Neon' so is the case in the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia etcetera ('Middle East'): it is launching as a Dodge, the ME being extremely usa-style/brand friendly, unlike Asia ex-china.

    Meanwhile the Jeep Compass, it turns out, has the exact same wheelbase as the Tipo sedan (same platform, very different i.e., all-independent and much tougher, suspension architecture.

    It is also very much the case that the Tipo/Renegade/Compass/500X susw(4x4) will spawn, by 2018, a Fiat Toro-like 7-seat or 5+2 seat 'new Fiat Freemont' and 'new Chrysler (not Dodge) Journey' too, likely for build mainly in Mexico for export to the usa and to europe, as well as the Middle East (as a Dodge?)

    Later, once the new China jv for 'Chrysler' and whatever-other-non-JEEP-brand is up and running (by 2018) there is VERY likely to be a luxed-up avatar of the Fiat Tipo sedan (and SW?) as a CHRYSLER, most likely in some sort of mild-ish hybrid form. The China jv will focus on phev vehicles under the Chrysler brand, alongwith possibly Alfa Romeo ckd-s, definitely also for export back-to-the-usa.

    imo, and making a very-informed guess here: India could/will, come 2019/2020, also become a rhd-re-export base for one or two of these Tipo/jeepCompass-based, but Chrysler/Dodge-branded vehicles, with exports to rhd Australia, japan, thailand, etc and the UK, being the focus, including esp of hybrids. Going-up against, at notably less-expensive prices: the German luxury ranges+Volvo+JLR, with (mild) hybrids being THE focus, alongwith the terrific new Chrysler stylishness and plushness (as shown on the pacifica minivan and the C 200.)

    NOTE: around-2020 is when the severe new CAFE and emissions norms are kicking-in, in earnest, in Europe, China, the usa and India too (possibly.) That is also the timeframe by which hybrid tech will become very cost-competitive with diesels due to much lower battery costs. The FCA hybrid system first-available on the Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Hybrid phev is very technically advanced, and quite an inexpensive choice of electric architecture, using a lot of proprietary tech, making it rather cost competitive for deployment even on some non-luxury models (i.e., not just say Maserati or Jeep but also all Chryslers and even a few Fiats.) For large growth in Asia, ex-china, the Chrylser brand is likely how they will go for the less luxury/less-sporty segments, NOT Fiat (come 2018-2020). Exported out of China (lhd and hybrids), and maybe, but viably is my guess: India (rhd.) Meanwhile the focus is entirely, in Asia (including China and India) on Jeep and also Maserati+AlfaRomeo(2017 onwards.)
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  7. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    The Fiat Tipo is being seen, EVEN in the pro-German UK press, as simply the better car (quality+value) than the european Skoda Rapid (=Indian Skoda Octavia.)

    It continues to gain sales month-on-month in nearly every European country, and is a major play by FCA in the executive-leasing+rental fleet market in Europe, a sector that is huge, getting-bigger, and utterly dominated by the subsidised Financing from the German firms (europe wide: VW+Skoda+Seat+Audi, BMW and Daimler.)

    They've sold about 35,000+ so far this year in Europe, plus 25,000+ in Turkey, with the StationWagon variant launching only last month. The SW segment is far larger than the sedan one in most European countries (ex-UK.)
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  8. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    / Two Turkish go around the world in a Fiat Egea, the sedan type
    Two Turkish go around the world in a Fiat Egea, the sedan type
    01/30/2017 |
    Around the world of Fiat Egea (Type)

    The automotive journalist and writer Okan Altan is one of the most famous in Turkey. He is also a premium member Auto Best, created in 2000 by some prestigious automotive journalists and responsible for granting of the prize "Car of the Year" in Europe. The choice in 2016 was the Fiat Egea, nothing less than the new Fiat Tipo with sedan body. Made in Turkey, the model is exported to almost everyone, but come to places where it is not sold with the help of Altan and Savas Yilmaz photographer who traveled 41,000 kilometers with the car over 113 days.

    Read too:

    "This is the most enjoyable part of our profession: the longer take the tests more fun they are. We love cars, that's why we do it. I have asked the manufacturers for longer test routes for years and finally Fiat agreed to sponsor a tour around the world with Egea, "Altan said, who has also used a Doblò manufactured in Bursa, Turkey, to go to Detroit, uS, Peru. His latest adventure before this with Egea was 14 countries in 14 days, running 10,000 kilometers at the wheel of a Hyundai i10.


    The model he used in his return to the world, an automatic Egea 1.6, was randomly chosen from the production line, according Altan, the account in the adventure in the interview below:

    Motor1.com - How the adventure started?

    Okan Altan (OA) - Around the world has always been my dream. In 2015, the launch of the first Egea Sedan, informed the director of Fiat in Turkey about my plans and he liked the idea. Immediately after the release of Egea Hatchback, CEO of Tofas, Cengiz Eroldu, he said: "The world is our playground." And she accepted my proposal. It would be the first evaluation of a car around the world.

    Motor1.com - How was the planning?

    If you are at the North Pole, you can go around the world in three steps. It was not what we wanted to do, of course. There are standards that determine what can really be called that. National Geographic and the World Travelers say the solstice lines are approximately 37,000 km and nothing less than this may be called back to the world. It's not something recorded in stone, but that's what we use to guide us.


    It all started very fast. I looked roads where a front wheel drive car could pass without adaptations. It was not very easy, especially by temperature changes, the need to get visas and unfamiliar roads ahead. Two of them I wanted to include in the script: the Trans Siberian and the Carrera Panamericana in Mexico. There have been other front wheel drive cars to try a round the world, but they took years to complete it. And we are inspired by the book by Jules Verne, "Around the World in 80 Days." We take 113.

    On August 13, 2016, we took the border of Turkey in Dereköy. We come to Varna by Greece. Then we come to Romania. Although there are no border controls between Ukraine and Romania, the border is 600 km. The Danube separates the two countries and, as neither side is interested in building a bridge, crossed by Moldova.

    When we entered the Ukraine, we feel the coldness of the war. There were tanks and soldiers around and the roads we had to face were not in good shape. We had to divert a large hole after another, but just in a few of them. This delayed us a lot. When we come to Odessa, the phones were not working. And there was no electricity. So, in Kiev, things got a little more normal and we finally got to Russia.

    Visa, insurance and vehicle registration retained in the Russian border. We spent 15 hours there. When we entered the country, I thought, we have 11,000 kilometers ahead and the Trans Siberian Railway; our visa is 2 weeks. This unfortunately meant to go fast, sleep less, eat quickly. Everything went well. The Egea was in good condition.

    The distance between cities was about 1,000 km and every city that passes is as an industrial region. Although there were small towns on the way, we had a long time to listen to ourselves in solitude. We were getting physically tired but mentally we were relaxed ...


    The Trans Siberian is a legendary place for car and motorcycle enthusiasts. People wear epaulets on the shoulders, those military ornaments fringed, after completing the entire route! If you look at average transit times, it takes around six months. As we had not enough time to enjoy the scenery, there were times when we had to walk about 180 km / h. I can not describe the taste of coffee with Lake Baykal in the background. You have to look at the winter photos of this place online. Summer, on the other hand, is a disaster. I think the number of mosquitoes per capita is over 50 million. And these creatures are three times higher than we have in Turkey. I had to use kilos of repellents, but they did not serve anything.

    Fortunately, we continue on and do not we stopped for long. I drove the car for 11 hours a day at an average speed of 170 km / h for 8 days without leaving the Siberian forests. Especially before 2005 it was very uncomfortable banks in the market, but Egea scored many points with me in this regard.


    When we walked in Manchuria, the only country without world flag, bad things came to my mind. China, Russia, Japan, and then again Russia invaded this part of the world. War, pain, suffering ... Everyone who came planted their own flag. We met different people here, but since we were almost out of time, we had to run to Vladivostok. It is an important city in the military and commercial sense. The two bridges that they have are named curiously; Golden Horn and Bosphorus. When we analyze why this is so, we find an admiration for Istanbul. While we were there, we changed the plan and decided to go to Japan instead of to the US.

    We took a ship and carry the car to Japan. The only major problem we had in our path was a flat tire because of a big hole where I fell. The rain was strong and we found that the wheel car key was no good to change tires. I was furious. I called the director of Fiat. It was three in the morning in Turkey at that time. I asked him how and where to get a wheel wrench. We spent duct tape on the tire, we use our small compressor to put some air in it and drove to a tire repair shop the way it has. Also had the hood rod. There is a plastic piece that holds the hood when it is not in use, but it fell on a gravel road because of the bumps. We used duct tape again and went ahead. Also, we had no problem.


    We made history in Japan. I knew at customs there has never been a car with Turkish plates trying to enter the country. We were caught in a legal loophole because there was no precedent, and we expect a report was written. If another Turkish car had already done it, we would not need to have waited so long. As the hand in Japan is English, our phones and navigation did not work because they are not compatible with the local system. We had two GPS in the car, and they did not work. Their systems are different from anywhere else. Japan is magnificent, but very expensive. You cover 10 km in an hour in regular traffic. Toll roads are a good idea but you have to pay about 13,000 yen ($ 13) for the shortest distance. We had to pay for only 250 meters. And they do not accept credit cards. Anyway, we carry our Fiat Egea in the port of Yokohama and started a journey of 11,000 kilometers long.

    When Jules Verne wrote his book, he probably did not imagine that we would have to spend 11 days in customs to enter Mexico. 80 days, today is a dream for a world tour. You can not ... But from there we had more time constraints. It was to start the car and go running. The American film deceived us about Mexico. The Mayans chose a beautiful place to live, with lots of tropical forest, green and parrots! I could not find decent roads. Even if you can find them, the spines do not allow us to enjoy them properly. We were warned about false customs. Placed a Mexican flag and a warning sign in Spanish. They ask for your passport and then ask for money to return it. There are those reports that had to pay between $ 5000 to $ 10,000 ... Meanwhile, I met Egea's brother, the Dodge Neon in Mexico. It is sold in this region with the American brand. The beginning of the legendary Carrera Panamericana rally would take place a week after the upload Egea for the second sea voyage. Perhaps at the next opportunity ...


    The travel 11,000 km from Japan to Mexico took us 20 days. The 6000 km to cross the Atlantic back to Europe took another 40 days. The ship stopped at every port. The Egea is sold under the name type in the UK. They did not recognize the car at customs. We solved the problem by gluing some badges "type" that I had caught in Bursa. People who recognize the signs in Europe were always the same questions: "Are you really coming from Bursa? You started in Turkey? ". They were really surprised when I told them about the return to the world that we were trying to complete. Thank God the car did not have a scratch when the tour ended. The journey by land took some time, but visas, red tape and shipping become the period of 80 days impossible.

    The high points of the round the world of Fiat Egea (or type)
    22 countries 122 cities
    113 days 41 mil km
    1.7 ton of gasoline 24 mil km em terra
    17 mil km no mar 7400 hours behind the wheel in 52 days
    81 days in customs and in the sea 84 nights in hotels
    more than 300 cups of coffee ...
    Photo: His Yilmaz

    from CARPLACE/MOTOR1, brazil


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