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Ferrari: the world’s most powerful brand!!!

Discussion in 'Fiat Global News' started by Herbie, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Herbie

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    18 Feb 2013


    Ferrari is the world’s most powerful brand. And not simply in the opinion of millions of Prancing Horse enthusiasts the world over, indeed, the clients that continue to buy the cars built at Maranello year after year, but according to the annual list compiled by leading brand valuation experts, Brand Finance.

    Ferrari took the number one spot of the top five most powerful brands in 2013 ahead of the likes of Google, Coca-Cola, PwC and Hermes on a list that includes the 500 most famous companies in the world. Because of its size, the Maranello company cannot compete with the large multinational brands in terms of overall revenues. However, its brand rating takes into account other financial metrics, such as net margins, average revenue per customer, and advertising and marketing spend, as well as qualitative parameters, such as brand affection and loyalty.
    “It is always a pleasure to top any list and still more so when the competition includes some of the world’s most famous companies. This achievement proves that even in very tough economic times, Italy can still offer the world businesses of excellence,” commented Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo. “Behind this acknowledgement are exceptional products made by equally exceptional men and women. They made it possible and for that I thank them.”

    SOURCE : Ferrari: the world
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    Story behind the product of grief - ferrari 458
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    FCA does not just have Ferrari as truly exceptional-in-potency brands in its portfolio.

    FCA won as many as 7 different loyalty awards (brands and sub-brands/models) in the US and Canadian markets with the highest rates of repeat buyers, i.e., loyalty, one vital measure of a brand's strength beyond vague charisma/aura/trust/prestige. Each repeat customer is, especially in well-informed and 'sophisticated'/'mature' automotive cultures is a vote of confidence, even love!

    FCA won more awards of this loyalty sort than ANY other car company (N American market)! Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Chrysler are in their backyard almost stronger as brands than, if not the sublime Ferrari and Maserati, then certainly Fiat itself (outside Brazil and Italy), and, for now, Alfa Romeo!

    Funny thing in India is that, or so it would seem, Fiat commands very high loyalty levels in India too among current/former owners, and yet severely lacks brand-power in the wider market.

    That makes its position here unique among FCA's brands: all the others have very high loyalty levels, higher than most firms can aspire too AND also a considerable brand-trust/attractiveness even in the wider marketplace among non-(former)-owners.

    Fiat is a paradoxical loved/hated, prestigious/depreciated, i.e., dualistic brand in India.

    That is what is making its revival and growth so much harder than for other firms. It is caught between the conflicting expectations of the loyalists/fans and the wider car-bazaar culture. Catering to one leads to brickbats from the other, with the net result that the general word/hearsay about the brand remains loaded with over-critical negativity.
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