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FE Oriented First Highway Trip

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by shikhar10882, Jun 19, 2012.

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  2. Now, there return!!!
    Started from Agra about half an hour later than planned, and it was past 3:30 when we pushed off from home. This delay had assured one thing.. I will be stuck in peak hour traffic from Palwal onwards.
    As this highway trip was FE oriented, and having read ansal11 achieving a mind wobbling 19.4 kmpl on his T-Jet+, I was determined to improve my FE on the return journey, however the time of pushing off had put a serious question mark to this object.
    With an intention to gain the most at the open stretches, I reset my Trip B and by the time I left the Agra City, I was doing 11.5 kmpl as per the MID.
    Once again, it was time to leave all the temptations aside and stick the revs and speed, and drive in orthodox manner with least breaking. In fact, for the reason, i even started to keep a count of the times I press the break pedals and tried to minimize it to the least.
    The journey was break-less till half way, i.e., Kosi Kalan and at the Country Inn, we took our first break. This was about 100 km from our point of start and at a constant speed of 85 and revs between 1800 to 2000 rpm, i had already reached a handsome 16.5 kmpl when the break was called for.
    The break was of 20 mins, and the journey continued.
    with the count of number of times the break pedal was used, the acceleration and deceleration was strictly restricted on control through the accelerator in next 40 kms, i.e., when we entered Palwal, the trip B had touched 17.8 kmpl.:)
    It was after I entered Palwal, as expected the FE started taking a downfall after every 300 - 400 mtrs. In the time I had crossed Faridabad and entreated Delhi, I had already come down 16 kmpl.:(
    This 16 was maintained throughout Delhi and Noida, but the frequent Stoppages on crossings for it being peak hour (at about 2000 hours), the FE Continued to fall. :mad:
    Some fall here, some good stretches between Noida and Ghaziabad, when I finally powered down the jets at the parking, the MID showed 15.2 kmpl.
    Overall the Trip was @15kmpl, as per the MID, which, in my opinion is ok for the first highway run, when the car kissed its first 1k mark only after half of the return journey. :confused

    The Grin on Completion of First Highway Trip...

    Some more points for discussion to follow...
  3. lazerbled


    That is one engaging drive report. I pretty much felt i was in the car:) look forward to more of your drive experiences Shikhar. Plus more images pls
  4. Thanks alot @lazerbled!!! This drive was not done with a view to write a drive report, so did not carry any camera along. But, the drive was so much fun that I thought that I will share the experience.
    Learnt from this one, that whenever I take her out for a run the next time, I shall ensure a log book and camera availability, to help me write a better report.
  5. Am Attaching the pics of the scratch...
    I have not tried anything on it as yet, not even formula 1, which, supposedly has some abrasive agents in it (it says that it removes minor scratches on the box)...
    Too worried to try out any polish..
    Here is how the scar looks...


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