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FE Oriented First Highway Trip

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by shikhar10882, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. After a month of Ownership of T-Jet, I took her out for her first taste of Highways. This was a short (comparing to Expeditions of legends like J. Ravi here on the forum) trip, from Ghaziabad to Agra (on Staturday) and Back (on Monday).
    The route was - Ghaziabad -> Noida -> Delhi -> Faridabad -> Palwal -> Hodal -> Kosi -> Mathura -> Agra
    In shirt - NH2.
    This route was taken as I was still waiting to hear any news on Greater Noida - Agra Yamuna Expressway, which has already missed 4 deadlines and as per last information available with me, was to be opened on June 15, 2012, which never happened.
    With a view to record the journey to and fro separately and overall, I had re- set both (A&B) trip meters.
    To be very honest, this was a totally FE based drive, where I had targetted to get 15-16 kmpl on overall basis and having installed ECO : Drive, was wanting to set a benchmark for my own performance as a driver.
    As expected the first 30 kms were through constant heavy traffic, i.e., Ghaziabad to Delhi and I was hovering around 12 kmpl. I filled her belly at Delhi to the brim and set off from there at 5:00 pm with a constant watch on the RPM and Avg. Consumption.
    To my dismay, the traffic conditions did not improve for next 40 kms and with ACC set at 27 and outside temperature hovering around 45, my FE had dropped to 11.6 by the time I was crossing Palwal.
    Throughout the time, I was cautious about the the rate of acceleration & de-acceleration.
    At Faridabad, My Jet even got her first scratch, when at a crossing, an over-enthusiastic Estilo driver left a red mark on my driver side OVRM. :eek:.
    More to come....
  2. The bad patch continued till Palwal.. and it was for the first time after crossing the city, The jet could actually spread its wings. Aware of its run-in period, I kept the rev limited to 2000 rpm, and she, with 2 and a half on board (me, wife and 6 months old daughter) smiled back at me with 85-90 kmph. The Average consumption figure on MID, which were standing at 11.6 kmpl at the time, started to tick to improvement.
    This is for the first time I noticed that the rate of deterioration of FE was much quicker that that of improvement.
    For example, It took me about one km smooth drive to improve the FE by 0.1 kmpl, while one speed regain, after I had to hit breaks, from 40 to 90 kmph deteriorated the FE by good 0.3 kmpl. similarly, when I stopped at the toll booth to pay the toll, a process of 60 second crawl and idling brought the FE down by 0.3 kmpl (experienced one's, request a confirmation if that scenario is 'normal')... this was after a 60km drive.

    (Apologies for the Shaky Pic.. Clicked while driving)
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  3. As the FE Started to tick to improvement, by the time we took our first break at Sagar Ratna, Kosi Kalan, the FE had crossed 13.5 and one could feel that Linea was thoroughly enjoying the freedom. (Like a horse being freed on green grass-land, enjoying the run).
    At the same time, I was also understanding her better and the joy was reaching at the new heights.

    Parked My Jet beside an Already Resting Linea at the Sagar Ratna, Kosi Kalan. The Linea Emotion pk was coming from Mumbai, with Registration starting MH-02-XXXX (Fellow TFI'ian???) @7:30pm!!
    Look closely and you will observe the changes the Fiat had to make to the back shape of the T-Jet in view of the ground clearance and pronounced exhaust pipe...
    (This is the best my mobile could manage in that low light)!!
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  4. The next two parts of the journey just kept on improving themselves...
    There was a small journey break at the McDonald at Mathura Refinery, Mathura and another toll crossed after that. As per the eco drive, the journey from Mathura to Agra was the best of the lot, with eco index going as high as 78.
    As per the MID, the average consumption were still improving when I entered Agra at around 9:00 PM and had touched 15.0 kmpl as I disembarked the highway and entered into city.
    It was disappointing that the journey had come to an end, as while the FE of the car was on an improvement, I was hoping to get to as high as 16.0 kmpl by the time journey ended. But, as we covered more and more distance, the rate of improvement had come down from 0.1 kmpl per 1.5~2 km to 0.1 kmpl per 5~6 kms.
    But, as stated earlier, surprisingly, the rate of deterioration of FE had not come down and in just 2.5 kms, that is, the distance of my residence from NH-2, the MID figures had dropped from 15.0 kmpl to 14.7 kmpl.
    The drive in Agra itself was to be a fuel guzzler for sure so I was skeptical about what to expect by the time I reach back to Ghaziabad on Monday evening.

    The EcoDrive looked like this for the drive of Mathura Refinery to Agra:
  5. mvb4u

    mvb4u Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Good Narration. Sad to see that you lost ORVM.
  6. @mvb4u: thanks !!! Thankfully have not lost the ORVM.. could get away with a red scratch on it... but you know how the first scratch feels.. it impacts the heart more than it impacts the car!!
  7. Sad to hear that your OVRM got a scratch & that too in red color... it'll spoil the look of the new car in BNW. If you had posted some pictures of it, may be someone would 've suggested as to what can be done to get it back to normal in the best possible way.

    Hope you set your benchmark :)

    But, I would like you to do a totally NON FE based drive and post your experience :D

    Cos, T-Jet still remains the only car which I was not able to overtake in my two wheeler & I didn't know what TJets were that time.
  8. Now comes the next part of the journey!!! That is the drives in Agra. The stay comprised of 7 short drives, ranging from 2 km to 8 km per drive. Although I did not monitor them individually, the eco drive did capture them. The results were surprising and against my expectations. The summary is as under:

    Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 6.32.59 PM.jpg

    1. Is the quick 1.1 km ride from my place to my relative's place. Surprisingly this slow B2B Drive gave me a ecodrive score of 79.
    2. Is the Test Drive of my jet by my eldest brother (cousin). This was his first ever drive of the jet and he scored an impressive 73.
    3. Is the drive when I took my younger brother for a ride... on the same route my brother had followed, and imagine this, i could barely manage 70 on ecoindex.
    Both these test drive rounds were of 7km.
    4. Is the ride back from relatives ... 1.1 km.. with my worst ever score: 60. however, it seems justified as there were 2 stops of 10 mins each, while the car was idling with ac on as my 6 month-er was in it.
    5 & 6. were early morning trips to the fields... those were some gravel narrow roads.. some patches of sand road.. and few hundred meters in the fields.. The jet held herself well, loosing traction only once, which, in my opinion is acceptable considering the driving conditions.
    7. Is a short trip to a local bank, just before we started from Agra for our return journey to Ghaziabad.
    Although the individual trips were not recorded, but by the time we started back from Agra, the trip A average consumption had dropped to 13.2 kmpl, while the Trip B was re-set.
  9. @ScintillaSpire.. yeh that red scar does pronounce out like a bad memory.. will surely shoot an post a pic of that first thing tomorrow morning.
    About the spirit of T-Jet, I could not agree with you more.. this is one car that has such impressive responses that, as other T-Jet owners have posted elsewhere, this car is addictive and sort of intoxicates you, making it harder for you to keep from revving that engine up.
    have started enjoying the drive more than keeping the watch on the MID now, since my return. However, will test her peaks only once she is done with the run in period!!!
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    New Delhi
    @Shikhar: congrats dude! Wanted to speak to you about the Jet availability in and around NCR. Check your inbox for my PM.

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