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FCA sales in the rest of the world, esp USA, Europe and Middle East, Brazil

Discussion in 'Fiat Global News' started by prabhjot, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    FCA has grown at or (mostly, all brands together) better than overall market-growth in: USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Japan too: SEPT 2015

    The Renegade and the 500X are both growing month-on-month in all these markets, especially in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the USA.

    However, the new facelift of the Fiat 500 is, predictably, not as well appreciated as the original, and its steady sales growth is not seen anymore across Europe, since the facelift.

    The Renegade, priced at some notable premium to all the other local FIATs is a 7000odd a month sales figure car in deeply recessionary Brazil. Where the other, older Brazilian FIATs are faring worse than the overall markets precipitous 25% odd sales slump. However, with the launch of the Toro pickup (sharing most under-skin modules with the Renegade) FCA will have another premium-priced vehicle in a big segment they've hitherto been absent in, and there are, at long last, several other all-new models coming up next year in Brazil, and so with their hyper-competitive brand, dealers and cost-structure FCA is doing well-enough, despite what is a very very severe economic recession in Brazil and the rest of south America.

    The Turkish market, hugely important for FCA, especially as an export base for a whole host of cars and vans, esp the new Aegea project models, was rebounding at the rate of 40-50% year on year, so far this year. But the crisis in the Middle East, geopolitically, Turkey's internal political crises, and the overall global economic slump caused by the China-decline etc, has Turkey slowing down badly again. Fiats and othe FCA marques are holding their own in that market, but will like all the others struggle for profitable domestic retail-sales-growth in turkey, it seems. However, with Europe sort of buoyant, FCA Turkey's export sales are set to soar further, as the Aegea models launch across Europe and North Africa etc.

    Overall it seems, on a global basis and NOT just in the USA, even in Europe, even in Brazil, and soon india and china too, the overall FCA financial status hinges evermore, in these times of 'permanent economic volatility and crisis, globally, on the JEEP brand, and its new-model plus global-manufacturing-and-sales push. Plus, the RAM brand lifestyle and work pickups and of course the FIAT Professional vans and utility vehicles. Sales and marketshare growth in some major markets for the FIAT branded cars is there, indeed, but industrial and market/macroeconomic conditions make profitability poor indeed for the FIAT brand, esp in Brazil and Europe. Of course, VW, Ford, GM/Opel etc are in the same boat, indeed worse profit-margin-wise in these markets. The Aegea series of low cost but high quality models should improve matters a bit, over the next year or three, but not that much, net net.

    The bouyancy in Europe, especially for higher-end cars, and the apparent goodwill across Europe (and Japan+Australia+Middle East) for Alfa Romeo and for the Giulia bodes, however, well for the sales and demand for the all-new Alfa brand lineup, starting later this year with the Giulia's uber-sporty-sedan version, the QV.
  2. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Overall in September 2015:

    Europe has overall grown at about 9-10%, and Fiat as well as the JEEP+Maserati brands have grown well above that, thus FCA has gained marketshare, quite a bit actually, thanks to the steady and big rise in JEEP sales, esp of the Cherokee and of course the Renegade, which is priced at a notable premium to all other suv-s in its size-segment. The 500X+Renegade plant is selling at the rate of around 25000 a month for the US and Europe alone, and so have not yet been launched in most of the other parts of the world, since the Melfi plant is all-go 24x7, 7 days a week.

    FCA continues to be #1 in canada, is growing better-than-market-average in the booming Mexican car mart, and of course continues its record-breaking sales-increase streak in the USA, now extending it to 66 months, with higher average transaction prices, reduced incentives, lower marketing spend leading to rapidly increasing operating profit margins, already upto 7+% , and will be up to 10 odd% within a few months, i.e., equal more or less to Ford and GM. However, Fiat sales are flat, and the 500X though growing in sales, is no hit. Maserati sales are down a fair bit, while they're up 9% in europe (mainly, the Ghibli.)

    Thanks to JEEP sales, FCA has grown smartly even in slown-down, aging Japan, despite the adverse currency effect that has seen the yen depreciate so much against the euro and esp the us$.

    With the new avialbility and sales in some markets of the Alfa Giulia, the Fiat Aegea and the Chrysler Town&Country, as well as the Fiat Toro pickup, plus the new JEEP c-suv/Compass in early 2016, as well as new China sales of the locally-made Jeep Cherokee...FCA sales and profitability numbers are set fair, all else being equal, over the next year, a decidedly better performance than most non-luxury autofirms.
  3. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    FCA reported a fine set of financial numbers (one of the few or rather the ONLY mass market firm to be profitable in Europe and recessionary LatAm, both), good growth of sales+revenues+ebitda, free cash flow, N American profit margins (6 odd%), 25% growth in JEEP sales, more cash-in-hand, lower net debt, etc.

    The loss is on account of aggressive accounting IN ADVANCE of future recall and regulatory costs, the very thing that Marchionne said the other day again is rising exponentially, only more so after VW's skullduggery.

    FCA maintains its previously announced overall guidance for the year: an annual profit post-tax of 1.3 billion dollars. Which will be remarkable (they WILL surely achieve their guidance, they have done so and often beaten it handily over the last 2-3 years under Marchionne) given the aggressive, accounting preemption of recall and regulatory costs.

    FCA apparently suffered a loss of over 150million$ in inventory losses due to imported FCA vehicles getting burnt at the Tianjin port blast in china a couple of months ago.

    Thanks to the successful ferrari ipo FCA says it will reduce its debt levels much more than previously anticipated or announced by the end of the financial year.
  4. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    OCTOBER 2015: USA, Italy

    The US car market is hitting overdrive, thanks to ridiculously cheap credit, and ultra-low gasoline prices+much improved 'consumer confidence' levels what with falling unemployment etc. So much so that some analysts seem worried that it is getting frothy, and bad old habits of over-discounting and sub-prime lending etc are returning.

    FCA has equalled or outdone most others' growth this month, after outdoing most for almost all the previous 67 months of sales and marketshare growth for FCA. JEEP+RAM, mainly. Really really creditable for Marchionne et al since they are without any sales of one of the Chrysler corporation's historic nameplates the minivan-segment-inventing Dodge caravan and Chrysler Town&Country.

    The new edition of the Chrysler T&C will be on sale by early 2016: and it is some beauty, insiders who've seen it claim. FCA will also be launching its first PHEV (plug-in hybrid) featuring, it is rumoured, diesel-electric locomotive-style propulsion, a much more affordable and with no range-anxiety issues, hybrid approach, unlike the ones taken by say Toyota, nissan or GM.

    FCA's profit margins per US-sold vehicle is now upto 6.7%, a near-doubling in less than a year, and their sales to rental-fleets/government as well as their discounting is by-now notably LOWER than the other 2 Detroit automakers, Ford and GM.

    Fiat-brand sales have outdone the overall market in Italy (growing again at as much as 8%) by growing about 16%. JEEP branded vehicles, primarily the locally-made Renegade, are up 100% year-on-year. The Italian car market is growing/rebounding from the recession much faster and more than any other European one: its marketshare is growing, and within it FCA's is growing disproportionately. ERGO FCA will in any case be outdoing the overall market for Europe as whole when it comes to sales as well, indeed, as marketshare growth. And, the rush of new models is just beginning: the new Alfa Giulia, the new Fiat Aegea sedan+hatch+SW.....

    The Italian poltical economy is healthy too, with considerable policy and institutional reform underway (in which centre-leftist PM Renzi, with whom Marchionne+Elkann are very closely identified is truly an big, ethical reformer, by Italy's standards), and its rebound looks to be quite sustainable, nevermind the slump in China, other parts of Europe, Latin America etc.

    FCA's financial health will be positively soaring, also, thanks to the euro-dollar exchange rate: a massive financial tailwind (already to the balance sheet benefit in the last quarter of 11% extra, just due to the exchange rate), given the soon-to-be raised US interest rate, the continuing quantitative easing by the ecb, and of course FCA's booming US/North American sales at higher profit margins.
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    OCT 2015: France, Spain, Germany

    These markets had been showing decent rebound/bouyancy, esp Spain's, but are already, unlike Italy's, cooling-off the high pace of rebound. Political/policy reform-deficit, political crisis of confidence in the context of the global economic rolling permanent slowdown/crisis+migrant crisis, unpopular governments etc?

    Anyway, the Fiat brand and of course the Jeep one have fared notably better than the overall market again in France and Spain, while being flat/steady in Germany.

    These 3 markets wil be especially important for the new Alfa Romeo-s starting with the Giulia. Esp Germany. Prospects seem decent for the Giulia in these countries, Alfa has a decent market-following here, hitherto with just 2 relatively less charismatic models and that too mere hatchbacks (Mito, giulietta) to build-on. FCA is targetting Germany, a sedan-centric market, for the new Alfa and Giulia-specific marketing.

    The Aegea sedan+hatch+sw have been beautifully timed, and their rumoured cost-base, and overall very very high quality-at-a-cheaper-price positioning, thanks to beingmanufactured not in europe proper at all, but in turkey, makes them ideal to thrive, sales wise, in the permanently slow-laning Western European economy and car market, given low interest rates and given the price-positioning of VW/Skoda/SEAT (in big trouble these 3, in any case), OPEL, Peugeot-Citroen, Renault and Opel. The Aegea models are going to be priced like japanese and maybe even korean marque cars in europe but have European quality of design and engineering and a european brand, so.
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  5. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    The Jeep Renegade is already within 4 months of launch there: Brazil's best-selling suv/cuv. Amazing really since its pricing is somewhat premium and Brazil is in a severe slowdown.

    JEEP sales outdid all outside opinion by hitting sales of a million for 2014. Well they're on-track to hit something like 1.2 million for 2015, nearly a million now just in N America alone.

    As JEEP's new global plants (Brazil, India, China) start manufacture of new models (Renegade, Cherokee and C-SUV) world-wide, non-NAmerican, non-european sales will increase further at a good clip. Even given the global slowdown, since JEEP will have unprecedented cost-competitiveness as well as the distribution/sales/aftersales muscle in so many more countries (e.g., India) for the first time pretty much.
  6. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    FCA sales for Oct 2015: Germany, Japan, Britain

    Down a bit year-on-year in Germany, but JEEP is pretty steady at a high number. The Alfa Giulietta whose sales were bouyant here for the last many months dipped somewhat. They will, of course, be delivering the first Alfa Romeo Giulia QV-s in Germany around december, Germany being a sedan and fast-car market mainly, also increasingly the bigger and more 'butch' suv-s, which perhaps explains the 500X's less-than-scorching sales.

    Up somewhat in Britain. The 500X has grown its sales there month-on-month, and is likely going to settle at a higher figure in the following months. Jeep is seeing notable traction too, pun intended!

    Up a fair bit in Japan, less on the back of the Japanese favourites the 500 and esp the Panda but more: JEEP. And the Renegade has launched there only this month: it is likely to see great demand, in a tired and aging market. The 500X could also be a good prospect in Japan, though they haven't launched it there yet, afaik. FCA has also sold, so far this year, over a 1000 Abarth-s as well as 1000+ maserati-s, to go with 600+ Ferrari-s. Alfa sales are down a fair bit too: the Giulia will change that, but only late next year.
  7. Raj_pol

    Raj_pol Superiore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    @prabhjot FCA Seems to be doing well around the world on the sale of it's Jeep brand.It might be a global trend going for the more butch looking cars, crossovers or SUV's. I truly feel the time of the cutesy looking car is limited (I never found that attractive - and also the Panda; saw a fair number in Milan recently).
    India of course has a big market for butch looking vehicles and I still feel the best opportunity would be the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee range. The Wrangler would not do so well as most of our countrymen would think it is a bigger Thar or Mahindra for a hell lot more money.
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  8. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    October FCA sales in Turkey, Brazil and Argentina

    The great recession and political crisis in Brazil is as bad as ever, and so Fiat is down asmuch as the last few months: i.e., being the market leader by sales volumes: a lot. However the renegade's selling real well regardless.....and EVEN in the depths of this recession FCA is profitable in Brazil and LatAm as a whole, likely the ONLY firm to be so.

    Things are looking up in Argentina over the last 2 months (also a very major, consumer and investment boosting regime change has just occured), finally and FIAT brandd vehicles, a few of which are made there, are rebounding hugely sales-wise. They've so far this year sold as many as 66000 odd cars, despite the very severe recessionary conditions there over the ast 2 years, and are now set fair to grow again a lot year-on-year AND month-on-month.

    However, Turkey is slipping for geopolitical, domestic political and global currency crisis etc reasons back into a slowdown, perhaps even an outright recession. FIAT was growing as or more fast as the rest of the booming market over the year previously (there was a similar slowdown there in 2013-2014). Things will remain bad in turkey it seems, and so it is a good thing for FIAT that the Egea is being feted as a domestic-patriotic brand/nameplate and is apparently seeing big local demand (pre-bookings). Also, Turkey is already a major FCA exporter (cars and vans, including Ram badge-engineered FIAT doblos and ducato-s to the us of a) and is set to become an even bigger one, thanks to the ultra competitiveness of its extremely depreciated currency, with exports to the rest of E-ME-A of the Aegea/Tipo sedan and hatch, already launched in italy soon to be followed by Spain and Germany.
  9. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    November 2015 sales for FCA in the USA, Canada and Mexico

    Up 3 odd % overall in the USA, beating analysts' estimates, and outgrowing relative to nev 2014 GM and Ford, equal growth as Toyota. Together these are the top 4 companies by sales (Ford with one holistic brand, Toyota also with lexus and scion, GM mainly but also with GMC trucks+Cadillac+Buick, while FCA has many more different specialist brands: Fiat+Abarth, Dodge, Ram, chrysler, Jeep, Ram/Fiat professional vans, Maserati, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.

    Most of the growth is attributable on a net basis to JEEP.

    Thanks to such low fuel prices the American market for sedans overall (esp compact ones like the civic and corolla and midsize ones like the ford fusion or camry) let alone sub-compact ones like the tiny 500 or the Mini-s is, as is the usual cyclical cultural-taste pattern in the usa, shifting in a huge way towards cuv-s, suv-s and lifestyle and work pickup trucks. FCA is really very strong in these last segments while being historically weak in the sedan space there: and so it is really benefitting both in terms of growth and in terms of profitability, though a few of its models are beginning to age and others esp the fiat ones are just too small for the usa market.

    Best november sales in 15+ years for Chrysler corp brands. Longest running sales- as well as marketshare-growth streak in the american market: 67 or 68 consecutive months.

    : FCA is up very slightly over 2014, which had grown hugely over 2013. Looks like FCA will again turn out to be the no1 car firm by sales in Canada.

    : up 10 odd % over nov 2014. Mainly, Jeeps, Dodges and esp Rams esp the Ram 700 aka Fiat Strada from Brazil. Fiat brand sales also by a similar%. A notable though still small number of Alfa-s also sold. Some Ram pickup truck models and some engines are made in mexico and exported to the US under NAFTA.

    FCA says it will shift production next year of all us-market sedans (there are not that many: Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart only) to Mexico since these are low-margin vehicles in weakening segments-of-the-market.

    The FCA usa plants with their high labour costs under expensive UAW union contracts will ONLY build suv-s and pickups, very high-margin vehicles.

    The big/fullsize and segment-leading sedans (chrysler 300, dodge charger+the big coupe the dodge challenger) are built in Canada.

    The Dodge Journey aka Fiat Freemont, the inventor of the genre of minivan-that-is-styled-like-an-suv is still selling very very well, despite being old: much higher profitability per unit.

    Canadian and American sales growth next year will hinge for FCA on the new Chrysler Town&Country minivan, another segment-inventing and segment-leading model (historically), launching in the middle of 2016, built in Windsor Canada at a revamped plant at the expense of 2 billion$, also the launch vehicle for FCA's rumoured to be exceptionally great price V/s technology PHEV tech, which Marchionne says will then spread across the entire lineup of FCA models across brands over the next 5 years. The Minivan will be followed by a very similar (other than stylistically) large crossover under the Chrysler brand, built on the same line in canada as it.
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    FCA sales in Spain and in France, November 2015

    The market continues to rebound, post-the-great-economic-crisis, and grow scorchingly in Spain. ALL european and even one or two east asian firms are gaining 15-20% year on year, as is the market as-a-whole.

    Spain, having only SEAT (formerly owned by FIAT, now a VW-owned brand, albeit loss-making) as a national car company, sees the greatest balance i.e., no outright market concentration/domination by 2-4 brands that is still seen in all the other big european countries: a really open, multiple-competitor marketplace.

    One in which FCA and Jeep and Fiat in particular have outgrown the rest of the market even at this high overall-average rate, again, in november: a notable gain in marketshare. The 500X+Renagade combo's done the trick. FCA is one of the smaller firms in this market, and has huge room to grow, given that they as yet play in so few segments (small city-hatches+small crossovers/suv-s). The Aegea sedan and hatch will be a major sales-number and sales/marketshare growth-play by FCA starting early next year+the new Alfa Giulia at the pricey end.

    The market's big enough, is growing scorchingly, has seen a confidence boosting election of a reformist-leftist coalition (like Italy 3 years ago), meanwhile interest rates are near-zero and fuel prices are rock bottom.

    This market, like Italy's, is set to really do well for FCA next year, then?

    France is also showing surprising buoyancy in car sales, though a mere 6-7% overall growth this year, but november saw an uptick of 11%

    FCA has seen a HUGE, much bigger than ANYone else sales growth, in France at 22+%: really fast and big gain in marketshare and overall image. The 500X is really a hit in france, the biggest european market for small chic sporty crossovers (Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008, Citroen Cactus, Dacia Duster...), only more so if you add the great reception for the more expensive Jeep renegade in France too. France will not be an important market for the upcoming Aegea/Tipo sedan but will for the hatch. Given the pricing of that cheaply-built-in-Turkey hatch it will fit right into the French less-buoyant economic rebound and consumer confidence. However, who knows, the Turkish-origins of the said car MAY or may even be likely to deter many nationalistic/anti-foreigner/etc buyers?

    Again, recent tumultuous events in Paris and europe in general means that the government is able to breakout of the austerity-straitjacket imposed by Germany via increased spending on policing, the military, as well as on the new migrants+social-spending on unemployed and/or 'minority' youth etc.

    Again, then, with ultra low interest rates, an ultra low euro and fuel prices too, plus with an impending crackdown on Renault+Peugeot's disproportionate dependence on apparently 'dirty'-diesels and diesels in general: France too should stay minimally buoyant car sales wise next year, especially for FCA. Alfa Romeo and the Fiat 124 Spider should find an especially good market there.

    However, France is, for many reasons, more prone to a slow rebound from the recessionary lows and obviously quite vulnerable politically (likely election of an extreme-rightwing loony anti-eu anti-euro new government in the new year) and geopolitically (terrorism etc)
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  10. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Italy, germany: FCA sales in November 2015

    The Italian market continues its rapid rebound from the depths of the european recession, growing in november at the rate of 22% overall.

    FCA has again outgrown the overall average (Fiat and not just Jeep). The refreshed Alfa Giulietta has led to Alfa sales growth too. Even Lancia and of course Abarth have grown well.

    While the Renegade is a hit in italy (as in the rest of europe, considering that it is an american brand and premium-priced), it has sold at a steady rate of around 2000 this year, the 500X is the real growth-star in italy, grwing a lot month by month, to well-over 4000 cars in november. The Panda too has grown a lot, but not so the 500, whose re-styled, its facelift has perhaps made it lose a bit of its old retro charm?

    Overall FCA has 28odd% of the Italian market. And that with several segments in which Italian sales are substantial but FCA has no offerings (for the last few years). Well, that will change with the new Aegea/Tipo models and the new Alfa Giulia (all 3 by mid 2016). With Italy growing out of recession faster than all other large european countries, and with the political and policy reforms-induced return-of-investor-and-consumer confidence etc (left of centre PM Renzi is closely identified with Marchionne+Elkann in his policy stances): FCA will be gaining overall european marketshare even-faster next year or two, as it already has so far this year?

    FCA is also up at or just above the overall rate-for-the German market, the 500+500X+500L are up 13 odd% while Jeep, of course, is doing extremely well, even the biggest and more expensive ones (Grand cherokee, Wrangler), not just the renegade. A slight gain in overall-marketshare, then, off a low base of course since Germany is so heavily dominated by the....German firms and brands.

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