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FCA sales in the rest of the world, esp USA, Europe and Middle East, Brazil

Discussion in 'Fiat Global News' started by prabhjot, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    FCA sales in germany and mexico, May 2016

    The German market, so dominated by car-types that FIAT has hitherto been absent-from (for many a year)and by the local car firms, is up a lot in May, thanks to extra selling days: by 11+%.

    FCA is up too, albeit a little less than the market-as-a-whole. FIAT sales up 8-9%, Jeep up 5odd% but Alfa Romeo up hugely (off a low base).

    FCA's first Germany appropriate model has just arrived: the Alfa Romeo Giulia, and the recent pickup in sales of the Alfa Giulietta gorgeous-premium hatchback bodes well for Alfa's relatively warm- and open-reception in Germany, Europe's biggest and maybe only market for (sporty or not) sedans, mainly.

    FCA sales are down in Mexico, largely due to a depreciation of the Mexican peso against the US$, resulting in declining sales of imported-from-usa models. The Brazilian Fiats (as Dodge and Rams) are still selling well, and growing sales. The Tipo will launch in Mexico soon, as the Dodge Neon (an old nameplate), and so will the Toro pickup,perhaps as a RAM. By october this year, Mexico will commence the local manufacture of the c-suv/new Compass too, mainly for exports northwards and perhaps to europe as well. Good sales for the c-suv in mexico itself are likely, though the currency-depreciation may keep costs elevated.

    FCA's growth in Turkey, like Mexico and Brazil too, is being somewhat (though not severely) affected by the currency-depreciation situations prevalent in these big markets. Which fortunately for FCA is probably is net-benefit, since FCA exports from their local plants there. FCA is a net-profitable in LatAm and Mexico+Turkey too, all three, unlike any other firm/brands AFAIK.
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    delhi ncr
    JUNE 2016, FCA USA, Canada, Japan, Europe, China and

    Clear out-performance of both the market average and most car firms (esp Jeep all over, and Fiat in Europe) continued in July. The Tipo continues to grow sales (and the SW is not launched yet) in Italy, Turkey, Europe + the 124 spider is seeing excess demand with long waiting periods, while the Alfa Giulia and the Maserati Levante have terrific initial sales in Europe.

    FCA is growing high-margin sales of fiats, Abarths, Jeeps, Maserati and Ferrari in a deflationary contracting Japanese market (because of the singular brand identities and authenticity of the FCA brands) and are well on course to meeting their 2016 sales target there of 20000 cars sold (all brands, all-imports).

    The Renegade and esp the Toro pickup are selling ultra-well, and the new Fiat Mobi a-CUV well in a severely recessionary Brazil, while all of FCA's old models (to be replaced in 2017: new Palio, new punto, new grand sienna....) are tanking in sales. FCA remains profitable there though, a remarkable feat given the 25+% recession in the car and credit/currency markets. Sales are up also, again in June, in Argentina, finally.

    In China FCA is steady at a rate of 8-9000 Jeep Cherokees (launched there localized just 4 months ago), while the Renegade is selling at a lower rate of only 2000 odd in its first 2 months. The c-SUV, also to be made-in-India RHD, is the meat of the market, and Jeep will assuredly sell 9-10000 a month there since that is what the old imported Compass (previous c-SUV) consistently sold at. In fact, much more? Albeit that there is increasing margin pressure in china on all auto makers (over capacity, slowdown, etc). The new Maserati Levante is seeing enormous demand in china, and Maserati sales are up 20% year on year there.

    USA and Canada sales growth continued in June
    (many other firms' have slowed), on the back of Jeeps and Rams+the Chrysler Pacific new near-luxury minivan. FCA has completely stopped the manufacture of cars at any of its historic venerable-but-now-modernized plants: FCA USA now only will build SUV-s and pickups (high-margin, high-cost.) Cars like the Dodge Dart and the Chrysler 200 have been discontinued pending an announcement of being replaced, imported from some 'outsourced manufacturing' agent, likely the Turkish JV partner Tofas (maker of the fiat and ram vans, and the Tipo-s, and/or the Chinese one (GAC-Fiat+Jeep). FCA has announced the expenditure of 1 billion$ on the redone Jeep plants for the new 2017 Wrangler+its pickup avatar (2018) and another 1.5 billion$ for the new, retooled Ram 1500 pickup (2018) plant.
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    delhi ncr
    JULY 2016: FCA sales in italy, germany, spain, france and the usa

    In the wake of the brexit vote and due to 2 fewer selling days, as well as all of the other bad political-economic news in europe: the car markets across the board are showing every sign of the fast and huge rebound from the 2008-2012 deep recession/crisis petering out, losing steam.

    Overall sales in Germany are down, as is the case in France (the latter by as much as 9+%).

    And yet, FCA grew well (Fiat, Alfa, Jeep and Maserati) in Germany in july. The outperformnace of FCA in this, the largest european market is set to continue. Why? Until recently FCA has not had enough model offerings of the type that are popular in Germany. Unlike the rest of europe, and unlike FIAT's specializing in the Marchionne years on chic city and small cars, Germany is more of a sedan, sportycar and now larger-SUV market. FCA's growth in recent years in Germany had been almost totally due to large and growing Jeep sales. Now though: there are the Tipo trio of models, more Jeep models and most importantly the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the new Maserati-s. With several new German-market-suitable all-new Alfa-s (sedans, coupes and suv-s) to come over the next year and three. ERGO: FCA is finally capable to making fresh, conquest sales in Germany. Hence the greater-than-average growth of FCA in sales here, even as the same phenomenon has been underway for almost 2 years in all the other larger EU markets (Jeep+Fiat).

    FCA dipped slightly in France, but outperformed hugely in relative terms (in a market down by 9+%). Notably, the home brands (Renault, Peugeot+Citroen) all fared far worse than even this bad figure. More than the new Alfa Giulia, it is the Fiat 500+500L+500X+Renegade that're great and growing hits in France.

    Italy grew slightly overall, with FCA of course growing better-than-average (by 4.5%odd). However, Italy will most likely see a large cooling off of its very large and fast rebound/growth from the depths of the Great Recession. Due to the usual EU issues of bank bad debts, excessive austerity of busgets, and political turmoil and uncertainty, Brexit, etc.

    Spain's car market, however, is still growing well and fast (it has far less political and policy turmoil, now that elections are over with a clear mandate.) As usual, FCA has handily outperformed the Spain market, on the back of Fiats in general and the Tipo+500X in particular, the Jeep Renegade and of course the new Alfa Giulia.

    In the USA, fca has grown sales year-on-year slightly, while the top3 firms (GM, Ford and Toyota) are all down. This is despite discontinuing (i.e., removing all incentives and discounts on)the Dodge Dart and the Chrysler 200 sedan. As usual, Jeep and Ram pickup and vans+the Chrysler Pacifica minivan are largely responsible for this continued outperformance by FCA, one that has been in evidence for over 5 years. The usa market, too, is showing every sign on a plateau-ing or a gradual slowing-down. However, FCA is well ahead of that curve, since it has a fresh new Jeep c-suv/new Compass launching in a few months, and several charismatic all-new models of famous high-usp nameplates (Wrangler, Wrangler pickup, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee refresh and the Grand Wagoneer) launching in 2017-2018. The usa market is fast abandoning sedans in favour of high-end pickups, cuv-s and suv-s, and FCA is the biggest beneficiary of this structural shift in the marketplace. FCA has announced it will not make any car/sedan in the usa at all (Dart and c200 will be outsourced to another manufacturer). FCA's usa net profit margins are up again, to 7.9%, and Marchionne says that increase in profitability will continue till they reach GM's of around 12%. Marchionne has always delivered on each and every financial promise he's ever made to investors, banks and analysts, and there's no reason to doubt that FCA's usa financial returns will keep improving even as the market overall loses some steam.
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    delhi ncr
    FCA sales in July 2016 for: Argentina, Brazil, the 'United' Kingdom, Japan

    The Brazilian market seems to have hit bottom, and has grown smartly month-on-month since june, though it's still down hugely on a year-on-year basis.

    FCA's overall sales are down y-on-y, as usual, and as is also the case for VW, Ford, for Renault too, though Chevrolet's been doing relatively well, and has now overtaken FIAT as the no.1 passenger car (rather than car+pickup+suv+van) brand in Brazil.

    However, Chevrolet is massively loss-making, as are ALL firms barring FCA, in this recession. Why? Partly because FIAT is fast improving its mix: its 'premiumization' strategy is playing out very successfully, with the Jeep Renegade being the best-selling suv, the Strada and esp the new Toro lifestyle pickup #1 and #2 in the huge pickup market there, and also the new MOBI a-cuv/hatch also already being #1 in its, entry-level segment. The MOBI will replace the base Palio Fire model in Brazil. Still to come: the new Jeep c-suv, the new Punto, new Grand Sienna, Uno refresh, all-new generation of engines replacing the famous FIRE engines (all by 2017), with a Fiat Toro-like c-suv too in 2018, likely a 7-seater.

    The likely-bottom of the car market in Brazil means that FIAT and JEEP together can look forward to a stellar showing over the next year?

    Argentina is growing steadily since the ousting of the awful Populist President and his successor wife-President, and FIAT has rebounded better than several firms. FIAT is #4 or 5 overall by sales in Argentina. Again in July Fiat, Jeep and even Alfa sales are up smartly, with the to-be-made in Cordoba at a revamped 500million$ plant new Grand Sienna (x6s) coming in 2017. Argentina and Brazil have a near-free trade agreement in cars, FCA brazil is seeing and will continue to large export increases, and vice versa too, once the new GSienna's launched next year. They also have free trade pacts with Mexico, which too is a sizeable and, more importantly, growing market for S American Fiats, indeed also for one or three European ones like the Tipo sedan and the 500 (albeit badged as Dodges and Rams!)

    Net-net: the worst is very likely over for FCA latam, even though it has lost no money through this recession. Sales and perhaps even profitability(?) are on the up smartly in FCA LatAm.

    FCA is up y-on-y, again, in Japan, an otherwise rather deflationary/recessionary car market and economy, and is set fair to reach their 20000 a year of high-margin, import-sales target, all-brands combined. Japan sees nearly as much demand for the Panda, the 500, the Abarths as it does for the Jeeps, the Maseratis, and also Alfa Romeo, which last has a notable following there. The new Alfa Giulia should see good demand in Japan. btw, the VW's being massacred in japan, as also in Korea: that is how seriously ordinary customers take their emissions-norms and their expectations of 'honesty'.

    Finally, in the 'U'K: FCA is like the market as a whole and all brands/firms barring the German luxury trio down, y-on-y. But only slightly, while most others are really hurting already from the Brexit (and other) issues. That relative outperformance is due entirely to JEEP, although both Alfa Romeo and Maserati have grown well this month, off a small-base of course. The Giulia, the Tipo and the Maserati Levante+new Quattroporte have only just come on-sale in the UK, so relative outperformance should easily continue.

    However, the post-Brexit blues, and possibly a full-blown recession makes the UK market rather dicey. Marchionne, when asked, claimed that since FCA sells only about 100000 vehicles there, a majority of which are either inexpensive citycars or utility and passenger vans, he does not expect any meaningful financial impact of BREXIT on fca. He may've spoken too-soon, however, since the Brexit effects can and probably are showing up in mimicry (anti-immigrant, anti-EU, anti-euro, anti-globalization, etc) in Italy as well as France, Austria, even Germany itself etc.
  5. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    JULY 2016 sales (confirmed, official registrations) in Europe for Fiat and all other brands


    Now add in JEEP volumes which are up a lot y-on-y thanks especially to the Renegade, Alfa Romeo models (esp Giulietta+now Giulia ramping up gradually), Lancia (just one model but selling amazingly for an Italy-alone brand, albeit one the greatest), the high-margin Maserati-s, AND

    the 10-11% marketshare of Fiat Professional vans and utility vehicles (rather than the bigger Uvehicles and trucks and buses retailed under IVECO, which is no longer part of 'Fiat' (which is now just a brand, with FCA the corporation) but of CaseNewHolland (CNH Industrial), also of course owned and managed by Marchionne and John Elkann/the Agnellis.

    FCA, if you add this up, is the #4 largest, by total sales numbers, firm (albeit multi-brand, like VW group) in Europe, as it is in the humunguous USA market. In the latter it is nearly, very close to overtaking #3Toyota. It is #1 in Canada so far this year, and had the best FCA-brand July ever in Mexico.

    Just FIAT passenger cars on its own, and with the FIAT avoiding certain segments altogether, has in July grown to higher-sales than Peugeot or Citroen (considered seperately), and nearly the equal of Renault, which last has been selling a large percentage of its new models to rental fleets and to dealers (very low margin, if any), rather than as with FIAT with a high % of private-buyer or executive leasing sales.

    What is heartening is the return to profitability of FCA in europe (net final margins in emea region of 2.5%, up from 0.5% the previous qaurter, and rising further and a lot (or so M promised in the last quarters' investor/analyst conference call) due the high-margin all-new, white space models just launched: the Alfa Giulia, the Fiat and Abarth 124 Spider, and the Maserati Levante, as well as the ultra-cost-competitive Tipo/Aegea trio of models, which last are still growing europe-wide, since the SW is only just becoming available.

    This return to profitability, after the Great Recession after 2008/9, has been achieved WITHOUT taking any extra-ordinary and exceptional government bailout money in Italy (unlike Renault, as well as Peugeot-Citroen), without large German government subsidies for the VW group, and without Chinese bailout money of a desperate sort (like Volvo or Peugeot-Citroen.) Notably the FIAT and JEEP brands together are, seperately and together, more profitable in europe than the VW brand which is pretty-much loss-making nowadays (too high cost-base, overmanned, wages and salaries far too high for a mass market firm, and of course dieselgate fines and penalties to their brand).

    Outside of Italy, an abiding weakness of FCA has been near-absence in the very large and very scale-intensive but low-margin executive leasing/fleet-sales business in the UK and Germany, etc. That market has of course been utterly dominated, based on ultra-cheap financing, by the German firms, including VW.

    THAT is changing, since FCA now has viable and growing options for that market (from the 500X+Renegade to the Maserati-s via the Tipo-s and the new Alfa-s.) It will take time but gradually FCA will be able to put a floor, as it were, on its sales-volumes for all brands, so as to achieve a measure of safety EVEN in the event of another slowdown/recession or full-blown crisis in the car market in the EU.
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    JEEP sales in China, July 2016

    source: carsitaly.com

    The Jeep Cherokee is in its 6th odd month of sales, locally-made at the cusw plant, which earlier saw the manufacture and the failure-to-sell of the Fiat Viaggio (i.e., Dodge Dart) and its hatchback avatar, the Ottimo. While those cars have dwindled to very little in China sales, already, the FCA-GAC jv is on a fantastic roll as the locally-made Jeep come on sale. The Cherokee has sold 9000+ in july, again, around its average sales rate, really. And the localised Renegade is upto 4000+ in July, only its second month of sales.

    At the end of the year or early next year will come the C-suv (the same model we in India will also be getting for rhd localized manufacture, albeit with diesel engines), the new 'Compass', sharing its susw 4x4 platform and therefore factory with the Renegade at the second, brand-new JV plant in South China. To be noted is that the hitherto fully imported and expensive Jeep Compass, an old model that will be replaced by the new c-suv, has been for a number of years a major expensive high-sales model, that is well-known and enjoys great name recognition in China.

    Like with India, China too has an intense familiarity with the JEEP brand, right from the time of ww2, indeed a JEEP used to made in Maoist China, under license in the 60's, 70's and 80's (just like the Mahindra 'Jeeps').

    FCA is fast making up, then, for the big weakness of the firm: a very tiny position in the world's biggest market-region for cars and suv-s: Asia. With the same luck, though not likely as-great-immediate results, perhaps India too will witness large sales of Jeep-branded FCA models, starting with the localized c-suv in 2017, and the renegade-like smaller b-suv planned hopefully/presumably for 2018?

    China, of course, is already large market for Maserati-s and Ferrari-s. The first 100 China market, launch edition Maserati Levante sports-suv-s were soldout online in a matter of mere seconds!

    The Alfa Romeo brand will be launching there shortly, to be retailed alongside the JEEPs: the Giulia has been photographed testing there already. FCA says they are targetting 40,000 annual sales numbers for Alfa Romeo alone in China, by end-2018. Their target for JEEP by end-2018 is as many as 500,000: quite unlikely but they will get close enough.

    FCA has started the process of catching-up in Asia really well, via the locally-made models in China. In 2017, it'll be India's (slower!) turn, at first via the Jeep new Compass?

    FCA sales in Turkey, july 2016

    Turkey is seeing political turmoil, largely a function of the erratic and cynical policies of its right-wing increasingly autocratic President (wannabe dictator) Erdogan.

    The turkish lira has depreciated, and the car market, very buoyant indeed until July has tanked 35%. FIAT has, despite the locally-made Tipo models, tanked as much or more, like most other firms. Of course, most Tipo/Aegea-s are exported to Europe, and it is selling very well europe-wide, but the situation in Turkey is dicey, both economically, politically and geopolitically. One hopes Fiat/FCA's JV with tofas will not be a victim, or victimised in the witchhunting etc atmosphere currently prevalent there.
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    FCA sales in the usa, in spain and france, August 2016

    In the usa, FCA has again grown both net sales and net-marketshare, largely on the back of JEEPs and Dodge musclecars, as well as Minivans. Everyone else, from Ford and GM to Toyota and Nissan, is instead DOWN.

    The usa market is clearly now either plateau-ing at this peak or heading downwards (presumably slowly.)

    FCA is ahead of the curve of this slowdown by axing its 2 mainstream car offerings (cars are in a major recession already, unlike suv-s and pickups, even luxury cars), the Dodge Dart and the Chrysler 200, and shifting their 'incentives' to Jeep and Dodge models instead, while over the next year their usa manufacturing capacity (high cost) will see the introduction of instead Jeeps and Rams (all new, and premium-positioned in price and margins.) Replacements (for the dealers' sake) of the 2 cars will be announced shortly, and will be imported in, perhaps even from outsideFCA globally: 'outsourcing'/badge-engineering some other firms' car models.

    In France and Spain, FCA has again outgrown pretty much all other firms (Fiat, Jeep and Alfa Romeo), and gaining marketshare, in large markets that are now slowing down somewhat from their exceptionally fast, pentup bounceback from the Great Recession lows of 3 years ago (esp Spain.) but, pending the eurozone's multiple political and economic crises, the car market's still growing, and FCA is growing more than most, at several different price points.

    Happily, unlike some other firms, most of FCA france, spain and italy's recent exceptional growth has NOT been disproportionately to low-margin fleets, rental car firms, and their own dealers, a practice indulged in very heavily by the French car firms especially, and now it seems VW too (given its brand and profitability crisis in europe, post-dieselgate.)

    While including Maserati and the Fiat vans, FCA is now #4 in Europe, it is still #4 in the usa, some way off overtaking #3 Toyota. But it is getting close. That is: sales numbers wise. Margins wise, FCA usa is still expanding margins (upto 7.9% last quarter, net) in the usa+canada while pretty much everyone else is seeing increasing margins-pressure, especially those firms like Honda, Hyundai-kia and Toyota as well as Ford (less so) disproportionately reliant on their very large dominance in compact and midsized cars, a sub-market in recession (in favour of suv-s and pickups for which esp FCA and GM+Ford too are better-known-for and liked-for.) Large, 'muscle americana' style sedans are still selling better, which is another FCA speciality (Dodge Charger+Challenger, and the Chrysler 300)
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 2, 2016, Original Post Date: Sep 1, 2016 ---
    FCA sales for August 2016: Italy

    The market is showing remarkable buoyancy despite the ongoing eurozone/brexit/weak-italian-banks etc etc political-economic crisis.

    It is back to its recent very high growth, 22 odd% overall.

    As usual FCA picked up meaningful month-by-month marketshare again, via 28% growth in Fiat volumes, 23odd% in Alfa Romeo (all-new Giulia, mainly 'conquest sales' taken from the German luxury trio), and as much as 56% in JEEP. Lancia is down 1% but still selling astoundingly well, mainly to women buyers. Sadly, and foreseeably, Lancia is a one-model brand, and a just-one country one. Sad since Lancia may be one of the conasistently great automotive brands across parameters ever.

    FCA may be increasing its fleet-sales in Italy somewhat, now, though. Thanks to its 'richer' product mix and much higher scale of sales than during the Great Recession (2008 to about end 2013) FCA made-in-italy margins are at 2.5% (last quarter) and Marchionne says rising fast and a lot thanks to the Maserati Levante and the Alfa Giulia, Fiat 500X+Jeep Renegade.

    The Punto, still selling surprisingly high numbers in many european countries (as an entry-level pricing 'value' option: evergreen) will, it is confirmed, be fully decommissioned WITHOUT replacement (in europe) by sept-oct 2017. It is made at Melfi, on old lines, alongside the bleeding edge lines and systems of the 500X and the Renegade. It will most likely be replaced there by the latter's platform etc mates, OUR very own 'c-suv'/'New Compass', and/or its Fiat c-suv cousin (possibly styled very much like the brazilian Toro pickup and upcoming suv (end 2017/18.)
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    delhi ncr
    1500 odd AlfaRomeo Giulia-s were delivered to customers across europe in the 1 1/2 months that it's been available (it still is not in some european countries, such as the 'U'K). 450 odd were registered to mostly private customers in italy: behind the Audi A4 (which includes the coupe and the stationwagon+AllRoad/cross variants, however), but ahead of the Mercedes c-classe, the BMW 3-series and the Jaguar xe.

    The Tipo was the #3 bestselling car in Italy
    (all 3 versions), a clear segment leader, well-ahead of the Golf, Focus etc. The Tipo has been sold over 15000 times in Italy alone, and the SW has only just been released (not yet in most other countries). The Tipo models have been showing a clear month-on-month growth in all markets in Europe, including Germany, and continue to be VERY favorably reviewed everywhere, including in Germany.

    The JEEP Renegade is still growing month-on-month in all markets
    , including esp in Italy, the UK and France+Germany. It represents 75odd% of THE Jeep brand's european sales. The Grand Cherokee is also in good and slightly growing demand, esp in Germany. The Cherokee is, however, down a fair bit, while it is booming @ 8700-9000 a month in China (localized.) And the Wrangler too, as it awaits its all-new avatar in 2017/2018 (much lighter, all-new better, more fuel-efficient turbopetrol and mjd engines, 8-speed transmission, same or higher huge off-road capability. Possibly with ev motor equipped rear live-axles, too) While the Renegade's sibling the 500X is a hit too, esp in Italy and France.

    JEEP and Fiat will be very well and truly attacking the HUGE euro c-suv market in right earnest with the New Jeep Compass (the very one we're getting) in 2017, and then in 2018 with its Fiat-branded platform mate. Meanwhile, the slower selling Cherokee will be heavily restyled and re-engineered (?) and will move up half-a-segment, by mid-2018, followed soon after by an all-new Grand Wagoneer 7-seat luxury 4x4 Jeep and an all-new Grand Cherokee (both by 2019.) i.e., JEEP's sales boom in Europe is very well set to continue, nevermind the political-economy blues/crises of the EU. However, the usa made bigger Jeeps will face the slight-headwind of a stronger us$.

    FCA sales in Brazil for Aug 2016

    While fca (all brands including Jeep and Iveco-- CaseNewHolland is big in Brazil too but is now a seperate firm, led by Marchionne but having little or no shared equity with fca) is not just the largest automotive firm, but also the ONLY profitable one, FIAT is no longer the #1 passenger car+cuv+pickup brand. GM's Chevrolet is, thanks to the popularity of its Onix hatch and new cross (between the current Palio and the current Punto in price), and the Prisma sedan (a bit larger than and much-newer than the Grand Sienna). The other old competitors are way behind, through this ongoing economic recession in Brazil: vw and ford, while Toyota and Hyundai as well as Nissan have gained overall marketshare through this deep recession.

    But the market, including for Fiat, is dropping off at a much slower pace, suggesting that a bottom has been reached. Now, growing m-on-m, 2 months in a row. (Olympics+Political crisis abating...)

    The MOBI and the TORO as well the Jeep Renegade, FCA's only all-new models, are selling ultra-well, even if recessionary trends are not considered: their respective-segment leaders or #2(Renegade, behind the Honda hr-v, far ahead of either the renault duster or the ford Ecosport, despite its greater quality, capability and pricing.)

    A return-to-macroeconomic-growth will disproportionately benefit FCA in Brazil, of course, since the even-bigger all-new launches are yet to come (end-2016: the Jeep new c-suv, 2017: all-new 'Punto', early 2018: all-new Grand Sienna and a Jeep a/b-suv, 2018/19: all-new Strada pickup and Fiat Toro suv.)

    These models will also feature the next-gen, post-FIRE/t-jet engine family: light, compact, torquey and more-fuel-efficient, all-aluminium, some 2 v-per-cylinder a turbo 3+ a turbo 4 with 4 valves per cylinder. This is a modular family that shares most components irrespective of the no. of cylinders or whether there is turbocharging.The first, entry-level of this engine family has just been launched on the fecelifted UNO: 1 litre, 3-cylinder with 80 bhp and 100+nm of torque, smaller, lighter and more fe with better emissions than the 1.2 fire, yet with as much torque and yet more power, with a cylinder less.

    These engines have been heavily developed by fca brazil and not just Fiat Powertrain etc in Italy. They will be rolled out in europe on future fiats and Jeeps. FCA India's technical expertise is more in Jeeps, esp chassis and suspensions, including a lot of the engineering/development work on the Renegade+500X small b-wide 4x4 platform.

    Hopefully, India will be matching the Brazilian cadence of all-new models, with a lag of say 6-8 months?

    Meanwhile the good old Palio (redone several times) is still going strong enough in sales to be overall #4.

    VW has tanked to its worst marketshare since 1953.

    The Indian-made, but unpopular-here Toyota Etios sedan and hatch are super-hits in Brazil (as well as mexico): largely as taxis/uber-rides etc.

    It has again been 'leaked' by FCA brazil insiders that the new Punto etc are just 'Brazilianised Tipo-s': similar in styling overall though not every detail, different slightly smaller 'platform'+architecture, an updated for crash safety, lightened, strengthened avatar of the Palio/Indian Linea-Punto one.

    The Brazilian Palio scored just 1 star on the new and much tougher than the ncap asean one, ncap latam side impact test, recently, BUT only due to the absence of side-curtain airbags. EVEN the 'old/dated' Palio scored very well on latam ncap's basic passive-structural crash-safety parameters in 2016.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 4, 2016 ---
    FIAT and JEEP are both up, by well-over 32% y-on-y, better than most other firms in a big-rebounding Argentinian car and macroeconomic+political market+polity. FCA is currently #5 by sales there. The all-new Grand Sienna (i.e., a smaller, 'brazilianised' Tipo sedan) will be launching there in 2018, made there and exported to Brazil and to Mexico as well (free trade agreements), at Cordoba.

    In Mexico, FCA's rebadged-as-Dodge or Ram Brazilian Fiats are selling very well since their 2 years' previous launch, and growingly. However, the weaker peso vis-a-vis the us$ has made some usa made big models (eg., the Jeep GC and the Wrangler, or Ram's large lifestyle pickups) sell less well. The Fiat as well as Alfa Romeo brands on-their-own have again grown, and had their best August there ever. The new Brazilian 'new Punto' and 'new grand Sienna', plus the new Fiat Toro pickup will be major large-growth-moves in Mexico, albeit badged Dodge+Ram. Meanwhile the european Tipo sedan has also been launched there, as a Dodge Neon, and is being well-reviewed (first month.)
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  9. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    The boom in the full-employment, export-centric German economy (and massive car market) continues: up 8% y-on-y in August 2016, with all firms (esp the 'domestic ones' (merc, bmw, audi, opel and ford) up more or less as much, other than VW (down, in absolute numbers as well as marketshare.)

    FCA (Fiat, Alfa, ,aserati and Jeep) are up disproportionately large-ly: from 20+% (Jeep and Alfa) to 30+% (Fiat).

    This is because FCA now, after years, German-market-suitable models (large-ish sedans, sporty larger cars, larger powerful suv-s etc): from the Maserati levante and Alfa Romeo Giulia to the Fiat Tipo and 124 spider, to of course JEEPs (not just the Renegade, even the Grand Cherokee has further grown its sales in Germany.)

    FCA's new-found ability to compete in the 'executive fleet' sales/segment (a dominant one in germany) is of the essence here, thanks to these suitable and evidently popular-enough new, bigger models.
  10. prabhjot

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    delhi ncr
    Thanks to local manufacturing of several uv-s and of course the Tipo trio of models, FCA sales in Turkey are actually up y-on-y (all brands) in a market that is down again this month y-on-y (around 13% overall) for the second month in a row following the severe political crises (coup attempt, right wing government shenanigans, geopoltical crisis, migrant crisis from syria and to europe etc etc.)

    FCA has so far delivered to consumers: around 19-20000 Tipo/Aegea-s. Linea-s are still being sold (inventory sell-down: their sales are now a mere 900 odd for the whole year). The Tipo/Aegea models are #1 or#2 best-selling cars in Turkey. Alfa, Jeep and Fiat's imported-from-europe model-sales are naturally dow again this month (from an already lowish initial base) due to the severe depreciation of the Turkish lira vis-a-vis the Euro and the us$.

    FCA's relative outperformance in the Turkish market is entirely due to the FIAT badged locally manufactured models and of course the vans, both of which are of course exported in large numbers back-to-europe/italy.

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