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Falling rupee, what it means to you?

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

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  2. Ciggerate prices will again soar up(dont know what it has to with dollar climbing or falling)

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  3. Gokulk

    Gokulk Novizio

    Really some efficient leaders should step-in & do the needfull

    Lets hope for the best
  4. Wish such leaders grew on trees, we are screwed for good...just pray if foreign countries come to aide our misery..

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  5. Spain or Greece had EU to it's rescue but we don't have any, if FII's starts pulling out the money from markets our 200+ billion forex will deplete much earlier then 6-7 months.
    There is no encouragement for businesses, Govt comes after MNC's even after SC rules in favor of MNC.Just amend the taxation law and start extortion.
    What kind of signal it will send to investors ? Many of them lost their investment turn in dust due to 2G verdict.
    I am not saying those guilty shouldn't be prosecuted but some one made money but someone else is being pusnished.

    Unstable polices,law less state of the country and Leaders with conviction, How can this country survive.
    If the truth has to adjust it self to society/country then starts the downward trend,in our country laws are there to protect brutes,criminals and people who make money at the expense of country.But a police can detain/harass any law abiding citizen with immunity from consequences.

    Only god can help

    Days are not far away when petrol/diesel prices will go beyond acceptable levels,we will be going back in time (travel) to 1990.
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  6. punto_emotion

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    I was reading an article about our forex reserve. Just about a year back or so, our reserves were good enough for next 3-4 years. Now, it has reached a situation where in we are wondering whether it would b sufficient for next few months. That tells the whole story. Where did the reserve deplete? Why did the Govt let it slip? They are busy in their own scams.
  7. We have been reading about Satyam scam by Ramalinga Raju, same scenario with our indian reserve..I seriously doubt did we ever have that kind of money or was it just an over hyped figure to win the next years poll by the ruling party...

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  8. PathFindeR

    PathFindeR Novizio

    Best ever situation for NRIs .. GBP is 99.49 USD:63.61 Candian: 61.40 Australian; 57.60.

    NRIs foreign investors MNCs are minting money....

    Some economists are advising to sell off all gold which is in the bank lockers and buy more gold after few months - might work

    1991 is not far if our netas wont take proper steps..
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  9. No hopes left,even if UPAII is replaced by some other Govt, they will have uphill to climb up.
  10. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    In 1991 we had the option of "Liberalisation" then FM Manmohan Sing unshackled what was then called the "caged tiger" our India, and opened the door of foreign investment.
    Now the Tiger is out and in danger, what is left to open up ? I am really scared of the situation, very very scared :(

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