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Experience after 3 months & 3000kms drive.

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by sankarbhs, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. sankarbhs

    sankarbhs Timido

    Hi All,

    After I have completed almost 3 months of drive and around 3000kms, I thought now it is the time to share my thoughts about selection of this car and my current feelings.

    I was using a Maruti zen DI 2003 model prior to FIAT Punto, which is a great vehicle in its segments. It has got the stability and mileage which gave me 18kmpl in city and 25kmpl on highways. I was happy with the mileage it gives for the price. But not happy at all with the pick-up and AC and its low ground clearance. The accessories cost is increasing day by day as it is a outdated model. It is a car for the people who just wants mileage and no great feautures.

    This summer made me to take a decision to go for a better car. Being an Indian I was preferring to take Tata Indica Vista or Mahindra Verito. But my friend who is a owner of VW POLO changed my mind to go for a European Car which is best for safety norms. His argument is that We can buy another car if we don't like one but can't buy another life. I have no answer for that. After that I was thinking to go for a Used Car just because I don't want pay any interest to a bank for years after buying a new car with loan.

    I have looked at few cars.

    Used Fiat Punto Active version: This is just a one year old car and only 12K driven. Owner is selling the car to buy a Tata Safari for the long drives with his family. I am quite impressed with the Car but the price is more than what I expected.

    Used Fiat Punto Emotion Pack: Already 65K driven and when i just checked the car, I felt the engine is still smooth and I can see clear difference between my old car and this car. The owner is selling the car just because he wants to buy a big vehicle.

    Maruti Swift Dezire ZDI - One of my friend has taken and it has got all the features. When I asked him for the reason for buying this car and not any other models, he said it will the resale value when he sells this car. Also the reason for taking a top end version is just for the extra safety he gets in the top end model. He has the same argument of what my other friend had and did not mind paying a little extra for safety.
    I did not go for Maruti as I don't want to buy a car for reselling it but to use it. I can't compare the build quality.

    Toyota ETIOS and its LIVA model: I have gone for a test drive, but did not like the interiors and build quality. The mileage is attractive but not sure on the Safety factor. Again have to go for a new car.

    Honda Amaze: I did not even go a for a test drive. Very low ground clearance and engine performance not proven. Japan cars may be famous for the engine performance, but not sure about their safety levels. Also I have to go for a new car.

    New FIAT PUNTO: The only reason stopping me to take a new vehicle is I don't want to buy a car on loan and pay interest.

    volkswagen POLO: My friend told me that he did not like the pick-up. Also 3 cylinder engine and Noice issue etc.

    Finally decided to go a used FIAT Punto, though its mileage (14-18kmpl) can not be compared with my Maruti Zen DI (18-25 kmpl). Decided to pay more for the extra diesel and any service costs for its premium quality and safety factors. I considered the service I get within the city and it is sufficient as 95% of of my travel will be within the city.

    Found a used FIAT PUNTO Emotion Pack 2009 model (internet search) for around 4.2L. Found the vehicle in good condition, checked the service history and not found any major accident details. The problem is everything, even a bumper damage is recorded as an accident repair in the service center.

    Took the vehicle from the owner for check the condition of the vehicle at ASS. Surprisingly I found the Manager very cooperative, though they were very busy with the own service center work. The mechanic did a real test of the vehicle. The way he drove the vehicle on the rough road and taking sharp curves, I will never do that. He said the suspension is o.k. and the engine is o.k. and only thing is to replace the break shoes pads. He said timing chain change may be required if the engine voice needs to be reduced and make it smooth.

    I decided to take the vehicle with the known issues. The only unnoticed thing at the time of purchase is the blue and me was not working. From Day one onwards, I have been enjoying the driving, With full AC on at minimum temperature in the mid summer, still I get plenty of power from the engine and overtake other cars very easily. The pick-up is amazing. I have tested 140kmph on highway and the car is stable. I got the new brake shoes and pads changed and the vehicle came with brand new yokahoma tyres from the previous owner and hence nothing to worry about the safety.The ABS works perfectly and the car stops within no time and no skidding. After fixing the Blue and Me, I can see the Car is giving around 13.5 kmpl within city and not tested the highway mileage. The previous owner told me that it gives a mileage of 14 within the city and 18 on highways and cannot expect more than that due to the extra width tyres.

    I am a very happy owner of FIAT Punto. I should thank Maruti Buyers for maintaining that extra resale value and allowing me to get one of the best cars in this segment for a reasonable price (I still believe the price is o.k). I sold my used Maruti Zen for just 45 thousand less after 4 years usage. I have bought this car to use it but not for its resale value!!!

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  2. sankarbhs

    sankarbhs Timido

    Now I have completed a long trip from Hyderabad to Vishakapatnam on my Fiat Punto.

    Driving Experiences:

    1. On day journey, could touch 140 kms and driving at 110 to 120 kmph is very easy and comfortable. Beyond that I felt a bit of vibration while driving. My car has got new YOKOHOMA A drive tyres.
    2. It is giving a mileage of 20.5 kmpl when driving at 80-90kmph during the night. The mileage came down to 17.5kmpl during the day journey at 110 kmph most of the time.
    3. My front windshield was broken when I parked my car at my relative's place. One coconut fell from the tree directly on the wind shield. Luckily it was on the left hand side and could drive back to Hyderabad with broken wind shield at 110kmph. The laminated windshield did not give any trouble.
    4. With Excellent control and braking system, there is no stress at all even for 800KM journey with very few halts and Covered it in 14 hours (with 3 hours break time).
    5. Return journey was a bit hectic as I started at night 10PM on a rainy day. The journey took around 18 hours (with more than 6 hours breaks).

    Now I got the wind shield changed outside FASS and it costed me around 4000 only. Fiat has given an estimate of 7000/- for the same. I believe for the works which can be done outside, it is better to get it done outside only. FASS told that the labour charges itself for changing the windshield would be around 1000/- which looks rediculus to me. The work took just 30 minutes and for that they would have charged me heavily.
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  3. Is wind shield readily available for punto in out markets.
  4. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    You could always try Windshield experts in Chennai, one of the branches might have one readily available.
  5. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Congratulations on owning the Punto MJD. No ownership review is complete with a set of pics, so take some time out click the beauty and post it on the forum.

    Its good to know that you bought the Punto for its performance and not resale. How much did the Punto have on the odo when you bought it? Also did the car come with upsized rims?

    Did you get the brake pads replaced?

    Happy mile crunching and drive safely.
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  6. ASNM

    ASNM Amatore

    Navi Mumbai
    Congrats Sankar for the Punto.

    Appreciate your concern for safety & therefore choosing a well built European car.

    Wishing you many happy miles.

    Drive Safe.
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  7. congrats sankar ji.,

    As you said, build quality is top notch in punto. NO ONE CAN TOUCH IT.......
  8. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Those who cares for Safety, build quality will go for European cars and the eye-candy is FIAT.
    Right said we dont care for Resale, as we own the car to be with us and will upgrade it to better version where we get the loyalty discount, when added it to cash against the used car, we earn more than the others in resale.....

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