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Every 'P' has its story... Palio to Punto..

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by neoonwheels, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. neoonwheels

    neoonwheels Amatore

    Yeh the engine suprisingly becomes more refined after 5000 km. The idea about the cable is good. I will hunt the cable asap now.
  2. neoonwheels

    neoonwheels Amatore

    These 11 months with the car has been a wonderful experience. Had some glitches but not so serious which can spoil the relationship. Touch wood, all my 6 years with FIAT have been a wonderful experience. From 2005-2010, I had a Palio 1.2 Sport and then since Mar 2010, I have a Punto diesel. The shift from Petrol to Diesel was mainly because, the torque the diesel offers at low speeds, the difference between Petrol and Diesel Emotion pk was 55K, and finally my running has increased.

    My Palio could manage only 22K in 5 years of ownership while Punto has managed to cross 10K in 11 months already. When I did all the petrol-diesel calculations, my breakeven point is at around 26K km. I guess within 3 years, I would easily cross this mark. Following are my observations during these 11 months timeline:

    Styling: In one word, Awesome. To each his own, but this hatch is truly a masterpiece when it comes down to styling. My favorite angle of this beauty is the low front view. She looks awesome in every shade and each color brings out her unique character. For me, its still the best looking hatch in its category.

    Interiors: Nothing has fallen off as of now. The quality is good, though not in the league of Jazz/i20. I am quite ok about it. Everything what has been put together as interiors, works out well for me. As everybody has pointed out, the stock speakers are crap. I am not big fan of listening to music when it comes to driving, so I am not much complaining and can live with it for some more time. The BluenMe is working as expected (Being it from MS, its quite unexpected though) and makes you talk to people even when you are on the move. Sadly, FIAT failed to market it in the early days.

    Since last 500 km and my trip to Paithan, there is a slight krrrrr sound near the front left speaker. In my second service (Due next month), I will get it fixed. The Paithan road is a real killer, it sucks big time. The problem is, Punto eats up potholes so well that you tend to drive her at 50-60 on such roads which unknowingly takes a toll.

    Engine: Well, as many of Punto owners have pointed out, the engine really opens up post 4-5K km. The engine noise has really come down since then. Even the pick up seems to have improved after 7K km. The usual engine boom in the 1-2 gear has become mild now. This little monster is very fuel efficient. My running is a combination of approx 60-70% of highway and 40-30% of city. While on highway, the car typically shows up avg FE as 23 kmpl (On MID) but when I drive her in City, it typically drops down to 17 kmpl. I have given the FE graph since day 1.

    Steering: AWESOME. PRECISE. The steering controls are very handy. Especially, when you are alone and driving at night.

    Suspension: Eats up all the potholes that comes up its way. On negative side, this makes you go fast on potholes which essentially takes its toll on the interiors in the form of rattling. Overall the ride quality is very good and this really adds its value in the handling dept as well.

    Handling: She makes you love curves, all over again ?. Straight line stability is in its own league. Max I have clocked is 145 kmph but the car was still game for more.

    Gears: I feel , my Palio was better in this dept than Punto. The 1st gear movement is especially very rubbery. Rest all are just fine. It has quite improved over the period of time. I just love the Polo gearing, short, precise and makes you fall in love.

    1. The engine is very fuel efficient. Makes you smile at every refuel. MID is pretty accurate at calculating the average FE.
    2. The ergonomics are really good. Specially the steering mounted controls
    3. Awesome looks. I am in love yet again.
    4. High speed stability – Even if you are doing 140, you feel like pushing her.
    5. Steering is very precise and well weighted. Right amount of feedback all the time.
    6. The 195 section tyre really helps in handling
    7. Brakes are wonderful and you always feel confident
    8. The quality of the tweeters is good, though the speakers suck big time
    9. The seat belt alarm is good and it irritates you with a constant mirror breaking freaking noise.
    10. The MID throws out all the right information. Be it outside temp, Inst. FE, avg FE, Radio channel freq/name and media file name.
    11. Steering mounted controls help you at night. They are very effective.
    12. The BluenMe makes you keep talking while driving. The voice quality is quite good. Only issue is, initially the volume is quite low. I need to find a work around for it.

    1. Thick ‘A’ pillar. This really irritates me.
    2. Engine noise post 130 kmph
    3. Headlights not sufficient on highway. Throw is not good.
    4. Rear windshield hampers visibility
    5. Turning radius is a let down at congested places
    6. You cannot play next song from music player if the songs are on USB
    7. The position of the USB drive is way out of reach
    8. The front slow slung of the bumper scraps at time if you are not careful enough

    Expenses so far:

    Fuel: Total spent: 24781/-
    When bought, the initial reading was 16 km. The current odo reads 10000. The graph captures the refills since day 1. The FE typically hovers between 16-18.5 kmpl.

    Servicing and Add on: Total = 6820/-
    1. Sunflims: 3M CR 50 on sides and rear windshield – 3500/-
    2. 3M antirust underbody treatment – 2800/-
    3. First service, 0.5 ltr of engine oil – 300/-
    4. Right ORVM mirror – 220/- (Had an impact while going on a single lane road with a swift)

    I am not getting enough time from my work schedule these days. Probably by this weekend, I will click pictures (Interiors and Exteriors). Till then happy motoring...

    PS: Mods, could please change the title to: 10K km updates

  3. bnzjon


    City of Super Kings !
    Wow ! thats an awesome report. Very detailed one.
  4. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Neoonwheels you have not left a single issue to make a point,
  5. Deb


    Bangalore, India, India
    For the volume, hit the "Menu" button on the main audio system panel, scroll up/down to "External volume" and set it to your desired level. ::T
  6. neoonwheels

    neoonwheels Amatore

    Finally, my car's front and rear logos are gone for good :thumbs down . In Pune, this logo theft activity is picking up fast. I have 2nd service on Monday, will see how much they cost. If its too much, then I will let it go..
  7. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    The Logo Theft was going in Mumbai as well, But think it has stopped now, My Punto's logo was stolen 4 times (2 times front logo and 2 times rear logo) mine first front logo was stolen in 30 minutes of the delivery taken, i had been to church and went upstairs to call the priest and coming back with the priest, my sight was gone straight to the front logo :A , Once it was stolen in front of my shop the rear one :hit . The front logo costed Rs.850.000 aorx and the rear 975.000 aprox, dont remember the exact price, Take care while you park your car,
  8. neoonwheels

    neoonwheels Amatore

    2nd Service Update:

    On 7th Mar 2011, I done the 2nd servicing of my Punto MJD. As BUB has shifted to VW, the only option I had, was to visit Pundit. Many guys on TBhp had bad experience with Pundit, so I was a bit skeptical but had no other option.

    I reached at Pundit workshop at 8:15 AM and the gate was closed. When I spoke to the security guard, he said it opens by 8:30 AM. I was surprised to see that at sharp 8:30 AM, he opened the gate and there was a SA assigned to my car. In 10 mins, my car was attended. I had few issues which are as below:

    1. There was a krrrr sound near front left door
    2. The door beading on rear right door was lose, ditto with rear right
    3. The rear left door produce metal soudn when closed hard
    4. The driver seatbelt holder - where you fasten the belt, produce a kat-kat noise
    5. The regular 2nd service items need to be taken care of

    The SA (Rahul) listened to my issues patiently. He immediately rectified the 1st item as some HVAC pipe issue. He said he has fixed this issue in many Puntos. Seems to be a regular niggle. He said, I would get my car on 8th Mar. I did not argue as I was not sure of their expertise on solving issues within a day, so I said, no issues. He insisted on wheel balancing and alignment for whooping 800/-, to which I said OK. After that Amogh mentioned that I can do it outside as well. When I called up one guy, he quoted me 550/- for both. Since the difference was not much, I let Pundit do it for 800/-.

    On 8th Mar at 9:30 AM, I got SMS saying my car is ready after service. The SA called me at 2 PM to confirm the same. When I reached there at 5 PM, he explained me the bill. The bill was inline with other forum member's 2nd service bill. Only add on was wheel balancing and alignment (800/-). The total bill is 6068/-, which translates to 1.72/- per KM of usage of my car (At 10455km), which is 500/- per month for a year.

    Then we went to inspect the car. I was shocked to see that Pundit guys did a great job on interiors. They waxed it thoroughly and did an above average job with exterior wash. Then I checked all the reported issues, which to my surprise, were all resolved.

    Overall, I would rate the experience as 9 out of 10. It was least expected from Pundit. I hope, I wont face any peculiar problem as Pundit is not very famous for solving such issues.

    Finally I got rid of the mudflaps . For time being, I clicked only interior pics. Once I wax the exteriors, I will do a photoshoot.





  9. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    Superb!!! Interior is really looking clean, neat and cooooooool.
    Do post after photoshoot
  10. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @ Neon wheels.

    Pandit has deceived you. :devil

    At one side he did not take Servicing charges as 2nd service is FREE Service.
    But on another side he charged you Rs.500 for Wheel Removing for alignment & balancing. ::OO
    Means to remove & refit the wheel charge is Rs.125 per wheel. ::OO

    Man in Rs.500/- whole front suspension remove & refitting is done.

    Means he is pretending that he has done free 2nd service . ::OO

    Lodge complaint against him. TATA dealers are doing daylight robbery. :shocked

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