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Elite Car Care - Review

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by DRIV3R, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    DISCLAIMER: I am in no-way associated with the said outlet and whatever I am sharing is strictly based on my experience, you are at your liberty to share your experiences here and I would not come running to defend the store in case someone finds their services appalling. ;)

    The car was quite dirty after a 400km drive in the rains. I was wondering what to do, I could have washed it myself but the dirt was too much to handle without a garden hose and my Karcher at my disposal. Hence, I was searching the internet for car washing centres nearby my workplace, and found one which seemed reasonable in CV Raman Nagar but that was quite far a drive for me, then I came across this place which is situated in Wilson Garden, 4th Cross. Seems like they have a branch in Jayanagar and also do car washes and detailing at your doorstep. Visit their website for any info.

    So, I called up the contact mentioned and he asked me to come over. I was particular over the underbody wash and he said they would cover it too for INR 350. Exteriors and underbody wash + Dashboard Polish + Tyre Dresser (All Meg's products used). The prices for the same at your doorstep would cost a bit more I guess.

    I drove there and saw that they did not have a ramp or a lift, and their underbody spray lance had gone for use elsewhere. They use industrial grade Karcher washers.

    This place is owned by a chap called Deepak, who seems to have quit IT and taken up this. Since underbody was not being covered, the price for the wash was INR 300.

    I was in and out in an hour. Interiors were vacuumed and polished (Dashboard and doorpads), engine bay and exteriors were cleaned.

    I would rate them a 8/10 overall. As with most other outlets, there were few gripes. Few areas were unattended (few areas at the bottom of the bumper, tail pipe). And then they used the probably 3 or 4 MF towels for the whole of my car and wiped the glass too with that which made it hazy. I asked them to stop wiping the glass as and when I noticed this. The MF cloths were not clean 100% in the first place.

    Deepak reversed the car out and said that am good to go, and he said 'Nice music collection BTW', and I asked if he would like to have it, he took my thumb drive and copied the album that was playing, to his laptop. :D

    Here are some before and after pics. (Before and After pics are needed for pics to *talk*, LOL) And oh, the wheel wells were perfectly clean, unlike my experience at 3M HSR. This wash seemed VFM and good enough to me.

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  2. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Sounds like a VFM deal at ₹300. I would not mind getting this done once a week at that price. No matter how much anyone praises a particular outlet, if I am unhappy with them, I am not going back and no matter how much people sling mud on another outlet, I will not stop going there, if I am happy with the service.

    End of the day - it is my money and it is my car. So, I will do what I wish. So will others and I respect their decision to do what they wish. Problems happen only when they insist I must do what they do, never mind that I got ripped off :D


    EDIT: DRIV3R, please share that CV Raman nagar outlet details. That might be a lot closer for me.
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  3. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Rajan, apologies if I was not clear enough, the one in CV Raman nagar is mobicarspa, they seem to be better established than this elite thing though. :)

    Here is mobicarspa's price-list. Seems VFM too.

    Car Wash and DoorStep Car Interior Cleaning pricing

    And this is their CV Raman Nagar address. Do share a review if you use their services. :)

    MobiCarSpa, Next to DARE building, CV Raman Nagar, Opposite Versova Earth Apartment, Bangalore

    EDIT: MobiCarSpa has steam wash too.
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  4. I am thinking of getting rid of absolute mudflops to reduce the need for frequent washing, any suggestions?
  5. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Get Sparco mudflaps. The most effective, albeit very ugly looking. I am working on a retractable mudflap design, which can be lowered in case of wet / slushy conditions and hidden inside the wheel well in dry weather :D

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  6. Gokulk

    Gokulk Novizio

    Good review DRIV3R.My sister stays in at bangalore and i visit there once in a month and will give it a try.
    Good wash center is what everyone requires ultimately because we cannot go for polish/waxing every time with our hard earned money and even in chennai there are very few professional VFM wash centers like CAR CARES,3M & CARS INN and since getting an appointment in 3M is tougher these days i normally wash my car at either CAR CARES or CARS INN.

    Fiatian review few more VFM places in chennai too::T
  7. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Thanks Gokul. I would experiment with other centres once am back in Chennai, though am happy with what 3M Nungambakkam provides. :)

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