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Either diesel or petrol

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by ram9009, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. ram9009


    I am confused either to go for a petrol ver or diesel. My avg use will be around 500 to 750 Km pm. splits around 300 km in city and 450 in highway.I wish to know the maintanence cost differs between petrol and diesel ver. Neary 1 lac difference is found between the pet and dies ver. kindly guide me.. I want to keep this vehicle for next 5 to 7 years minimum. Previously I owned one Uno and had great problems for ass. at that time Tvs where the autho dealer. Now i came to know Tata has dealing with fiat and hope i can expect better ass. kindly assist me. much more difference which i have not mentioned. I thank u all in advance.
  2. royj

    royj Esperto

    Well this is a decision you alone will have to take as the variables coming in are very specific to individual. The general thumb rule based on monthly running, I have seen varying from a low of around 800kms to over 1500kms per month for justifying a diesel.
    These figures vary over time with the cost difference between petrol and diesel and cost difference between petrol and diesel cars and also the FE of the vehicles.
    I suggest you take out a spreadsheet and put in figures for diesel and petrol and compute running costs over your ownership time and see how long it takes for the running cost of petrol to catch up with cost of owning a diesel car.
    If it is anything over 3 years then may not be worth going for diesel.
  3. sharma_sanjeevin

    sharma_sanjeevin Regolare

    +1 to royj. Also consider the rising prices of the Petrol. Since the Government has already de-regulated the petrol prices, the prices are expected to go up in conjunction with the International Market.
  4. royj

    royj Esperto

    Attaching a spread sheet I used long back. This is very simple, considers only the fuel expenditure.
    Also bear in mind that the FE of the vehicle will vary over time and this model gives only a simplistic view.
    If your figure is in the green go for diesel, if it is in blue, go for petrol, and if it is in grey, well it is up to you. :)


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  5. ram9009


    pls also inform me do Punto 1.2 emotion come with abs
  6. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    No, it does not come with ABS and Driver seat height adjust is also not available in 1.2 Emotion
  7. Considering your monthly usage, it makes sense to go for a petrol option whichever care you decide for.
  8. SunilFiat

    SunilFiat Novizio

    If you have asked me same question 6-7 months back my answer would be PETROL and ONLY PETROL.
    But if you see Petrol price rise in previous day and still its open market it will be going up and up. Diesel looks very bright option even your usage is less. Petrol Cost is up by almost 50% in 6 months. God knows at the year end it could touch Rs.100/-

    In Current condition i will suggest you ------- GO FOR DIESEL CAR-------
  9. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    I believe you are looking at the Punto 1.2 Emotion.

    The thing with European's in general is that the diesel engines are always better then petrol's unless of course, you are talking about TSi and T-Jet's. Fiat is no different.

    I would say spend the extra dough and get a diesel. Why?

    - Much better engine.
    - Better to drive.
    - Way better fuel efficiency.
    - Trust me. Once you get a new car you WILL drive more.
    - Much much better resale.
  10. Hi,

    This comparison is done by my with approx prices and the facts and figures in this comparison are as given by Showroom or service center.
    The car used for the comparison is Fiat Grande Punto.

    For this comparison lets assume the price of different fuels as follows:
    Petrol: 65kmpl.
    Diesel: 42kmpl.

    The cars in the comparison are Fiat Grande Punto Emotion Pack 90HP(diesel) and Emotion Pack 1.4(petrol)
    Both the cars used in the comparison are top end variants.

    Costs of the cars compared:
    Petrol: Rs. 712669
    Diesel: Rs. 804824
    Difference in cost: Rs 92155 (lets assume it as 90k)

    Mileage of the two cars (As per the showroom guys)

    City: 12-14kmpl (lets take it as 13kmpl)
    Highway: 16-18kmpl (lets take it as 17kmpl)

    City: 16-18kmpl (lets take it as 17kmpl)
    Highway: 20-23kmpl (lets take it as 22kmpl)

    Assume that we do 60% city driving and 40% highway driving.
    So overall mileage will be,
    For petrol: 14.6kmpl
    For diesel: 19.0kmpl

    Cost per km(Rs/km)
    For petrol: Rs. 4.45
    For Diesel: Rs 2.21
    difference in running cost = Rs. 2.24

    Total mileage that can be covered with the price difference of the two variants.
    90000/2.24 = 40178km

    Maintainance cost difference per service (diesel car - petrol car) [every 15000km] Rs. 2300

    Thus including the maintainance cost to reach the break even total kilometers = 45000km

    Suppose we put that money in post office (best saving method) we will get 1.8l in 6yrs.

    From above we can see that if a person does min 90000km in 6yrs he will be in profit by purchasing a diesel car else better go for a petrol.

    Thus if a person does ~> 41.09km a day (for 6yrs) its better for him to buy a diesel car.

    (This comparision i did for my friend who was in a confusion as to which car to select)
    (Readers are requested to over look any mistakes(Do tell me.. :wink: ))

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